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Kupo Kawa/Jason di Riviera Empty Kupo Kawa/Jason di Riviera

Post by Kupo Wed Mar 23, 2022 12:05 pm



"Kiki! Hi! My name is Kupo Kawa, pleased to meet you!"
Alias/Nicknames: Jason di Riviera (technically his real name, but he doesn't use it as he's a hybrid bastard of that family), dog/doggo/pet (perjorative, people seem to find it funny to compare a human-inu hybrid to a pet dog), bright-eyes (the name 'Kupo' means 'light', and people often remark on a certain sparkle to his eyes when he's excited or determined), pomeranian (an otherworlder called him this and it stuck, he doesn't know what it means.)
Race: Anthro/Hybrid
Sub-species: Half-Human (Mage)/Half-Inu
Gender / Sexuality: Male, Asexual/Demiromantic
Age: 17
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: N/A


"People call me bright-eyes, something about me going all starry-eyed when I set my mind to something."
Kupo is, in two words, neutral good. His most immediately noticeable (personality) trait is an unshakeable drive to do good and see good done in the world,  whether that be doing random jobs for townsfolk, advocating for the acceptance of anthros and hybrids among the elder races, or protecting the innocent as best he can; Kupo will not stop while he sees that the world still needs improving. Even with the odds so immensely stacked against him.

What can also be quickly noticed is Kupo's habitual friendliness. Whether Eldritch or Gaiyan, Human or Anthro, he will put his best foot forward and greet them with grace and a permanent warm smile. Even if he was terrified at someone's presence, Kupo would endeavour to keep up the facade, for he knows that first impressions matter and how much it hurts to be shunned without a second glance. This perpetual happy demeanour could be seen as some kind of naiveté, futile idealism in a world where you can't afford it, but Kupo's rose-tinted shades aren't coming off any time soon.

The next most obvious facet of Kupo's personality is his curiosity. Listening from a young age about the wonders of Vyldermire, he wants to experience it all for himself. Every story, every creature, every place in the land is something he wants to at least see, if not directly confront. Like his friendliness, this could easily get Kupo into trouble if the wrong person or monster was the subject of his admiration, but that's a risk he's willing to take. Curiosity killed the cat, but they never said anything abut the dog.

All in all, Kupo is determined, kind and awe-inspired as a matter of principle, he just has to be careful who he extends that kindness to - not everyone is as good-intentioned as he is.

"You want to know about my background? Well... that's not important. What matters is who I am now, right?"
Born the bastard son of Nathan di Riviera, a wealthy human merchant, with his Inu servant, Kali Kawa, Kupo's early life was a sheltered one. Preferring that the boy simply not exist as far as those outside the family were concerned, Nathan hid Kupo away within the family's manor, to be raised among the other anthro servants (a few, most of whom were of his mother's family/'tribe'). This upbringing was not kind on Kupo, often getting too little food as his size did not change much while he aged. Kupo grew up experiencing the world through stories: his family's mythic history with tales of great human (and anthro) heroes, warned not to wander beyond the house with stories of monsters (and the heroes who overcame them), told of far away lands full of beauty and wonder.

When Kupo reached about the age of 12, his father decided that, while a bastard, the young boy was still his son and so needed an education befitting one of their family. He was sent off to a bardic college in Miriad, instructed to only use his maternal name (Kupo) and to simply pretend that he was a normal, full Inu. This ruse lasted all of about a week, even at one of the only human establishments in the city, as the native anthros could fairly easily tell from both appearance and general demeanour that he was a half-breed and his reputation preceded him from there. Even so, determined to not taint the reputation of a family that had done nothing but shun him, Kupo insisted that he was the child of servants.

During the next five years in Miriad, Kupo found himself loving the city as his home. While his life there had certainly been made needlessly difficult and unpleasant, it wasn't all xenophobia and taunting. For one, his studies at the bardic college had brought him into contact with the oral tradition and stories of the myriad (haha) Anthros who lived in and around the city, only feeding Kupo's curious spirit. He found that, beyond a certain point, there seemed to be nothing. No records, no stories beyond limited myth, just the story of conquest and servitude. This gap, no, tear in the history of his people drove Kupo to a new purpose: uncover the Anthro cultures (and stories) from before the humans erased them.

Kupo also found himself with a few friends. Most of them hybrids, like him, but a couple of anthros and humans too. He beame somewhat well-known in the local community for his contagious positivity and warming smile (for which he became known as 'the therapy pet' for a short time) and for his willingness to help with almost any job asked of him (earning the moniker 'service dog' a while longer), these traits forming Kupo's second driving force: to do good and see good done in the world, even on a small scale.

"What do I like? Stories, heroes, helping people, sweets, pretty colours, it'd be quicker to ask what I don't like!"
- Stories and legends, especially from different cultures.
- The concept of heroism, helping people despite the troubles you'd go through to do so.
- Music and poetry, especially calm, soothing tunes.
- Sweets of any kind, including pastries, candy and fruit (especially the street food of Miriad).
- Vibrant or pastel colours, intricate designs, beautiful people, anything eye-catching.
- Pretty much anything not mentioned in dislikes, to be honest, he's very easy to please.
- The dismissal of other races or cultures without trying to first engage with them (especially with hybrids).
- Oppressive power structures (slavery/indentured servitude, ruthless businesses, autocratic monarchies etc.)
- Unearned superiority (inherited nobility, showing off with innate power, 'bloodlines' etc.)
- Loud noises {they hurt his ears :-( }
- Bitter/sour foods ("they hurt to eat! why does anyone like that?")
- Anything you'd expect of a hybrid who has had to deal with persistent harassment and dismissal for all his life.

"My goals? Well, I want to hear and tell stories, as many as I can! I also want to make the world a bit nicer, one smile at a time!"
- As mentioned, Kupo wants to try and piece together, through the very little thst remains, what the Anthro peoples were like before they became slaves. Their cultures and histories. This goal is ultimately out of his immense curiosity.
- As well, Kupo tries as hard as he can to do good in the world and encourage others to do good in turn, in the hope that eventually the world will become a better place for it. This goal is driven by his relentless compassion, an inability to stand by while people suffer.

"Now you're asking me about my fears?! I guess loud noises scare me, but I have a feeling that's not what you mean by fear..."
Key Fear/Adversary:
Ultimately, Kupo fears that he will not be strong or influential enough to change the world for the better, and that all of his efforts will be in vain. In his quest to chronicle Anthro history, he has often been blocked by those who don't see him as a true Anthro and wish to keep their culture insular from outsiders. In general, he often faces opposition in the way of most either not taking him seriously (he's not exactly imposing) or actively going against him because they don't believe him capable of making positive change. He also especially struggles in finding common ground with humans, to whom it is especially clear that he is not, and will never be, one of them.


"Y'know, as far as half-breeds go, I'm pretty lucky that I can at least pass for an Inu if I need to. Most are plainly neither of their parents' races and those of Eldritch blood are plainly the more controversial of the two. I should count my blessings, no?"
Height: 4'1"/1.24 m (Kupo has always been abnormally small compared to most humans and anthros he'd seen. While his father was a bit under average height and all his mother's family were definitely short, his size is comical.)
Body Type: Kupo is lithe and petit, to the point where he looks underweight. This isn't a matter of poor health, not currently anyway, he is simply small enough and has a fast enough metabolism that regardless of how much he eats or trains, he can't seem to build fat nor muscle.
Hair: Kupo's hair is white, somewhere between snow-white and platinum blonde depending on the season. It's wavy and normally quite messy, halfway down his back when down but usually tied back into some kind of low braid or plait with two bangs framing his face. When he was at his family's home, though, it was often kept short, tidy and as straight as possible.
Eyes: Often shining just a little, Kupo's eyes are wide, round and emerald green, betraying a semblance of childlike innocence that he's yet to shake.
Skin Tone: Growing up somewhere between the cold north and the sunny beaches of anthro territory, Kupo's skin is naturally quite pale but has gained a slight tan over the years of residing in Miriad.

"I know my tail and hair are fluffy, but please don't touch without asking. I'm a person, not a stuffed toy."
Overall Appearance:
Kupo's Appearance (for now!):
Kupo is small, drastically so, and he is often confused for a young child. Looking at him, though, it's not hard to see why. A tiny, thin frame and those large green eyes on a round face that shows no age but for a few scars. From the top: his triangular, canine ears poke out through a cloud of cream-coloured hair, hair which hides two deaf human ears at the sides of his head (which he almost always covers up, a constant reminder of his split heritage). Kupo's bright eyes illuminate a pale face, adorned with permanently rosy cheeks and a few small scars that tell of a darker history than the boy's cheery countenance lets on, the largest of which extends from his lower cheek all the way down the left side of his neck.

Kupo's torso is nothing special, usually dressed in simple travelling clothes and a warm, plush hooded cloak (a gift from his mother on one of his visits home), along with a modest moonstone pendant hanging over his chest and a silver band ring that could function as a signet ring (gifts from his father as he finished his studies at the bardic college, marking him as a servant, or junior member, of the di Riviera family). Down from there, a fluffy, 2' long tail extends from the base of Kupo's spine, seeming almost as big as his body in scale. When happy, which he'd seemingly want one to think was all the time, Kupo's tail sways back and forth, very quickly when he gets genuinely excited. With this and his ears, perking up with interest and folding down with sorrow, it is  exceedingly easy to read Kupo's feelings from his body language.

"This has been a fun talk! I hope we'll meet again, but until then, kini! Goodbye!"

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Kupo Kawa/Jason di Riviera Empty Re: Kupo Kawa/Jason di Riviera

Post by Iris Sat Mar 26, 2022 9:47 am


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