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Eldridge, Markus William

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Eldridge, Markus William Empty Eldridge, Markus William

Post by William Eldridge Mon Feb 08, 2021 10:59 am

Markus "William" Eldridge


Alias/Nicknames: William Eldridge
Race: Eldritch(Hybrid)
Sub-species: Demon
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Bi-Sexual
Age / Birthday: 26 / May 8th
Alighment: Rogue
Faction: None


Personality: William is an easily misunderstood being upon first glance, or first words depending on which the other person tends to interact with first. If someone were to speak with him they would believe he was calm, but honest, kind, and understanding. Though he seems to be guarded, he is willing to help, and seems to genuinely care about the wellbeing of others, despite what his appearance might convey.
Most of Williams life he has been an outcast, as an Eldritch born to an Angel mother he was never really accepted by either side, and as such has always strived to be a bridge, and even stepping stone to hopefully mend past bridges. Although his dual nature does lead him to flights of fantasy, and act of whim, he generally does try to do good, even if that does not necessarily mean following the law..
William is slow to trust, but easy to talk to. He will happily forgive, but never forget, and should someone seem desperate he is more than willing to give a hand, if he is not already otherwise preoccupied.
His demonic nature shows most openly when he is in battle, which is when all hopes of curtsey has been thrown out the window. He holds nothing back, having known he did everything in his power to avoid the battle in the first place.

History Williams history is in one word, difficult. While that might not be entirely original, he has dealt with more than enough problems in his life. Williams early life was filled with fear, and hiding, mistrust, and misunderstanding. His mother, an angel, had decided to raise him in secret having once attempted to 'save' his father. An act that she always regretted, though never talked about. As such, though he had the appearance of an angelic being, and the beauty to match, his demonic nature was always present, and impossible to hide. Eventually upon Williams 7th name day, the two were found and Williams mother was given an ultimatum. Return to the the ways of her kind, offer prayers to Fleuve’ir in order to cleanse her of her transgressions... Or fall forever from grace becoming Eldritch herself.
William never saw her again. Though, it would not be a lie to say his life did turn momentarily better from there. Somehow, his absentee father, a Demonata, and high ranking official within their society had been watching the two, and took this moment to claim his son and pull him, somewhat hesitantly, into the fold. The next few years William learned all kinds of things from Magic, to Fighting, to everything in between. However, even within the Demonata William was too angelic. Never willing to give over entirely. As such, this once more lead to heartache as he was distanced from his father and soon left to his own devices.
Upon reaching the age of maturity William set off on his own path a Rogue Demonata who looks like Fallen Angel. Though he never seems to get recognition for the good he does, and gets blamed for more than a fair bit of bad others commit, for the first time in his life, he lives in a way he can be proud of.


  • Candor : Having dealt with so much dishonesty in his life William has become a strait forward person, and as such he values the same in others.
  • Training : Being born of two warrior races William enjoys learning, training, and honing his skills, whether those skills be blade, magic, or tongue.
  • Beauty : William enjoys picture beauty almost entirely for its simplicity. When looking at a sunset, or listening to the rush of a water fall, or even when hearing someone speak of their passions William can almost forget about the pains of this world.


  • Superiority : William has never been a fan of the class system, nor of the way the races(all races) find something to consider themselfs better. Whether it be the Humans, and their actions towards the Anthros, the Eldritch and their actions towards Humans, or even the Gaiyan's and their opinions of Humans and Eldritch alike.
  • Fear : Though William knows all beings fear, he does not enjoy unbasted fear, and even questions it entirely.
  • Heat : William has never been one to enjoy hot weather, always preferring more cold climates


  • Society : Much like the Gaiyans William wishes for a better and more unified world. Although he does not entirely agree with what their vision of that is. He believes, one day, there will be a time at which all races can work, or at least exist, together without the need of some ancient treaty. Though, he knows it will take much change on all sides, and from all walks of life so instead he aspires to make small changes to peoples lives for the betterment of all.

Key Fear/Adversary:

  • Society : Just as society is his goal and aspiration, society is also his adversary. He has years upon years of fear, and hatred, and mistrust to fight through. Even in his own life society works against him, with his appearance making most believe him to be something to fear or mistrust.


Height: 5' 8"
Body Type: Slim and athletics
Hair: Red, Strait, Long
Eyes: Grey/Silver
Skin Tone: Pale

Overall Appearance:
William Eldridge
William Eldridge

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Eldridge, Markus William Empty Re: Eldridge, Markus William

Post by Iris Mon Feb 08, 2021 11:29 am


Eldridge, Markus William QRmoaKI

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Eldridge, Markus William Empty Re: Eldridge, Markus William

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Mon Jul 19, 2021 12:41 am


Archived due to player inactivity~
Nessa Cordelia Lux
Nessa Cordelia Lux

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