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Man of misguided fate Empty Man of misguided fate

Post by Katsumi Tue Mar 29, 2022 11:31 am

Man of misguided fate __yae_sakura_and_yae_sakura_honkai_and_1_more_drawn_by_zhourues__sample-2b168bd5910864b8a6dac721477a569e
Riverforte is a town along the river, a place where once the church of religion stood. To most The religion they followed without much hesitation. The beautiful river and the houses on wooden beams made for its own little culture of its own. Hosting mostly humans and here and there some other races. Some older houses with taste and some new houses with rich markings. It may not have been the city but some rich people did set up their house here or even a so-called vacation home.

The sun was shining this midday and right at the entrance of the town a Pink-haired Lapin the frame. Her hair, long wavey on the slow-moving wind, her ears standing up handing a bit back on her head moving at any sound around her. Her sky blue eyes stared ahead of her and moved towards the road she was walking on. On her back is a leather bag with what looks like a wrapped-up stick handing underneath it. She clearly was an adventurer from a far place and came all the way here for a job. Taking up a job for her client she has spoken to in Engloria, her hometown. Most of the jobs she took made her travel quite a bit and she was not bothered by it one bit.

Moving along the road into the town the Lapin looked out her eyes. She never really came to this town and never saw buildings build like this. It was a wonderful thing to see and she took it all in as she was walking along the road next to the river.

The job the Lapin took up was to meet up with a courier who would have a letter for her, in that letter stood in detail what she needed to do. And soon she moved to the location of this courier, once there a young man walked up to her and gave her a letter, "Here you go miss, A letter just for your hands," he said before he walked off to do other deliveries.

The letter was still closed and The Lapin took it into her pocket and went to find a place to take a seat and rest a bit from her journey towards Riverforte. Finding a place was not hard and she soon found herself a coffee shop and entered, taking her order and waiting for her food and Coffee to get back to her. Soon she heard her name called out "Coffee and cheesecake for Miss Katsumi!"

Walking over to the counter with a smile Kat took the coffee and cheesecake with her back to where she was sitting with a charming smile she started to eat her cheesecake and take small sips from her coffee while looking out of the window. Before opening the Letter she took a deep breath and nodded. The letter of course still sealed, but it had the insignia of a rich person for sure on it. Already knowing what was going to happen Kat open the letter and took a gander at reading it.

"Dear Lotus Fox,
I write this letter because I have heard about your deeds and would be willing to pay for your service to take out a hit for me. My name is not important to thee or your target as I intend to send a message to those who serve the church with blinding obedience. It has come to my attention that a Priest of the Church has taken in the money of the church donated to him for himself and has been living high and mighty in his mention in Riverforte.

I want you my dear Fox to take him out and the added letter with this letter on his body. He can't be missed, A man with brown graying hair short and on the fatter side of the spectrum. As well as that he has servants of Antros with him at all times preying on the weak once to give them money or take them in as his pets.

Please do this and help both the church and yourself to some freedom again. The money will be sent to the bank of Engloria upon news of the Priest his death, ask for the name Xavier and u will get the money"

Reading over the letter again and looking at the second letter added to the envelope as it says, "The Church Knows thee sins" A clear message for sure, and luckily for someone like Kat it was no problem to take out someone of high belief as Kat herself already lost her fate to the church early in her life

Taking her surroundings and finishing her food and drink, she paid the coffee shop owner and left without saying much else. Making her way around she started to take in the pathing and routines of people. As soon as she did for an hour or three she already spotted her target. A fat man with brown graying hair, in a Priest uniform. Next to him is a Neko girl in servant clothing. Tinted skin with blonde-whiteish short hair, while her tail and ears seemed to be brown. She seemed to be a bit distressed following him but she followed him no matter what.

It looked a bit sad but Kat came up with a plan, following the two from a good distance not losing track. It seemed he had a plan of his own and went towards a few places giving them a blessing and getting paid to do so. It disgusted Kat quite a bit and she wanted to just kill this man right here and now, but she had to be careful with the many people around.

Taking the time Kat came up with a plan and after nearly dinner time She walked up to the priest with a charming smile. "Hello, sir Mind me asking, I'm new and quite a bit lost, but do you know any places in and around town for me to stay?" She asked her target soft and charming with a smile of gold. The man and his servant turned around only for the servant to hiss at Kat for a bit, but the Priest held his hand out to make her stop. "My my, aren't you quite the fine young lady. I have an offer for you miss, You could stay at my place for a bit while you are here in town," he said trying to counter her charming smile only to fall a bit with a grin. Taking in how he handled himself and how the servent reacted her aggressive behavior disappeared as soon as Kat her smile went over to her. "If that could be done, then please I love to stay for a bit then!" Kat said taking in how the two of them reacted.

The priest smiled and nodded before sending his servant ahead of him and taking Kat to his house. Following the Priest, Kat took in that he was full of those Sins the church loved to talk about and it was also clear to her that he had a charm of a nice priest combined with a creepy fat man preying on the weak. But it was what she needed right now, a free invitation into his house free of charge. He showed Kat to his house right as it was said, and it seemed to be quite well guarded for someone is just a priest.

Going inside Kat was led towards a room by the servant who was already there again, taking her to a room with a ready bed and some other stuff laying about. The door was closed behind her and as soon as that happened Kat took a look around the room for anything. Right across from her she could see another room, and inside the room was the Priest staring at her with a smile. Waving to him in an awkward way she took it upon herself to close the curtains. Looking around she spotted a hatch and some broken bricks on the wall, it was clear there has been a struggle here before but nobody knew how it ended. Taking out her options she took a hidden dagger out of her bag and a glove enchanted with magic for modified her own magic to have a more focused direct attack.

But before getting the chance to find out more Kat was picked up by the same Neko servant as before. "the Master wishes to speak with you in his room please... follow ... me" she sounded a bit distracted but Kat followed. "What your name if I may ask Girl!" Kat said to the servant who was caught off guard by the question only to respond by stopping in her tracks and taking Kat's arm "Please run while you can, my master is not a kind soul, you are too innocent to die here," She said only for Kat to smile, "Can I have your name please girl," laying on hand on the servant's hand and another on the chin with a charming smile and caring eyes. "Fellia," the Servant said. Kat smiled and nodded, "Well Fellia, I'm Katsumi and I won't die here, but blood will flow today," she said to Fellia who look at her in disbelieve, "Now bring me to your master and please after you do so, bring us some wine later once I open the door again," Kat said before following Fellia to her master's room.

Fellia knocked on the door and it went open, there her master sat in more convertible clothing. "Please enter, And Fellia leave now!" She did so only for Kat to turn to her with a smile saying, "Once I open." With Fellia out of the room and just her and the priest alone Kat could get to work.

"Miss if I may have your name please," The priest asked before moving toward the couch and patting it signing for her to sit on it. Kat walked over to the couch and sat down next to him, as soon as she did he placed a hand on her leg and smiled. Kat did not flinch at all and smiled back "Sir the name of mine is Locus Fox" the Priest was a bit confused but smiled caring, "Well Locus it's really great you could be here today, I hope you enjoyed your stay so far?" he asked her placing his other hand around her a sign of not letting her get out of his grip now. "I so far enjoyed it and truly you're a man of honor and pride, I admire that stuff," Kat said charmingly while looking at an open door into the garden. You could see a bit of the town from here and Kat smiled. "Really a great few from here, Pretty shocking right," She said to the priest. The priest saw and looked to the open door as well, "Indeed miss Locus, its really great look from here,"

Kat swiftly pulled up from the couch letting the priest not have enough time to react. Standing now in front of the Priest Kat smiled and spoke up, "Mind if it grab two bottles for us?" as she walked over toward the small set of glasses and plates and grabbed some wine bottles. "Oh of course not," the priest said before sitting up straight. Kat slowly walked over to the priest again placing the two bottles on the coffee table in front of the couch. Walking seductively and charming up to the priest before leaning over to him. She placed her hand with the glove on his chest near his heart and she could feel it beat. She leaned in to whisper into his ear.

"The church knows dear, Fellia will be free today," Kat said coldly before leaning back again to stare him in the eyes. The priest was confused and looked into Kats's eyes, "Miss what are you talking about I don't." he was cut off by Katsumi quickly and she stared blankly at him. "You don't understand, Well to put it simply, I will be removing you from this world now and forever," Kat said completely losing her charming smile and a death stare without any emotions replacing it.

With her hand still placed on his chest, Kat smiled, "May your god murder you a thousand times in hell you dirty pig." before releasing a powerful focused shock from her glove into the Priest his heart. "WAIT WHA!!" before he could finish what he wanted to say the shock has reached his heart and stopped his beat right away. The now lifeless body of the priest laid there on the couch at peace almost as if he died by himself, Yet fear on his face was there and now he feared what has happened to him as he no longer is here.

Kat took out the letter with the instructions out of her pocket and placed it on his head with a dagger jabbing both the dagger and paper into his head without any sign of care or emotions. With a sigh, Kat walked towards the door blood on her hand from what she has just done. Fellia sat there against the wall with a wine bottle just as she was told by Kat.

"Come here Fellia, and take the wine with you please," Kat said before opening the door completely behind her the body of the priest. Fellia stood still as she entered and stared at the body of the priest for a good moment. "Y-You d-did this," She asked and Kat nodded before taking the win glasses in hand holding out one toward Fellia. "We drink tonight," Kat said holding one glass with the hand covered in blood and the other toward Fellia.

Leading her towards the open door in the garden Fellia followed Kat and their lat sat down on a wooden floor her legs dangling down to the ground. "come sit, you deserve it. Just as he deserved a more painful and slow death," Fellia was a bit hesitating to sit down but in the end, sat down next to Kat. Both she and Fellia took a glass of wine and Kat still in a state of emotionless behavior and focus stared ahead. "Fellia, in my room you left me, there is money and an address for you to go to if you ever want to talk to me again. I won't tell any of this to anyone, you and I will leave soon at the same time, you guide me towards an inn, and if you really need to stay there with me for your own safety. Guards will try and find you so staying here is not an option." Kat paused and stared at the Neko servant who no longer had anyone to serve. Fellia look at Kat a bit scared "But why... did you" She said. Kat stared back and with no emotion of smile on her face she nodded, "I get paid to do this, by legal terms of my contract, I kill him without getting in trouble with the local guards," Kat said before a smile returned to her face.

After a drink and a long hour of pure silents Kat took Fellia's hand toward the room she stayed taking her bag and leading them to the exit of the house. They didn't get stopped whatsoever and Fellia let the two to an Inn. It was there that Fellia confirmed to stay with Kat for the night and thy both got a room together. Once in the room, Fellia explained that she was bought by the priest from her parents and that she didn't have much choice in anything knowing fully well what was happening.  Kat explained to Fellia as well that she should be careful with people around her and handed her a small bag of money before leaning in for a kiss on the Neko's forehead. "Such a sweet girl like you should not work for creeps like that, Please come to my house in Engloria if you ever get around," Kat said before turning over to the bed leaving Fellia all flustered and blushing on the other bed. Night came and Kat could hear Fellia giggle a bit and later on sleep peacefully.

The morning came quick and Kat was already up and going, even before Fellia was awake. Kat lets a letter on the bed for Fellia with a list of places she could find good jobs or even a place to stay if she even needed it, as well as a bottle of wine, was placed there. Kat left the room and went out into town, People walked the streets and nobody was yet the wiser that their friendly Priest was now dead in his room. Kat took this as a sign, and left toward the exit of the town and turned around once more before going back to where she came from. A Job well done in her books.

Word Count: 2840

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