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Dario's Businesses & Silver Sails Syndicate (Masked Mafia)

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Dario's Businesses & Silver Sails Syndicate (Masked Mafia) Empty Dario's Businesses & Silver Sails Syndicate (Masked Mafia)

Post by Wade Madrox Tue Mar 08, 2022 11:22 am

Dario's Businesses

Although secretly affiliated with the mafia, these businesses below are legitimate establishments, where no cheating or illegal activity is held. This does not include holding meetings about illegal activities, however.

Please note, an employee that works in any of these establishments does not have to work with the mafia. There can be non-mafia employees that work there and do not know about the mafia affiliation.

If your character works in any of these establishments (these employee acknowledgments can be included in plot for your employed character to already know):

> All employees are paid salaries and are each given a certain amount of hours that need to be worked per week, which varies due to each character's employee contract agreement with Dario (up to your character how many hours they wish/capable of working) and their schedules of availability to work (in case they have family obligations/other jobs).

> All employees are paid weekly instead of biweekly.

> All employees receive benefits of free room accommodations as part of their employment package, at no cost to them. Dario simply needs to know that you'll be close by to avoid using "living too far away" as an excuse for being late and that all employees have the comfortable means of living to be efficient employees. They do not get free meals, but they do get discounts at the restaurant and smaller eating establishments of the hotel and casino.  
> If an employee would like time off, they will need to ask Mr. T/ Mr. Torrelli ahead of time in order to ensure proper coverage. Emergency time offs or "sick days" are frowned upon and will be investigated. Don't ask how, just know that Dario has enough resources to find out if you're lying.


The Lemon Cello
Seaside Restaurant
Silverbay Port Location

The name of this restaurant itself extends a familial welcome for any Italian Otherworlders to dine at this little trattoria, for it could easily be read as Limoncello, a common drink of Italy. For those who don't share Italian roots, the Lemon Cello is a restaurant where live classical and jazz music performances provide a cozy ambiance while people dine. Although the establishment appears to be very elegant and refined, the menu boasts about only using family recipes.  

The Grand Lux Hotel
Rivengate Location close to AURA headquarters

The Grand Lux Hotel was created with the intention of providing otherworlders a place to rejuvenate themselves from their travels and to restart their lives in Vyldermire. The beautiful maid service and room service provided by the hotel ensure customer satisfaction and the most pristine conditions on a daily basis. Special payment options can be made for AURA members and those that are low on funds have opportunities to seek employment.

The Belladonna
Casino & Resort
Avalon Island Location

The BellaDonna is a grand casino that provides dozens of electronic machines and table card games for anyone that wants to their luck.  It even provides a hotel resort for those late-night gamblers to have a place to stay for the night. The name is Italian for "beautiful woman," hence the beautiful statue of a woman in the lobby. The poisonous plant is not native to Vyldermire, but many would learn that is from the otherworlder tale of the Venetian ladies of the court, who dilated their pupils with belladonna eyedrops to enhance their beauty.

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Wade Madrox
Wade Madrox

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Dario's Businesses & Silver Sails Syndicate (Masked Mafia) Empty Silver Sails Syndicate

Post by Wade Madrox Wed Mar 09, 2022 2:47 am

Dario's Businesses & Silver Sails Syndicate (Masked Mafia) Test_1
Silver Sails Syndicate

The Silver Sails Syndicate established its headquarters in Silverbay 5 years ago by the leader Dario Torelli, or Don Torelli.  This Masked Mafia is mainly comprised of undercover pirates or masked mercenaries that are forced by the compelling magic of the mask they wear to complete any or all of the job requirements listed below (unless ordered otherwise by Don Torrelli):

[+] Kill a target ordered by Don Torrelli (OOC: You can choose if the mask can force your character to kill any NPC target against your character's will (consciously aware or unconsciously aware) while wearing the mask, or you can choose if the mask can cause your character to desire to kill target while wearing the mask)

[+] Drug an indicated target by injection to sell the target for sex to interested paying customers in Don Torrelli's underground sex trafficking of all races

[+] Smuggle poisons hidden among medicine shipping crates on board Don Torrelli's many ships around the ports of the mainland and down to The Free lands

Stipulations Your Character Must Agree To In Order To Join:

[*]The mask serves as a protection against revenge schemes and from being identified/caught by the guards - If you do not wear a mask while engaging in mafia activities, you will not be guaranteed safety of the consequences should you be caught/killed.  
[-] In accepting the terms of this agreement to join the mafia, you understand that no one in the mafia will rescue you if you get caught/injured on the job while not wearing a mask.

[*]The mask works as a clock-in/ clock-out time card -  If you do not wear the mask, you will not be paid.

[*]If you finish your mercenary work for the day and wish to spend additional working hours without a mask, you may still be paid if you work in any of the business locations owned by Don Torrelli (speak with Dario).

Mafia Employees List

Dario Torrelli - Mafia Don

Multiple Business Owner

Wade Madrox - Masked Mercenary


Andrea Savaglio -  Hitman*
(Special Case)
Bartender @ The Belladonna

Scott Youngblood - Masked Mercenary
Cook @ Lemon Cello Restaurant /
Dario's Personal Chef

Regular (Non-Mafia) Employees List

Jamie Sunderland

Maid @ The Grand Lux Hotel

If your character would like to join this mafia or become a regular employee after accepting the job requirements and stipulations, you may add your character's name and photo by posting the code below:

400x300 pixel Image Link of Character:
First Name Last Name - MafiaPositionHere (Smuggling Pirate/Masked Mercenary)
Additional Job Titles (if working outside of mafia in any of Dario's Businesses)

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Wade Madrox
Wade Madrox

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