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Amber Thornar (WIP)

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Amber Thornar (WIP) Empty Amber Thornar (WIP)

Post by Amber Thornar Wed May 18, 2022 9:59 pm

Amber Thornar


Alias/Nicknames: N/A
Race: Human
Sub-species: Warrior
Gender / Sexuality: Female
Age: 23
Alignment: Adventures Guild
Faction: Golden Titan



Amber was raised as a child with a taste for success. Failure in anything meant dishonoring her family, so she became hardworking and persistent in achieving greatness. What greatness means to Amber is recognition, she wants to be recognized and treated equally important rather than be viewed as resources that can be easily thrown away thanks to a pool of gifted and talented individuals that continues to grow in size. Even with the spike of competition growing, Amber remains determined to outperform anyone. She seeks many opportunities to grow, which increases her chances in becoming an unstoppable force of nature.

Should she keep pushing past her limits and climb to the top she can be someone great like her father once was. No matter if one's skills were aided in the birth of their families lineage that allowed them to have higher than average skills, Amber refuses to back down. Instead she remains hopeful that her efforts may see the light hidden in a dark road filled with doubt and the pressure that her parents put her through. It's safe to claim that Amber is someone who doesn’t mind using certain methods to obtain strength, if she happens to be found in a situation where she desperately yearns power then she would search for someone who can grant her the desire that she seeks in exchange for her service.  

While she cares about protecting others, there are some that aren't worth protecting for she would rather see them get devoured than to protect them. Some criminals deserve more than being placed in cells, for she believes they would go back and repeat the mistakes that brought them to justice. Certain criminals need a proper punishment,  so that they may never cause harm to others again. Such punishments only she can deliver, for she doesn't believe in the same justice that some gravitate towards.


Born into a tough environment, at a young age Amber was expected to rise to greatness and be amongst the best that her family had to offer. Her family bred excellent children that would go into the world to make a mark for themselves and their offspring, allowing them to shine bright under their parents name. Amber's parents blinded themselves to their families legacy, for they were determined to maintain the families bloodline for many generations. They feared that the family name would find itself lost in time like the rest, so in order to remain relevant in the everchanging world her family had to adapt. Most of Ambers childhood was spent nosediving in books, absorbing all the knowledge that a child of her age could understand. Amber was a gifted learner, for she held an affinity for learning at a quicker pace than some children her age. Because of her parents strict behavior, she wasn't able to enjoy life as a child. Her parents tried to prepare their child for the life that she's about to be thrown into once she reached to that age.

Her father placed a heavy emphasis on protection, not because he was an overprotective father but because he had to ensure that danger needed to be kept at bay. The family was able to live in peace thanks to the protection provided by a unit that protects the region, keeping monsters and other unholy beings at bay. At times her father would get swept up with work, which limited his time to see his daughter Amber. Her mother on the other hand had a different plan for her daughter. Her plan was to make Amber elegant and pleasing on the eyes, so that whenever she strolls the city streets the onlookers would feel as though they're being captured for their hearts were stolen by the beauty that Amber releases.

But as for Amber, she didn't care about Beauty and popularity like her mother. All she cared about was being of use to the community and getting rid of the monsters and criminals that plagued society. When she turned the right age, Amber would find jobs as a mercenary and  collaborated with guilds, offering them her service in dealing with magical beings. Some paid her handsomely while others tried to cheat their way out, causing her to feel distrust in the people she aided.




Goal/Aspiration: Her goal in life is to make a name for herself in the world and punish criminals that duck and dodge the law. She wants to make the community safe in her own way.

Key Fear/Adversary: She fears that her actions may cause others to view her as the criminals that she punishes, for she uses cruel methods that would ensure no harm is done to the people she protects.


Body Type: Slim
Hair:redish brown
Skin Tone:light

Overall Appearance:
Amber Thornar
Amber Thornar

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Amber Thornar (WIP) Empty Re: Amber Thornar (WIP)

Post by Iris Fri May 20, 2022 8:31 am


Amber Thornar (WIP) QRmoaKI


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