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Shadows Hunt Demons Too! [OPEN]

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Shadows Hunt Demons Too! [OPEN] Empty Shadows Hunt Demons Too! [OPEN]

Post by Guest Sun May 22, 2022 5:55 pm

The Sun hits low in the city of Engloria filled with people. They all strolled around the town like it was nothing, with no care in the world as they all went about their own business.  A young man who looked like an elf in a blue jacket with white hair and blue eyes walks among the crowd. He seemed to look nervously around his eyes going left and right everywhere he looks. It was clear he was suspicious but he seemed to be unnoticed by passersby. With the Sun being low many people went towards inns or taverns and the street got calmer over time. But Following out man he never seemed to either enter or walk toward an Inn or Tavern. His path was clear and it seemed he was walking toward a park. Once he entered it he seemed to be more and more on edge and before he fully entered the park he scanned the surrounding area one more time.

"Is that thing still following us!"  He said toward the air. For anyone that walked by he seemed like he was talking to nobody and was probably going insane.
However, inside his head, a voice sounded only he could hear. Hold still so I can focus Eli! It got quiet in his head and he stoot completely still. HE IS! I can feel his presents still at large. "Fuck! How have I not shaken him off yet!" Eli said toward the voice inside his head. As soon as he stood still, he also straight-up kept walking and into the park itself. The sun was nearly gone and the park itself seemed to get darker and darker as Eligor kept walking. "Have you figured out who or what is after us apart from that it clearly is hunting us Aby!" Eligor said into his head so his sister could hear him, No Brother, I have not, I only felt his aura and it was clearly the same as four years ago, but it felt stronger, more dangerous! remembering back to the first encounter with this... thing it kind of was out of the blue. Aby was in control of the body and all of a sudden something attacked them from the shadows, and before they knew it they got attacked again. A fight started and the twins fought something they could not see, the only way they escaped that time was by creating a big explosion nearly killing Abyzol in the progress. But now it was too risky way too dangerous to do this. They are in the capital and doing something like that here will for sure draw unwanted attention to them.

It stayed quiet for a bit as they came to an area of the park with fewer trees around. However, it didn't stay that way. A shot of black pulsing arrow went right for Eligor hitting him in the shoulder and throwing his body right to the ground. Letting out a yell of pain Eligor got up right away. But before anything could be done Aby spoke in his head, Out the way idiot I'm taking over now! She said before a black blue aura completely enveloped the body of Eligor and before you could see it a girl about the same height, but clearly a Demonata,  pale grey skin, snow-white long hair, and two bleu horn pointing out her head as well as a chain-like tail. A black dress with blue markings covering her arms as well as being a bit more revealing than normal. "GET OUT HERE COWARD!" Aby yelled into the darkness of the trees beyond her vision. Did you have to do that Sis? I wanted to fight this time. Eligor said towards Aby in her head. "Yes because your fighting arm got hit! I'M NOT RISKING YOU AGAIN!" she said angrily toward him while still talking out loud.

Abyzol shot a few blue-looking fires into the trees where she saw the attack hit them from but with no effect. But things changed and before Aby could react a dagger was pressed into her back and she let out a very loud yell of pain before somehow Eligor got switched out to control the body again with a quick movement. "Yes, AND you got us Stabbed! I won't have that happening again! FUCK that hurt!" before he took a fighting stance and summoned a few flying daggers around him he heard his sister speak, Thanks Eli... you might want to go berserk if it comes to that! to what Eligor nodded and stoot guard.

Word Count: 764

Summary of importance:
Twins are running from something. Eligor gets shot by magic making Abyzol take over only for her to get stabbed letting out a loud cry of pain because of a dagger, making but Eligor took over standing ready to attack with floating daggers around him.

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