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Post by Lyra Wed Apr 06, 2022 7:47 am

Today would hopefully be a good day. Days he got to take a break from all the work of being the leader of one of the more stable, sophisticated tribes were hard to make bad. Danni'el Ravenore was nearly done with a highly ornamental sword to be used for trade with a stonemason commissioned to build a new home for his mother, but his meticulous ways delayed the completion. You see, the artistic elf happened to design a blade that needed a rare, red ore to make a rose for the hilt, and it was proving quite difficult to find. He could have substituted several different but equally beautiful colors, not no, only the red would do. It couldn't be released until it was a resolved piece, fully realized.

Some hunting around for the ore himself yielded nothing and was taking way too long. The elders were getting... Well, they were beyond antsy, they were officially peeved with him and his 'slow as frozen slime' ways. Finally, he was pointed in the direction of a man from another clan said to have extraordinary ore detecting abilities, and this man was quite literally his last hope, otherwise, he was going to have to scrap the piece and redesign a whole different one and take even longer...

Apparently, this man, Saevel, was helping out at a tavern not too far away. It was far enough, though. Many assistants volunteered to go for him and fetch the man, but no. Danni insisted on going himself, siting some sort of need for diplomacy, but really... the man was just tired and wanted out of his house. It was a large, beautiful place carved into a giant pale boulder covered in ivy, but he'd also shared this space with his wife and family. His kids had all now left the nest and his wife... her memory was as etched into those walls as the magic from the land was. Her blood still stained the porous stone in the master bedroom, and though there was a rug hiding it, he knew it was there. He didn't sleep in there anymore. The house was honestly no longer a home without her and their children.

As soon as the unicorn crossed what humans would call the city limits-- even though it was nothing like human town-- it was like a weight immediately lifted from his shoulders. His fluffy black hair bounced with the motion of the galloping and the ensuing wind. Danni had left all of his fancy clan leader garb at home in favor of a humble tunic with billowed sleeves and black trousers. Some might use perceived position to intimidate and pressure to get what they want, but Danni wanted to approach this man as a friend. Surely something could be traded to acquire his services. An agreement should be easy!

It was almost a shame when Danni trotted up to the tavern. The weather was perfection. Once upon a time, the elf would have stopped, no matter how pressing the timeline and matter, to paint the cloudless sky and pale wildflowers. He felt the void left by the loss of his creativity, but he could enjoy the sunshine all the same. After dismounting, he slipped inside.

Taverns in Ilyanor were pretty different from those on the mainland. A bit less rowdy and virtually no chance to be robbed, since most were uninterested in vigs. Most people chatted amicably with one another like old friends. There were quite a few people imbibing, and just as Danni awkwardly made his way to a table, his blue eyes sparkled as he recognized a face. It was just a glimmer of recognition, though. It took sitting for a good couple of minutes before it dawned on him that it was someone he'd seen in the war, but if he'd ever been aware of his name, time had washed it away. There was no reason to think that the familiar face could possibly be the person he came looking for, but he lifted his hand slightly to the silver-haired waiter all the same. Perhaps the man would know if his quarry was actually in the tavern.

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