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Porto d'Oro Faction Guide

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Porto d'Oro Faction Guide Empty Porto d'Oro Faction Guide

Post by Porto d'Oro Sat May 14, 2022 1:11 am

Porto d'Oro Faction Guide Porto-doro-500


A crime-oriented faction taking veil as a run-of-the-mill shipping company, Porto d’Oro’s objectives mostly lie in achieving wealth and expanding their territory through illegitimate practices. While the means to do so at times brings about contributions to society (in example: the proliferation of “new” businesses offering jobs and economic diversity), there’s no doubt their actions play two sides of one gritty coin. Behind closed doors, their preferences are considered less than diplomatic, willingly dipping into amoral dealings should the outcome be favorable for the organization.

Not all the motives within the faction rely on big-scale operations, however. Smaller ones which benefit not only the faction but the members themselves can come into play at any given moment, and members are free to create opportunities for themselves as well. Though Porto d’Oro is a faction based off the Otherworlder concept of a “mafia”, this doesn’t mean that its members are solely human or Otherworlders. Many different walks of life are accepted; from those already hailing from riches to those down on their luck and looking to join something a little more tight-knit.

Members, whether they belong to the faction or not, must have OOC permission from @wes to know of and/or reveal the illegal secret nature of this faction. For all intents and purposes it appears as a legal entity until otherwise noted.

"Remember where your loyalties lie, else find yourself alone."

Although favors and jobs can be relegated from one specially assigned member to another, it’s common knowledge among the members of Porto d’Oro that their HQ lies in the form of a private mansion located just inland of Lyndon Port. More ambitious missions are often dealt and handled here, as well as any affairs that may require some form of intervention, personal or otherwise.


Faction Leader:
Wesley Savaglio

Emi Kazama
Kiigan Youngblood

Porto d'Oro
Porto d'Oro

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