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Dreaming With Your Eyes Wide Open

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Dreaming With Your Eyes Wide Open Empty Dreaming With Your Eyes Wide Open

Post by Kyr Artanis Sat Mar 12, 2022 2:14 am

Hey momma can you save me
How many nights will it take
Cause I stared down the hell fire
It's been keeping me awake
Maybe I was born a sinner
I might never be a saint
It's ice cold in the shadows
One foot in the grave

Brace my soul
Cause there's no good in the place I'm going

Oh, how easy would it be to just reach out right now. To wrap pale hands around that pretty little neck, slender fingers slowly gripping… pressuring that fragile little thing. It wouldn’t take long before the struggle would shift into silence once more, as innocence left her soul behind. All it would take was a little push, and her vengeance would be set in stone. As would her crime, if she gave in to the madness of the little voice inside her head.

Looming over the man’s sleeping body she stared, prowling like a predator, watching her prey remaining unaware and in total bliss despite the imminent danger. He was the one who’d stolen her from the demoness. He was as much the culprit as she was, yet at the same time he was just an innocent bystander caught in Ingrid’s web. The foolish man had made the same mistake as she had, falling for her charms, yet, unlike her, the man had not experienced the betrayal she had. Not yet. Maybe that was why she couldn’t stomach them being together? Why it made her stomach churn, that little vengeful flame that had sparked within her heart, and was now burning her whole?

Even now, with a knife in one hand and her free hand hovering above his throat, Kyrenai hesitated. She could’ve just struck and gotten it over with, disappeared like a shadow without a trace and left the man to be found by his servants in the morn, lifeless and covered in carmine. She didn’t care if that was the exact opposite of the image she was hoping to maintain, that it went against everything she promised herself not to be… but she had to. This carnal instinct drove her to inflict the same pain she was feeling to another, regardless of whether she knew better or not.

The crimson glow in her eyes flared as she put the knife to his throat, pressing down gently until a single drop tainted the pristine blade, breaking the reflection upon it and with it the focus Kyrenai had been keeping. She blinked, the color of her eyes fading back to their usual hues and she stepped back, fighting the urge to click her tongue or kick anything nearby in cheer frustration. ”Damnit all to hell!” she hissed underneath her breath, gripping the knife until her knuckles turned white. Within a heartbeat she had turned around and made for the window sill, casting another glance upon the sleeping body’s heavy breathing in the darkness.

And then, she was gone.

Gone before she could change her mind.

Kyr Artanis
Kyr Artanis

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