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The Quiet before the storm (Luchta)

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The Quiet before the storm (Luchta) Empty The Quiet before the storm (Luchta)

Post by Sivaas Sun Mar 06, 2022 9:04 pm

Many years before One would see this forest and have not given a blink at it, She who roamed in seeking a home away from her family. Her own place to hunt, her own horde to guard. This forest was not too far away yet out of reach from her father. The Young Elder Dragon flew over the forest before landing to take a rest. Her landing was a bit harsh and as she landed on a small hill in a clearing she broke a big tree. The tree fell down and only the stump was left, a sigh came from the dragon and she sat down next to the broken tree. She was licking the wounds she has gotten from a previous battle, a fight that would have cost her life if she didn't run from it. She had to run, or she would have been killed by her own kin, her own blood. But by tradition the young dragon had to find her own place now... however she was at this state very exhausted. The Dragon looked up at the sky and stared for a time as the sunshine hit her in the face. Green and white scales covered the body of the dragon, wings as big as her body, and wounds on her body from a fight she did not win. The dragon sat there, thinking about the life ahead of her, thinking of a new way of hope for her to find. A new home, a new life of safety.

Hoptus forest, a forest filled with all kinds of creatures and people. The sun shines through the leaves in the less deep parts of the forest, a road where people can travel safely without being bothered by wolves or bandits. Here and there birds would sing and the wildlife could be seen jumping in the background of the forest. A small group of mercenaries kept this road safe from those who seek to gain money for unfair reasons, and others were adventures who sought danger by traveling deeper into the forest. Most people know this part of the forest to be calm and full of wildlife. Deers boars, wolves, Birds and even some more rares species of animals lived here. A normal person would see at least one of these animals twice during their travels on the road.

Yet at this moment, it was quiet and not just the quiet you would guess when people walk among the woods, no... it was deadly quiet. No birds told their song, no deer jumping around the trees, no boar digging for food, and not even a wolf hunting for prey. It was quiet, too quiet for anyone's linking in a forest. People would talk about these quiet hours and normally they spoke of foul magic or dangerous monsters like a forest wyvern lurking about. But normally things like these would happen deeper in the forest, where the sun did not shine, not this close to a road that was used by people to travel on. The wind blew in the treetops and nothing but the leaves moving and the tree's cracking from time to time could be heard. It was uneasy yet it was clear of day. A few people talked about it and small rumors started to happen that something was wrong, like a great evil monster was putting down magic and causing trouble for anyone who got too close.

Not far from the road at a small hill in a clearing, against a stump of a very old tree sat a girl, it seemed from a distance to be a young Draconyte staring up at the sky from this small hill in the clearing. The sunshine hit her face and she covered her eyes for a bit. Green scales on her arms and claw-like hand, Green horns produced from her head. Her Tail white scales with a green fin-like fur on top of it. On her back wings, broken, burned black, shriveled. Her clothing seemed burned and damaged, and on her arms, legs, and on her exposed back near her wings, scares almost cracks in her body from some dried up blood dripped down. And at her chest, a red glow, from the location of her heart sat at, almost as there was a fire inside her body. The Draconyte sat there against the old stump, thinking, thinking about the past, about the old times. Her feet touched the grass beneath her, and she just sat there staring up at the sky being the only person or animal around here.

word Count: 764
Total Word Count: 764

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The Quiet before the storm (Luchta) Empty Re: The Quiet before the storm (Luchta)

Post by Luchta Dagda Tue Mar 22, 2022 11:24 pm

The Quiet before the storm (Luchta) Hurdy_gurdy_by_Skvor_on_DeviantArt


“Hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmm hmmm…” A gentle hum rose into the air, an imperfect but upbeat companion to the tune which played from the instrument in his hands. A hurry curdy sat across his lip, one hand moving fingers elegantly between the notes as his other wound the handle underneath. “..Some say she lives in a tavern. But she was so sharp and quick with a bow, arrows strike like a dragon.” A single bright blue eyes looked out from under rich red hair as a soft smile smirked at his audience of one.

“Forever the hardest to please, my dear friend.” His hand stopped turning the handle of the instrument and a few moments after the sound faded, the fingers of his right now reaching up to brush the red hair from his face, revealing the bark covering his left side and the green orb which sat where his other eye should have been. But with both his gaze centred on the proud feline shape curled up in front off his feet, looking up at him with nothing but a lack of interest. “I think our lunch break has gone on quite long enough.”

With his back up against a tree as he sat, bright red cloak over his shoulders like a blanket, Luchta looked up as the sun shone over his sharp features. The summer season warming his skin tone in a way which appeared natural, far easier to pass for a simple traveller except for the dryad like construct of his other half. With a gentle sigh the half elf began to rise to his feet, placing the hardy curdy on the ground where he had sat and picked up the traveling satchel which had contained his and Sandman’s food, slicing it over his body before slinging the strap of his instrument over his back.

“You coming old man?” He asked under his breath, words he knew mattered less than the assistance which was offered next. His left hand returning to a state of intertwining branches as the stretched down towards the cat, plucking them securely from the ground and resting the tired creature over his shoulder. “There we are.” Without further delay he began to walk ahead, his steps barely causing a sound as he instead savoured the natural tunes of the wildlife which echoed throughout Hoptus.

But such songs did not last forever, neither did the trail he had been following for the most part. In time he reached  an area he had walked numerous times before, but no birds sung, no deers could be seen, not even the footsteps of men had passed through for some time. There was no dark magic on the air but it didn’t need to be for the half-blood to know something was not right. Just to be safe, a thin but deceptively sturdy tendril of branches began to protrude from the side of Luchta’s neck, wrapping gently around mr Sandman before placing them gently on the ground behind a nearby bush, where the foliage hid their shape from unsavoury eyes. “I won’t be long.”

It was not a long walk ahead before he came across someone he did not expect, a girl sat alone by a single tree. Her clothes were burned, torn, the signs of blood both fresh and old traced lines down her pale flesh, and from her back could be seen the remains of wings too marked by battle to carry her by themselves he would have reckoned. He knew her likely species, he knew her location, but he knew not her name or what had come to cause such a scene. But whatever the case, and whether he was in danger, neither question did he ask before making his way towards her. The wooden half of his face shifting into hiding so that his body appeared to be no stranger than a simple elven man.

Not wishing to startle her, or cause an unintentional attack should she hold more power than her condition implied, Luchta stopped with a few metres still between them, lowering himself to one knee as he hoped to get a better look at the girl. “Would it disturb your peace if i was to ask if i can help you?”

Word Count; 711
Total Word Count; 1475
made bycapt. meows
Luchta Dagda
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The Quiet before the storm (Luchta) Empty Re: The Quiet before the storm (Luchta)

Post by Sivaas Fri Mar 25, 2022 10:22 am

Sitting among the trees in the clearing she sat staring into the sky, Sun upon her body as if we were right in the middle of a spotlight. Yet as calmly as she sat there her inner thoughts moved fast and panicky. But not only did she sit there thinking, but she also hid her pain, the pain that her body had from the start she woke up from a deep slumber a month ago. Her heartbeat was faster than it should and with every beat, the pain got harder and harder, while the orange flame on her chest glow brighter at any second. She as of sorts was licking her wounds and didn't seek to be healed as it never came to her mind to find one, as she never did so before. She was angry not towards her last opponent, no he gave her a fun and enjoyable battle, even if she may have taken it too far. No, she was angry with herself her body, and the wizard who trapped her for so long stealing her powers. She was out for revenge, out for the wizard's life, yet in the current state she could not even hold up a fight long enough to defeat anyone. She got lucky last time that the guy gave up the last fight, but if anything like that happened again she would surely have died.

She lowered her head to her knees and looked at the ground clearly having struggles with something on her mind. She wanted to scream, yell it all out, to just rip out her emotions and throw them away. This body came with so many complications, the walking was horrible and her sense of balance was completely off. Her smell was brought down by a lot and her nose was having trouble smelling prey at all. Her wings only got worse being burned during the last battle and were currently unable to move on their own. As well as her pride full scales she once had before, now replaced by mostly thin flesh skin unable to protect her at all. She hated it, yet on the other side, it also gave her the chance to feel what all those humans once spoke off. Fancy parties, dress-up, and all those other things she heard those people speak about before. But she has avoided the towns and cities on purpose as it stands right now, not wanting to be seen or be taken in by people. Yet not only that Sivaas has not had a proper meal yet and her energy was beginning to get very low.

In her mind Sivaas thought that she was alone in this area of the forest, at least her aura scared away every animal in the area. Yet when a voice spoke up Sivaas looked up and straightened up right away. It was a bit of a surprise, yet again caught off guard by someone, to be swept so low her own sense did not detect him either. But unlike the first time, she did not jump up as her current pain was too great to even react fast. However, she spoke just as before, as she looked him straight in the eyes once filled with fury, fear, and hate. "Who approaches the great..." She paused, trying to stand up and leaning on her arms before giving up from the pain and sitting back down letting out a sigh, "Who dares approach the Great Elder Dragon Nahkrah Sivaas!" she said repeated again as her voice sounded silver and careful yet the pain in her voice was clearly there. She paused again trying to take in the man before her. a cloak covered his face, an Elven man appeared before her, finally, a race she knew about yet knowing how Elven would normally react to an Elder Dragon in her past she was not so super confident. She could not afford to fight now, as it would only worsen her injuries. "Speak carefully Elf! Why would you think I seek help." It was clear that she wanted to say more, but she stopped herself as she grasped her chest from pain only for the grass beneath her bare feet to smoke a bit like something caught fire there.

She tried to collect herself wanting not to be seen as weak before this man, and so she went with a plan of her own. She leaned against the tree trunk she was next to and her tail firmly planted on the ground to keep her balance. Where once her bare feet were sat now a clear mark of burned grass. She stood up clearly in pain and ignored it, "I... Shall...Leave" before she could say anything else she fell to her knee and dropped down, grinding her teeth in anger she stared at him as a wounded animal cornered.

Word count: 812
total Word count: 2288

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