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Yoruen Sigsteinn Empty Yoruen Sigsteinn

Post by Yoruen Sat Apr 02, 2022 6:12 pm



Alias/Nicknames: N/A
Race: Otherworlder (Human)
Sub-species: Mage
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Hetero
Age:  21
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: N/A


Personality: Despite his young age, the things that Yoruen has experienced has forged a temperament that is able to remain calm in almost all situations and is rarely quick to anger. When facing any situations that could quickly get out of hand or is already dangerous, he is able to rationally analyze the situation and devise step-by-step plans to overcome said situations. This determination and tenacity shows in how he handles things, including how he had slowly but confidently raised his strength and eventually joined the ranks of legends that came before him. Yoruen also lives his life his own way, not caring about the way others would look or judge him. As long as he believes that what he's doing is correct, he will pursue it to the end.

To those that approach him, they will find that Yoruen’s exterior is a tough shell to crack. He only reveals his true feelings and thoughts to those that he really trusts, and by trust, he means those that he can leave his back to, assured that they will be there to back him up even in the worst of times. If the person has yet to gain his recognition, the person would at best get lukewarm or perfunctory responses that’s socially acceptable.

History: Yoruen was one of the strongest warriors from his homeworld, but even with an alliance of the strongest warriors, they were unable to save their homeworld from complete and utter destruction. Their homeworld had been the target of destruction by an Evil God Envoy named Sauril. By raising an Evil God Temple and performing a mass sacrificial ritual, Sauril had successfully called forth an avatar of the Evil God and flooded the world with the demonic beings of darkness that sought nothing but to consume everything, allowing the Evil God to grow stronger.

Yoruen and his allies failed to disrupt the summoning ritual and had failed to stop the destruction of their world. At the end, they had resolved themselves to their death but they would at least bring Sauril down with them. As the world was devoured around them, Yoruen and his allies managed to defeat Sauril in his enhanced condition, sacrificing many of their party in the process. And at the last moment, where it was just Yoruen left and Sauril had been whittled down to the last of his life, the Evil God Envoy had conjured a dimensional portal as a last ditch attempt to escape.

With nothing more to lose, Yoruen unhesitatingly leaped into the portal as well, following after Sauril.

  • Challenging his limits - Yoruen constantly seeks to push his boundaries, be it in the form of powerful opponents or striving to improve his forging skills
  • Forging - Aside being a swordsman, Yoruen is also an accomplished blacksmith specializing in weapons and armors. He finds comfort amidst the heat of a burning forge and the process of forging, and satisfaction when an excellent piece of equipment is created.
  • Drinking - His harsh training to became an apex swordsman had given Yoruen an improved physique and one of the many benefits was a very high tolerance for harmful substances, including alcohol. Coupled with his drinking habit, if not busy with something, Yoruen would frequently be seen drinking.

Dislikes: (Please list 3)
  • Breaking promises - Yoruen applies this to himself and others, and is especially harsh on himself when he fails to keep his word.
  • Depending on others - Starting with nothing and eventually reaching the peak, Yoruen had did it all by himself. This has instilled a sense of independence, preventing him from truly ever depending on someone else.
  • Social events - Not much of a talker, Yoruen dislikes participating in social events. Even if he does participate, he would typically be off by himself.

Goal/Aspiration: By coming over to Vyldermire, Yoruen had found himself losing a majority of his former combat prowess. Seeing it as an opportunity, Yoruen aspires to become even stronger than his former self. And in his path to become stronger, Yoruen will one day aim for the Evil God and his Envoys that had wrought destruction against so many worlds, his included.

Key Fear/Adversary: Yoruen does not wish to be witness to the destruction of another world by the Evil God, even if its not his.


Height: 173cm
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin Tone: Fair

Overall Appearance:


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Yoruen Sigsteinn Empty Re: Yoruen Sigsteinn

Post by Iris Thu Apr 07, 2022 10:36 am


Yoruen Sigsteinn QRmoaKI


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