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Oktus Empty Oktus

Post by Oktus Sun Apr 24, 2022 11:38 am



Alias/Nicknames: N/A
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Demonata
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Pansexual
Age: 22
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: N/A


Personality: Oktus' life is dictated by what he calls his "Creeds Three": power, prestige and pizzazz. He's a man of short stature with gargantuan dreams, and sees nothing wrong in always hungering for more, always clawing upward for a better life. One might consider all that as rather shallow, and those who think that would be right; Oktus sees no inherent value in others, other than what they can offer him personally, constantly balancing scales in his head between a person's worth versus their burden on him. If need be, he would sacrifice a worthless burden to save his own life, even if he had grown to like and care about them, his body moving on autopilot in the name of self-preservation.

He'll often mask this behavior by cracking jokes or being a party animal, but he can't fight against this side of him, as much as he wants to. Outwardly, he's a loud, bombastic, impish demon with a mean streak to those who insult him and a passion burning in his stomach. Inwardly, however, he's kept up awake at night wondering why he feels this way about others - about why, in the end, he's still a stereotypical heretic through and through.

He adventures and fights for others, searching for resolution and maybe, some day, forgiveness. Until he finds such an answer, he remains as the selfish imp that wouldn't lift a finger to save a burning orphanage even if he had a bucket of water, if he wasn't being paid for it.

History: Oktus doesn't remember much of his life before becoming an Eldritch. What he does remember is the heat that surrounded his body, the pained wails of people he knew he loved, looking up at the night sky as flames danced just out of reach of his body. His bloody, battered body was spared from a hellish heat that consumed his friends and loved ones, one after another, as his body was too broken to move. As he bled out with the fire fast approaching, he remembered the voice screaming inside him that none of this was fair. That maybe, if he had another chance, he could turn this around. More than that, if he had a chance, he would work so that he never had to feel this pain anymore. Finally, if he had another chance, he would become a vengeful spirit who hunted down and cursed the vile and the unrepentant until their dying breaths and then some - he swore this upon his fast fading life, eyes filled with tears for the future he was robbed of.

It was this last dark thought as his human vision faded that the conversion occurred, from a man into a demon. No longer possessing memories of his former life, becoming a creature of instinct and anger, he didn't stop to look around at friend or foe, or even who was responsible for setting his nameless village on fire. In the end, who were these people, anyway? The weak villagers that fled from nature's elements didn't deserve to live. "They wouldn't make it even if you saved them, they'll only burden you," a voice from within him rang out, sweet and soothing. In the battle high of this new rush of power, the creation of a new demon in the world, the imp known as Oktus gleefully partook of violence, attacking villagers with whatever he could get his hands on.

He fought until sunrise, the new blood coursing through him telling him that this was right, and that this was good. It was only once his war path had been thoroughly blazed, the flames of the village and in his newly beating heart now equally extinguished, that he realized what he had done. Something in the newborn Eldritch had snapped in that moment, and in the cracks slipped a brief portion of his old human conscience. This kind of pointless violence wasn't right, was it? The sweet nothings within his head would shout at him otherwise, that it was fine and expected, but his humanity disagreed with everything that it had left. Ultimately, through the tears, the imp had come to a compromise within him: people had no inherent value to him, but pointless violence was counterproductive while that value still remained unknown. Perhaps, even, the potentials of some people took a long time to reveal themselves. This was the most that his humanity could win out against his newfound wrath; to merely hold it back in a balancing of scales was the best that it could manage.

Even so, Oktus wandered from place to place, trying to find a better answer. He refused to believe that such a wrathful wretch was all he was now, and did his best to maintain faith that everybody had worth. It had always, even to the present day, been such a weak ember to keep burning in his heart, however.


Fighting: Oktus is an Eldritch born of violent and vengeful urges, and as such his body can't help but react positively to fights and the thrill involved with clashing swords and spells. He lives for such passions, and would die for them.

Fishing: Every party animal needs to have their downtime too. Fishing presents a unique challenge of 'combat' in a different sense, in which Oktus can challenge himself against a unique kind of foe that can't be so easily bested by conventional means. The reward is nice food too, which doesn't hurt.

Worthy People: Oktus' life constantly balances the good with the bad in all people, in relation to what they can offer him. Following this, people of exceedingly high potential, unique outlooks or great power, prestige or pizzazz interest him greatly.


Peace: Sadly, it's ingrained in him to pursue violence. When there's too much serenity and peace for too long, his body shivers and shakes with frustration. His inner voice whispers to him that a world of peace is one in which he has no place - one in which he's worthless, by his own standards. No world like that can be allowed to exist for long, in his mind.

Failure: Oktus is astoundingly self-critical and full of self-hate upon failure. Like a dam filled to burst, setbacks and shortcomings let loose a flood of negative emotions in him, beating down on him for not being good enough to do everything right the first time. He holds himself to a higher standard, and when that standard isn't met, he feels he should suffer for it.

Unworthy People: The weak and the cowardly who he isn't paid to protect, the slackers, the unambitious, and the hypocritical - all these types and more are the kind that light Oktus' short fuse. At best he'll silently condemn these types, but if pushed far enough he'll stomp out those who he deems unworthy of positivity.

Goal/Aspiration: Oktus wishes to achieve his Creeds Three: to become the most powerful, the most prestigious, and possess the highest quantity of pizzazz in the world. Simultaneously, he wishes to regain his human morality; or if not, then to at least figure out an answer that satisfies him as to why he is how he is.

Key Fear/Adversary: Though he loathes to admit it, animals freak him out. From bears and wolves, to cats and dogs, to even things like squirrels or bunnies, Oktus is miserable at best and horrified at worst around most animals. Their unpredictable, instinctual nature unnerves him, and even around puppies he can be found on his guard, cautious of their sharp teeth and claws or beady eyes.


Height: 3'3"
Body Type: Short and scrawny
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Red and green
Skin Tone: Pale blue

Overall Appearance:



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Oktus Empty Re: Oktus

Post by Iris Wed Apr 27, 2022 5:00 am


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