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Post by Aubrey Pomme Bouffónt Sun Apr 17, 2022 1:31 am

Moondance Promenade Abby


He traveled from Rivengate to Avalon harboring a secret guilt. Aubrey, concerned with expenses and pretending to be a financially stable presence, was especially good at concealing the crease that should have been on his brow from the very beginning. He thought back to how he was going to pay the generous baker for his kind invitation.

He would rack up yet another debt but never one he would leave unaddressed for too long a time. He would always pay it off, but under extreme circumstances by working harder than usual. He was made to feel so tense by this that the timbre of his greeting would have sounded rather pleasant had it not been so shrill undertones of it.

“Guess who?” the natural entertainer announced, an imaginary spotlight befalling his angelic silhouette.

Looking more like a Raggedy-Anne doll than an actual angel with outstretched arms, he gave an unnecessary twirl and paused to put a hand over his heart. The flamboyant peacock was beginning to expand his figurative tail feathers, quite ready to expose his overwhelming colors and natural sheen.

Despite this show of admirable confidence he was sorely anxious. He was also confusingly cheerful which was how he could play into the pleasant facade easier.  

Aubrey, with his eyes of piercing diamond blue, sought for a formidable distraction. They expressed excitement, too much of it and his smile seemed to have endured much  under the crippling cognizance of having to burn the midnight oil once this enchanting night was over.

To say a brightside did not exist here would have been an awful lie. He could see it in the way the green-haired teddy bear of a woman educated his enemy turned friend, done so through very peculiar circumstances, the meaning behind such a special day.

Was he not familiar with their customs?

To the crimson-haired man, it was common knowledge, and so he reflected lightly with renewed understanding. He could have been a misinformed Eldritch or a mysterious Otherworlder.

The first assumption, Wesley being an Eldritch, would have inspired apprehension to fester and boil inside the boy, but Aubrey could not bring himself to doubt his good intentions. In fact, he refused to abandon him when he was at the mercy of a bunch of lowly street muggers. Wesley could have used his foolish bravery to his advantage just to flee unscathed and leave Aubrey to die the rabbit-hearted fool in his place.

He checked his teeth in passing.

Not a famished vampire.

He sniffed the air about him for a moment. Discreetly.

He did not smell like a pit filled to the brim with the blood of human children crying out for their parents. This might not have been an accurate portrayal of any kind of ritual performed by one; yet Aubrey was inclined to unfairly demonize them with some of the most dishonorable fabrications.

Emi seemed to whisper what he thought were sweet nothings to Wesley. Aubrey tip-toed stealthily, gleefully to listen in on this intimate exchange. Such a nosy boy! He fluttered his eyelashes, ready to catch the juicy deets and give them the pair the teasing of a lifetime. It was a far cry from what he imagined she would say and the ‘tee-hee’ in his smile disappeared.

“Emi,” he gasped, somewhat scandalized, “it just isn’t good manners to compare two very different walks of life like that. Don’t we have them to thank for ending only the most horrifying bloodbath in history? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Naughty girl!”

He pinched her cheek and gave it a playful tug.

There was hypocrisy in that noble-sounding accusation pouring from his lips, for he would have said the same in kind for the myriad of species under the Eldritch umbrella. What he was displaying was typical human behavior.  What wasn’t so typical was the topic shift, though it stirred no suspicion to arise in the mischievous tailor as every activity brought him excitement. So many to choose from!

The wink that was tossed his way didn’t go unnoticed. Aubrey readily responded with a wink of his own as he moved closer to Wes. He leaned into him, no sign of intimidation, only platonic affection, as he whispered as quietly as he could for his sake. He wrapped an arm around him. “Are you an otherworlder, Wes?” he asked, gently pressing a finger to the tip of his nose. A curious boop for a very curious friend.

He was suddenly quite protective.

Before he could give his two cents on the matter, Pomme slipped away from him like some puffy-dressed, glitter-bombed princess. Aubrey was a human mood ring that ranged from seemingly cheerful to unbearably excitable.

Where he was headed led him to a queen fresh out of a fairytale with hair like midnight, flowers that seemed to glow like stars over a canvas of the darkest cobalt sky.

Prudery and shyness were never in his vocabulary. Plenty of warm embraces, kisses on the cheek, and sweet flatteries to pump up the ego. What he would have ordinarily done to greet others didn’t seem to apply as customarily as he would have liked when it came to Jenevieve. By now, he would have gingerly brought her hair closer to his face for a better look at the flora and fauna. But an invisible force would not permit him to be so invasive, and that perhaps had something to do with just how angelic she looked tonight.

It was as though they hadn’t ever locked arms and bumped furious booty together.

No, it wasn’t shyness.

It was a concern that humbled the playful, rambunctious fellow. There was an offness in all that radiance, like the graying wings of an angel, that he found rather hard to ignore. He might have looked obnoxious to the eye wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt and red swim trunks to boot, but his expression was soft despite the very loud colors he wore. “I look forward to seeing what you decide,” he said sweetly, not wanting to run the risk of choosing an activity that would do her more harm than good. She looked quite fatigued. “It hadn’t dawned on me ‘til now just how much you've been fidgeting with that purple ribbon of yours. Is everything all right?”

NOTE;; https://www.vyldermire.com/t813-a-marvelous-night-for-a-moondance This is a continuation from a previous thread.

Word Count; 1046
made bycapt. meows

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Aubrey Pomme Bouffónt
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Moondance Promenade Empty Re: Moondance Promenade

Post by Jen Sun Apr 17, 2022 1:48 am

Moondance Promenade HXiO28c

Jenevieve listened idly as Emi, who she had been officially introduced to earlier along with Wes and Alfie, explained to Wes about the celebrations they were en route to attend. She’d met the two briefly before at the singles night in Engloria but didn’t get a chance to get to know them. They’d been rather preoccupied that night, and Jen couldn’t help but be reminded of that when she looked at the two. To distract herself from those thoughts, and to keep her focus, the Gaiyan gazed out at the gorgeous beach around them. She’d never been to the Avalon Islands before, but she was enjoying the tropical location already. The golden yellow swimsuit she wore was unusual for her wardrobe, but she was finding it to be comfortable.

Emi’s explanation of the human celebrations intrigued her. Though there were some similarities, it was so different from what the Gaiyans believed. The humans saw the tide receding as a curse, a punishment. They believed celebrating on the beaches would appease the gods and bring the tide back. Gaiyans saw it as a time of healing and renewal, a chance to reconnect with the earth and promote growth. Jen had only ever participated in the Gaiyan rituals at this time of year. This was her first time away from the temple she called home, and it was the perfect opportunity to partake in different celebrations than she was used to.

Jen absentmindedly played with the purple ribbon tied around her wrist. It was leftover from her attendance of the Lunar Cleansing earlier in the day. The moonlet had gathered with other Gaiyans and laid in the plains with ribbons connecting them by wrist. The plants had flourished around them and grown over them as they reconnected with the world and ascended to the spirit plane.

It hadn’t taken her long to meet up with her sisters in the astral world. They had manifested from their home at the temple in Ilyanor, but the connection to the land allowed the women to gather as one. She’d rejoiced their reunion, hurriedly telling them of her adventures so far since leaving home. Patricia’s grim expression had stopped her tangent. It was then she realized that her youngest sister, Helena, was nowhere to be seen. The three eldest told her that Helena had taken off in the middle of the night after being denied the chance to leave the temple like Jen had. The shock of this news had shaken the moonlet right out of her trance.

Jen’s focus returned to her companions as Wes listed off several suggestions of what they could do. Any of them sounded like fun, though she wouldn’t mind the relaxing stroll option. What she would keep to herself was that she was actively and continuously using magic at the moment. That, combined with the stress of the news about Helena left her exhausted, and unbeknownst to her, it showed.

“I’m not sure…” she replied to Aubrey, looking up to the redhead with as cheerful of a smile as ever. The moonlet pulled her braid over her shoulder, the thick black strands woven in with the flowers that had grown over her body during the Lunar Cleansing. She’d braided it on the way to Lyndon Port to calm herself and prepare for the adventure on the beach that she’d been invited to.

“Oh, I’m quite alright,” Jen rushed to reassure her worried friend. She slipped her hands behind her back, putting the ribbon out of sight. As convincing of a smile as she could muster was directed at Aubrey. It would be a waste for him to focus his concerns on her. The moonlet didn’t want to trouble her companions on this festal day.

As the banter among the group continued, Wes had leaned in close and gave her a ‘warning’ about Aubrey. Playing along, Jen whispered back. “I’ve got eyes in the back of my head. He won’t get away with anything!” she teased, hiding a grin behind her hand. She knew firsthand how much of a kind and helpful gentleman Aubrey was, though he could be a bit whimsical in his deliverance of such grace.

She didn’t have time to dismiss Wes’ concerned look before he and Emi got into a playful scuffle that involved paint and a comical chase around in the sand. Jen couldn’t help but let out a giggle as she watched the two race around the beach. It was easy to see the similarities between Aubrey and Emi, and she got the feeling she would get along with the minty-haired prankster well.

Several people around them on the beach began gasping. Jen's blue eyes followed their pointed fingers to the sky. In the inky black night , the moon had been spreading silvery light across the land for a while, illuminating the celebrations around the continent. But now, cresting the horizon in silvery elegance, was another moon. It was slightly less bright than Selene's majestic countenance, its purpose to complement the goddess’ heavenly body but not overshadow her. Jen's hand flew to her mouth and her heartbeat fluttered. Her elder sisters had warned her that when one of the five Moon Guardian sisters celebrated the Lunar Cleansing outside the temple, it caused a second moon to appear in the sky. She had expected that the magic she was casting on herself to suppress her true form would also cancel out the double moon phenomenon. The Lunar Cleansing had forced her into the form she took inside the moon temple. It made sense in her mind when crafting the suppression spell earlier, but it seemed the second moon would appear no matter her efforts. Such were the mystical and unpredictable ways of the magical world.

In her shock, Jen’s magic wavered for a moment. The air shimmered around her and for less than a blink, she appeared to have glowing white hair and ceremonial robes instead of her bikini. The moonlet wrangled back her control of the magic, taking a few deep breaths to regain focus and to calm herself. Nobody here knew that the double moon was her doing. At least, that’s what she kept repeating in her head.

“Er… why don’t we go get something to eat?” she asked Aubrey, touching his arm gently. Assuming that he was looking at the rising second moon like most others were, Jen felt a sudden, sharp wave of shyness. It was like everyone was staring at a vulnerable piece of her, leaving the moon guardian to feel frantically bashful. Perhaps something to eat or drink would soothe her agitated manner.

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Moondance Promenade Empty Re: Moondance Promenade

Post by Aubrey Pomme Bouffónt Thu May 05, 2022 6:00 am

Moondance Promenade Abby


Aubrey, during this rare happenstance in the sky, had been thrown into a strange state of awe.

It was miraculous that the silvery moon which was brightly magnetizing the focused attention of festive Avalon was accompanied by another.

For a moment he could not believe his eyes, nor could he have imagined a more perfect sight. Then the most magical of vibes bathed him in childish hope, and with this came a flash of excitement. Yes, his eyes could not have gotten any wider than they already were; for he was drawn to the phenomena and was convinced this was a sign of all good things to come.

In his dreamy stupor, he clasped his hands to the side of his face and beamed. Had he been born an angel, he would have gleamed, he would have glowed, and even the pearlesque sheen of his feathers would have caused unworthy eyes to disintegrate. But he wasn’t, and like the simple human he was, he turned about and was met with a somewhat shimmery surprise. It was so sudden and so quick that he wondered if he was starting to see things.

For the mystifying immersion of beauty that had alone so fascinated the bright-eyed boy about her, and eluded many others due to the flickering briefness, seemed never to leave him. Not to say she was not enchanting before,  of course. Even if the transition lasted a second—and from time to time he supposed he could have dreamed it all—he could not stop replaying what he had seen in his head over and over again. He had the strangely bright look of a child, one who smiled mysteriously under the multitude of stars, peering down at the embodiment of the moon through diamond eyes that flashed prettily with a hint of silvery doubt but when his dreamy lids lowered halfway, as though to discard what he had seen and to further regard it as nothing but a distant memory of fantasy.

His orbs lingered upon her countenance of porcelain, but he was not without concern as he less than shyly considered pressing a warm, comforting hand to her smooth back and making his quiet worry known to her. He became even more cognizant of his worrying when he found her taking a few much needed deep breaths, and, feeling the intense desire to check on her some more, he slowly placed his hand over hers.

There was something gentle in the way he made contact. He appreciated the feel of her slender fingers under his own, for they were as soft as the petals of a rose. He was minutely startled by her sudden suggestion, having thought to approach the particular topic of what he had seen, but he went along with it anyway, and gave her an accepting, if not, doubtful little smile. “You know, Jenevieve, I have eyes in the back of my head too,” he retorted playfully, now dancing around what he really wanted to say.

Much to Jenevieve’s good fortune, He wondered how one comical and charming as Emi could stoop so low, and nearly turned scarlet himself witnessing the pretend arousal of a Gaiyan and their version of the Moondance. “Where is the brain bleach when you absolutely need it, honey? I’ve seen quite enough to last me a lifetime of trauma and second hand embarrassment. Emi really is a good girl, I promise! She has a wild sense of humor and — and I believe a topic change is in order.  I can’t salvage the situation, no matter how hard I might try. What are you in a mood for, Jen? Seafood? Dessert? I hope you’re more hungry than startled.”

With a face almost as red as his hair, his eyes were wide and his strides were stiff, a deep shame pooling across his flesh in the form of searing heat. With his arm still perfectly linked with that of his pretty companion’s, he guided her through the mass and motioned with his shoulder to the myriad of stands for them to invade. The body painting was the first thing on everyone’s to-do list, which gave them less of a waiting line for food. “I really like what you did with your hair! Oh, to be so pretty as to make all the flowers caught in my raven locks blush. You are the envy of the moondance, the belle of the ball, the massive crab leg on the…”

He stopped himself short when he realized how quickly he went from complimenting her to staring down an actual crab leg being placed neatly on a plate. “You are everything but a crab leg. That was my stomach talking, not my brain.” He goofed, laughing warmly.

NOTE;; https://www.vyldermire.com/t813-a-marvelous-night-for-a-moondance This is a continuation from a previous thread.

Word Count; 789
made bycapt. meows
Aubrey Pomme Bouffónt
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