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Twins? Or Crazy? (Eligor Medinae & Abyzol Medinae) (To Be Announced)

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Twins? Or Crazy? (Eligor Medinae & Abyzol Medinae) (To Be Announced)  Empty Twins? Or Crazy? (Eligor Medinae & Abyzol Medinae) (To Be Announced)

Post by Bleuenn Bosser Wed Mar 16, 2022 9:16 am

Breathing a sigh of relief as the magic warping effect of Rivengate faded from the air and her body, Bleuenn clutched the stack of books against her chest to hold back her excitement. She did not expect a city that stood against the very will of the world to hold any magic text of any kind, but the ice witch was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Continuing her escape from not only the headache inducing city but the owner of the bookstore before they discovered their mistake of selling magic tomes so inexpensive.

Shifting her focus from the road to the books she carefully slid one of the books out from the stack, making sure to not upset the balance held between her and the stack stopping each time the balance strained against her wish to free one of its brethren. Slowly and with an increase of pressure towards the stack. Finally freeing the book from its fellows, balance intact the look and Feeling was off compared to what she was used to. The book was rather thin and strangely smooth to the touch; she was unsure as to how or what the book was bound in or what bound the pages. Furthermore, all of the color and decoration were placed on the front of the book with the inside only containing white pages printed instead of handwritten, causing Bleuenn to be warier of the contents. However, Bleuenn would remain open minded as Rivengate held very little in common with the rest of the world; it would only make sense that its magic or magic from their worlds would hold differences as well.

Catching the glimpse of an odd stone, Bleuenn would move towards the odd sight hiding within an old tree’s embrace. Resting the books on a smoothed her ruby eyes followed her fingers tracing the stone’s smoothed face. Flicking her fingers off of the edge of the stone, there was no doubt in her mind that the stone had been molded by a geomancer looking for and making a private area just for them. Bowing her head in thanks for the geomancer’s work, Bleuenn tapped against the ground with the ball of her foot before seating herself onto the base of what would slowly outstretch, wind and fuse into a study yet refined ice crystallized chair. With comfort and seclusion achieved the pale girl’s fingers took hold of the previous book that centered around otherworldly witchcraft aptly named Women & Witchcraft.

It didn't take long for the glimmer of excitement to dull within the ice witch’s ruby eyes as her suspicions around the books were realized. Tossing the book to the far side of the stone, marking the first time she had mistreated a book out of sheer disgust at its inaccuracy. Flicking her eyes back and forth between the tossed half open book and the pile that no doubt held the same amount of misinformation deflated the true loser of the exchange as she rested her head against the stone softly reprimanding herself for taking something that was indeed too good to be true.

Wallowing in self pity for more than anyone one should for something so minor thinking over the little information that held hints of truth towards the profession of her mother and half of herself. Peeking back over to the stack of books, Bleuenn slid the next one over to the front of her face lazily flipping through the pages, seeing more of the same as the books and magic as a whole appear to be hobbies and fiction to the authors from wherever these books practices originated. Going through book after book seeing strange characters and words that meant nothing nor had any correlation to her world, her eyes came upon an odd sight referred to as Hydromancy. Reading through the summary the mention of scrying caught her attention as many methods of scrying within her world used reflective surfaces or items to divine a location or speak with others a great distance away. It would only make sense that water or even ice could achieve the same effect perhaps even greater due to its connection to the world. The more she thought about it the more of the luster returned to her eyes as theories of the how and practical use flooded the now reinvigorated Bleuenn. Creating a bowl out of ice and pouring some of her water ration within, the ice witch prepared herself to follow the instructions to the letter in hopes of discovering something groundbreaking.

From pebbles to mimicking rain with moistened fingers, nothing came from the information provided. Releasing a sigh the ice witch began to feel that it was once again too good to be true. However, Bleuenn was not about to give up as while she had attempted otherworlder practices, perhaps adding her world’s magic with the practical otherworlder tools would yield results. Freezing the water solid while making the ice as clear and reflective as possible, Bleuenn focused on the reflective ice pouring her magic and thoughts into the ice mirror. At first, nothing but shadows and muddled images flowed throughout the ice, though perhaps the ice witch should have centered her thoughts as soon the image of two women coiled around one another revealed itself to her. Upon seeing the act and their naked forms, the once pale half witch was instantly tinted red as she released a scream while tossing the bowl against the tree, shattering it, and removing the scene from her sight. Trying to hide her face, Bleuenn apologized to the two women repeatedly for accidentally peeping even though they were unaware or could not hear the young ice witch’s plea for forgiveness. After calming herself down and making sure to keep her thoughts focused on one thing only with the exclusion lust and a certain pink succubus, Bleuenn would attempt her ice scrying yet again with hopefully less voyeurism.

At first, she kept the scrying simple by viewing places and people that she held strong attachments to, such as her childhood home and her grandfather. Keeping her focus on her grandfather she attempted to expand on her spell and abilities by making a connection and attempting to speak to her grandfather or friends that she had made throughout her travels.

Minutes then hours passed as the sun began to hide from the world with the moon greeting the young girl who had now moved onto transferring simple and small items throughout the shards of ice that encircled her. While inanimate objects appeared to move through the connecting gates well enough she was not comfortable or confident in the safety of living objects passing through. However, despite the unknown and gruesome risks that came with teleportation magic. The ice witch found it odd that the further the gates were apart from each other the longer it took for the items to appear from the exit. It would make sense to consider it as something as simple as travel time similar to moving within the world, but that would mean that there was something in between the two connecting portals.

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Twins? Or Crazy? (Eligor Medinae & Abyzol Medinae) (To Be Announced)  Empty Re: Twins? Or Crazy? (Eligor Medinae & Abyzol Medinae) (To Be Announced)

Post by Guest Wed Mar 16, 2022 12:42 pm

Rivengate, a described being a wonderful place for everyone. Many people lived here and a lot of different races came here. As much as it was influenced by outworlders change, the city still held its own in this world. Grown into a wonderful place yet in some eyes it was just a bit too much flair. In this case, you had the Medinae twins who didn't like this place at all, however, they were here now to look for some ingredients for a ritual they have not performed for ages.

With the focus on finding and buying this ingredient one of the twins set out to find this item. An eternal frozen dandelion, an item that is as common as dandelions are never really survived anything as to how fragile they were. At any given time even when using ice magic could you blow away the seeds of the flower and mess it up. And yet another problem was, that as much as they love to make the ritual circle they needed to be inside of it while a third party activated the circle with mana transportation. And finding a willing person to do so was harder for the Demonata Twins, as their appearance and personalities never did match well with people around them. Knowing well enough what was needed the twin moved into the city looking for the right shops to figure something out with.

The Demonata Girl, pale grey of skin, snow-white long hair, and two bleu horn pointing out her head as well as a chain-like tail. A black dress with blue markings covering her arms as well as being a bit more revealing than normal. Some people stared at the Demonata Girl like she was something special while others ignored her completely as they went about her day. While she was walking she smiled a bit grinning at some man as they looked at her, her blue eyes twinkling a bit as she walked past. Yet there was one goal for this girl and that was to get to a bloody store and ask if they had the item they were looking for. Yet shop after shop told them that they did not own such an item and made themself scares once the girl moved out of their shop. "Uugh, really come on, Nobody sells them!" she said with a small teasing and fun voice, low to herself before letting out a sigh walking in a direction of random. Dont worry Aby we got so close, so we ain't giving up just yet. A voice ignorant yet calming and bossy spoke inside the Demonata girl's head. The girl growled a bit before speaking low to herself again, "For you easy to say, mister, I just flop my arms around and shoot magic out, you wouldn't be even smart enough to read a book,"  she said in a mocking way to the voice inside her head.

With the search going on Aby moved in annoyance threw the city, she never liked crowded places especially not cities like this. Looking a bit lost a man walked up to her with a smug smile and stopped her on her path, "Are we lost miss, can I help you,"  he said sounding a bit rough. But this took the cap from the bottle, as her chain-like tail moved up and almost like a scorpion she smashed the tiles before the man, "NO! now get out the way or your heart will be like these tiles!" she said angrily before moving past the now scared man. Aby could hear a small laugh inside her head and she snapped even more, "Shut it up in there Eli! Or ..."  She paused for a bit and growled again, "Yeah u know what! HERE TAKE OVER!" she said before dashing into a small alley. Before her own eyes, a black and blue mist went up before her and enveloped her completely. In a matter of seconds, it disappeared and before were once stoot Aby now stoot a man.

The Demonata Man, pale grey of skin, snow-white long hair, and two bleu horn pointing out her head, claw-like hands, and black tattoos on his hands and chest. Wearing a black jacket with a blue shirt. This man before them was Eli, the second Twin and the voice inside Aby's head. But now the roles have switched and Aby was the voice in the head and Eli was the one standing before people. He was still laughing but stopped the moment he saw that he was out and about, "Guess I'm rubbing off to you hey sis! haha, now it's time for me to ride!" he said with a grin before walking out of the alley.

With now Eli leading the body, it seemed that getting information went way smoother, with the social awkwardness away. Eli talked to people and got information from shop owners, some spoke about a mage who used ice magic while others spoke of an Ice Witch. While the stories seemed mixed they all did lead to one person. If we take the last seen, that the people told about Eli, we can track her down that way! The voice went inside Eli's head as he walked over toward the place his sister explained to him. "I'll follow your lead but I'll do the talking, if the magic fancy talk is needed I will happily give you control!"  Eli said low to himself so his sister could hear him.

Following the advice of his sister and using his own tracking skills and hers combined they moved fast, running as the moon began to rise up. Moving out of the city Aby grumbled a bit complaining about the magic in the air being weird but Eli laughed only to summon a small ball of light, "Alright little light, You seen who we seek, track down our prey for we seek to hunt," he said to it as it slowly moved ahead of them once he was done speaking. Creep Aby went and said to him in his head, "Thank u, dear sister," he said mockingly. Following the light ball, they came into a place, and not far from them a girl seemingly doing magic with what looked to be ice mirrors. The Light ball moved past the treeline while the Demonata boy leaned against a tree. The tracking light moved closer to the girl not stopping until it was right above her. Eligor smiled on the edge of the treeline and started clapping while revealing himself.

Word Count: 1077

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Twins? Or Crazy? (Eligor Medinae & Abyzol Medinae) (To Be Announced)  Empty Re: Twins? Or Crazy? (Eligor Medinae & Abyzol Medinae) (To Be Announced)

Post by Bleuenn Bosser Sat Jun 25, 2022 2:26 pm

Distance only revealed a time differential within her world, leaving only more questions as to the how and why of the notable time difference. Encasing one of the gateways in protective runes, Bleuenn removed the exit leaving only what appeared to be a nothingness reflecting from the former portal now eye of another dimension. However, the ice witch already knew that something existed through nothing; the only question was if it was played by a similar ruleset. A strained blink moistened her ruby reds as they glowed with arcane energy stringing sight ever further in an attempt to peer further into what lay beyond the veil with the tools availed to her. Yet her keen magical sight did nothing to disperse the inky darkness that remained firm leaving her with only flickers of what appeared to be arcane energy.

Realizing that simple observation would not be enough to stir the waters. Bleuenn sent a small amount of magic through the veil in hopes of attracting something. At first, the small pings of magical energy provided nothing, but foolishly the ice witch pressed on continuing to send more and more signals through the veil until her trail of breadcrumbs led something to her. It was only for a brief moment, but the mere moments shared between her and whatever it was that she saw and felt left the ice witch frozen.

Staring blankly at the splinters still safe behind the protective measures. Bleuenn tried to make sense of whatever she had just encountered. Words would not even begin to describe what magical horror just graced her vision. To even begin to piece together a comparative might be enough to give it leeway to enter into her world. Though what was even more infuriating than its ability to obfuscate itself from a description was its unparalleled magical talents that left the half witch paralyzed at her ineptitude. With this meeting, all of her studies and practice meant nothing as the being left her helpless only saved by common sense and forethought.

So lost in her mind she remained obvious to the magical light as it crested her head, giving the witch an almost angelic appearance as clapping soon followed to knock the young girl out of her fear induced stupor. With every clap, the ice witch’s head withdrew further into her shoulders slowly wearing her patience thin. Each time the intruder’s hands came together Bleuenn’s mind felt like her mind was under siege and the clapping was the battering ram. Unable to tolerate the noise any longer, Bleuenn waved her hand through the magic to dissipate the first annoyance. Though as her hand met the odd light its make up gave the ice witch pause. While the spell’s simplistic and vague commands seemed a bit too fallible to be put into practice. Fortunately for the caster, the spell had the perfect conditions from not only the area but its target’s unique appearance. Committing to her motion, after greatly considering a change in wardrobe Bleuenn’s ethereal rubies would fall on the creator of the now darkened light. With reservation and silence, the ice witch attempted to gain a better understanding of the distributor of her peace. For a brief moment, her mind played with the thought of the dual intruder, yet the addition of a magical body… bodies in the case of the being or beings that stood before her quickly and thankfully quashed the worst case scenario. Shifting herself to face the strange demon or demons directly. Not wanting to get caught up in semantics within her mind, Bleuenn parsed through what she knew and the reality that was in front of her. There were no clear indicators of possession or fabrication as the two “souls” were in balance with none seemingly holding control or outside influence acting as a conduit for the twin bodies. No runes or obvious signs of surgery that were commonplace for flesh golems, homunculi, or other magical puppetry seemed to be at work.

Leaving the demons’ inner eccentricities to focus on the more mundane, if such a thing could be used on the beings before her. Bleuenn's focus would fall on their appearance. The deep prussian velvety blues worked well with the muted grays and whites of their flesh and bone. The provocative nature of their garb placed them within the hedonistic capital of Sinhaven forcing the ice witch to hold back a sigh as she rarely had pleasant encounters with its denizens.

Since you have only attacked my serenity I infer that the two of you either have need of me or a proxy for another”. Slipping herself and shattering the former ice chair into the wind, Bleuenn smoothed out her clothing while waiting for a response.

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