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Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch

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Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch Empty Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch

Post by Katsumi Sun Mar 06, 2022 8:06 pm

Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch 02geaef
Katsumi's Appearance:
Rain splatted on the window calmly people with umbrellas walked in and out, people were talking and it was quite busy inside the Mint Light Cafe. A nice little coffee shop in Engloria just on the side of the shopping streets of the city. It may have not been a big cafe but many people came here to take their drinks and some sweets. Mint Light Cafe was a two-story high building with lovely calming decor, and all the baristas and servers wear a uniform matching with each other quite well. once you entered the building you could smell the coffee and sweet cakes from the kitchen and it seems always to be the same amount of people going in. With the weather being in this current state of raining more people came and it was quite busy in the cafe. "TWO LATTE MACCHIATO'S WITH CHEESECAKE," came out from the kitchen and a plate got placed on the counter. A girl with pink hair in uniform from the Mint Light Cafe walked over and took the plate with the coffee and the cakes. holding the plate carefully she made her way over to the table where to order was placed and she smiled with a very caring smile towards the people at the table, "There's your order, Mister, I hope you enjoy it, have a wonderful day." She said sounding caring and joyful as well as bringing them a big smile.

The girl walked back to the counter before the chef peeked her head out to the girl, "Katsumi dear, you have been here since morning, go take a break sweetheart, Upstairs should be some space still," The Chef said to the girl with a smile. The girl nodded and walked upstairs leaving her plate at the counter. It was true upstares it was quite empty and Katsumi smiled. The Mint Light Cafe uniform suited her the black and white with the checkers green and brown and with the red details suited well. Katsumi walked over to an empty table with a bag and sat down at it before taking off the headwrap and revealing two pink Lapin ears pointing up. She opened her bag but as soon as she looked into it her smile disappeared and she slumped down on the table in disappointment. "Dumb idiot, you were in a hurry this morning and forgot your lunch. Good job Katsumi reeeeeaaaal a good job," She mumbled to herself before slumping down even more face down on the table and her hands under her head to support it. laying like that Katsumi slowly fell asleep as she has not been getting enough sleep with how she has been running her life right now. She lost track of time and she was not paying attention. Her name got called from downstairs a few times before the chef walked up in a worry only to see Katsumi asleep at the table. The Chef let out a sigh and walked over to her placing a small blanket over her to keep her warm, "You need to take care of yourself Katsumi, Silly girl," the Chef said before going downstairs again.

Time passed by and Katsumi was still asleep, it got busier and the upstairs began to fill up. Every time someone went upstairs you could hear the chef say, "Don't wake up the lapin, and DONT touch her ears!" People took this as a sign of warning and did as was asked of them leaving the Pink-haired Lapin asleep at the table. With time passing both the downstairs and upstairs tables were all in use. People really wanted to stay out of the rain at this moment and the Mint Light Cafe seemed to be a good place to stay for a bit. With no tables available at the time and the only one place that was not seated yet was a stool across from the sleeping Lapin girl in the Mint Light Cafe uniform who was left alone.

Word Count: 666
Total Word Count: 666

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Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch Empty Re: Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch

Post by Karimah Tue Mar 08, 2022 5:35 pm


She looked about the beige walls of the tastefully lit coffee shop, seeking shelter from the rain and a cozy drink to enjoy the warmth; but the dreary weather brought more and more people in, all sharing the singular hive-mindedness to escape the heavy mizzle. Sharing in their inconveniences, the cloaked witch sifted past the bodies of women and men wanting to make their orders on the dot, and patiently sat on the only available stool adjacent to the sleeping beauty.

The musical tune soothed her ears in the monstrous wave of chatter, in the swarm of nonsense striking the air. The smell was tantalizing enough for her to seem momentarily impatient for the chance to order her whip-creamed top delight; but, alas, she had to make the line for it and she relapsed back into a quiet state of calm with that logic.

Things non sequitur would spill from the lips of customers waiting, and she loosely listened to how their day went, how aunt Flora was going to one day open her own restaurant, how Delilah’s daughter was going to ‘marry’ a human instead of a proper gaiyan— Noor was mildly distracted now— but tuned out the noise almost instantly upon finding a small cylinder bit of parchment hiding in the mysterious pocket of her cloak.

She pulled it out like a smooth magician and allowed her eyes to move over the glossy surface of the counter. She was wary of smaller spills soiling her unwritten letter. So, she went the extra mile, gingerly tucked the scroll under her arm, and opened up the sacrificial napkin before pressing it down on the counter to absorb the hidden residue.

All clean.

Folding the napkin, she pushed it to the side and trusted nothing would happen to the parchment as she laid it down. She whipped out yet another item from her pocket. A very useful feather with magical properties. It would produce ink for the hour after use so she knew she had to be quick. The words flowed naturally on the parchment:

‘You tried a thousand times to reach me. You then thought to yourself, “let us try a thousand and one.”

I’m afraid we’ll be one of the ones who miss each other their whole life.

Did you know? There is only one day in the year that nothing can be done.


There is also a day in the year where everything can be done.


Example: you could forgive me in person. I've risen from the dead to write to you, after all.

Write to me once you’ve settled on a tomorrow of your liking. You have many of them to choose from.

I’d like to see you.’

Before she could end it properly, a young barista had been looking over her shoulder, her long ponytail swaying prettily behind her as she laughed herself silly over a light joke. The bubbly mood of the girl turned to helplessness as her grip loosened and out came the boiling hot liquid. The latte, freshly made, poured over the counter seconds before it could nearly destroy her unsent letter.

Noor was so quick to snag it that it remained unharmed in her arms, but what she failed to notice in time was the fragrant stream cascading over the edge and drenching her exposed thighs. Her eyes of furious amber grew in size, unwitting tears fleeing them in small drops, as sucked in an agonizing breath.

It wasn’t that her pain tolerance was so high that she didn’t consider screaming into the void, she just didn’t want to draw more attention to herself than what was already garnered. She wasn’t invincible to the dreadful sensation, of course, and couldn’t keep the deadly combination of incredibly pained and annoyed off her face as the barista tried to help the hooded woman with a mantra of apologies on her lips.

Noor could see the subtle welts starting form along her skin. She could also see the impending doom that would soon befall the sweet girl.

Getting over her own discomfort, she might have been too late to inform the young woman of the slippery floor; but the closeted eldritch swiftly turned on her heel like a dancer and wrapped a slender arm around the falling Gaiyan to prevent her from making a direct collision with the table— where the pink-haired lapin slept.

She swung her into the arms of her fellow barista, unable to save herself as she crashed stupidly into the occupied table. Still clutching the letter to her chest, not realizing it was crumpling under the pressure, the witch saw more stars than the darkest night.

A bruise to compliment the right side of her torso— delightful.

She slumped to the floor like a rag doll and contemplated her entire existence there.

She was angry.

“I foresee,” she told the restful lapin with a heavy accent lacing her words like velvet, so soft, “an incident report.”

She pulled the hood back with a fire in her veins. Her eyes darkened through her frizzy bangs as she looked upon the ghastly letter. Then she touched her tender ribs with a sigh and did her best not to be ‘that customer’.

NOTES ;All this in short. Noor sat down, got burned by the nice barista holding the latte. Slippery floors, yay, said barista also slips and Noor saves her— lo and behold she crashes into your table.


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Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch Empty Re: Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch

Post by Katsumi Thu Mar 10, 2022 9:17 am

Calmly laying, away from the work and busy talk from others. Yet not all would be fine and The Lapin moved a bit as she was sleeping, images flashing in her head, fire and blood rolling down her vision while in her sleep. It felt so real, it felt more than real. The Fire burned her hands and she ran, screams could be heard and she kept running, away from the screams away from the fire. Blood dripped down her head and panic started to show. Yet this was a dream, a nightmare The Lapin got stuck in.

While outside of her head people sat drinking and talking while waiting out the weather as long as they could. It was nearly impossible to find a seating place now and nobody wanted to wake up the Lapin at the table to ask her if they could sit with her. Either out of respect or because the Boss Lady said so, both seemed very possible at this point. However in the turn of events, one of the baristas was bringing around some drinks to people before she created a scene there right next to the table The Lapin was sleeping at. Spilling a hot drink of one of the paying customers as well as then falling over, slipping over before being caught by the same girl who she spilled the drink on. Yet this was the cause of a domino effect and by pure luck of the world bummed into the table the Lapin was sleeping.

With a quick stir against her table and it being pushed to the side quite a bit it caused the Lapin to wake up quickly and before knowing it out of her own instincts she grabbed something with quick speed and without batting an eye at all, she had a knife pointed towards the customer that was on the ground. Her eyes focused on the woman before her and her expression was cold and angry while sweating a bit on her brow. With the knife pointed right at the throat of the customer the Girl blinked a bit before looking around. She had made herself a scene and in a small panic, she dropped the knife to the ground and made a very deep bow to the woman, "Sorry!" before wanting to try and help the woman up as she spoke with a calming voice towards her.

Turning toward the other barista she smiled caring and spoke "Go to Boss lady, I got this," before slowly pushing her toward the stairs to go downstairs only to get the reaction of "you are on your Break kat!" as then Katsumi replied with "and!" looking with a fake smile and a worried face before turning back to the area around her, "Nothing to see people, just a small accident, go back to your drinks and food and enjoy them," she spoke with a very caring voice before going back to the table. And quickly cleaning up the floor with a blanket she has been given before.

Taking the chair and the table placed them back to where they stood before and looked around and then back at the woman. "You may keep me company Miss, No need for me to hog up both chairs," Katsumi spoke with a smile and pointed to the free chair to the woman before her. Katsumi sat down herself and smiled a bit awkward towards the woman before speaking again, "Sorry about the knife thing, I um ... you startled me a bit and ... um yes." clearly not having the greatest excuse for pulling a knife out on a customer.

She smiled a bit fully aware that she made the scene a bit more talked about than just the small falling accident, but she had to just ignore it a bit and make a light-hearted conversation with the woman, "Katsumi, My name is Katsumi, I guess while I'm on break we can talk if you want," she said before an unexpected growling came from the direction of Katsumi's stomach. She looked down in a bit of shame and smiled, "Sorry, I haven't had my lunch yet, and with this rain, I can suspect my little sister will not bring it," Katsumi said a bit quiet before giving a caring and loving smile back.

Word Count: 720

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Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch Empty Re: Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch

Post by Karimah Wed Mar 23, 2022 9:28 pm


Then she saw the cool sheen of the knife; and, after coming to the slow conclusion that she might’ve been in danger, only moved her eyes in a hesitating manner to see who was responsible for this absurdity.

She held her breath, lips slightly parted, with no helpful words to say. This wasn’t a first for her, having gone through many experiences of the like during the Holy War, but the knife was too close to properly deflect without triggering the most unwanted outcome she could think of.

Finally the stranger came to her senses, a decision that favored both, and hastily dropped her weapon.

Noor was the bewildered victim towards whom almost every helpless eye was turned, and the Lapin was the smooth-tongued woman by whom she reluctantly seated herself; and the kind way she spoke of which she took careful care to maintain, though it was only on Noor being so deeply stewed in her shock that rendered her momentarily submissive enough to tolerate the staggering madness of such complacent behavior, no matter how slight.

Noor’s unpleasant experience, something she sourly noticed,  seemed to sink into insignificance; to the sheep in the crowd the young barista was charming, pretty enough to sway their good judgement of the precarious nature of her previous doing and so she appeared to beguile them into a state of numb, comfortable acceptance by brushing everything they had fearfully witnessed under the rug — all with positive reassurance and big beautiful eyes.

The Lapin found almost immediate success in calming such a mindless audience down, but the threatened little witch was learning to become yet another chess piece on the opposing team emotionally, and this one in particular had a most unwilling mouth on her.

She hardly loosened her grip on the letter, and with unsteady breath conjured a stern glance that could burn through flesh and stone if she so had the power. Unfortunately, her magic was of the soothing kind and, as was its purpose, it very much ensnared those within her focus into a restful slumber from which most rather enjoyed and needed.

She rolled her eyes up to the server that told this ‘Kat’ how it was still her break. The pink-haired woman seemed to understand more than anyone the direness of the situation.

She was strangely appalled how no one seemed to speak up against the vile display, and roughly blew the hair from her eyes to convey the intense disdain that could already be seen in the manner that she smoothed out the letter in her hands, almost obsessively. Any harder and she could have certainly ripped it apart.

Having daggers of gold for eyes, she stared the taller woman down and rolled up her precious parchment—not very smoothly. She fumbled to find the inner pocket of her cloak until she felt the opening and pushed it right in. She snapped her head up to meet the apologetic face and the contrite ‘sorry’ that left her plush lips. Noor seemed to consider it, just a smidge, until she mentioned — so sweetly — that she had startled her, and that further rubbed the petulant eldritch the wrong way.

Back to square one and sinking deeper into her seat, lanky arms crossed and overall posture sagging, Noor was becoming very distant and rather hard to reach.

Before too long she flinched a little as the soreness of her thighs and ribs reminded her of their woes.

Katsumi was warmly persistent as she apologized a second time, only, this time it was to excuse the sound her stomach was making, and Noor used this light-hearted moment to recollect herself and remain calm.  

She brought an index finger to her swarthy chin to give it a few thoughtful taps; gazed pensively at the hungry barista, back to the flock of curious workers adjusting to the gossip in their wagging tongues.

Parting the sea of shamelessly nosy girls and boys was an older, primly-dressed woman with silvery hair and hands that trembled as she carried two plates filled to the brim with sandwiches and sweets.

Bountiful offerings were instantly brought to their table by the head herself, and because Noor hailed from a tribe of generous and thoughtful gift-givers, this was an excellent form of de-escalation.

The scrawny one, attracted by the sight of a meal bigger than her stomach, was still listening to the honey-hearted go on about the rain and her younger sibling; and, when she recalled to mind the noise her tummy made, the inviting hand that indicated to the assortment of sandwiches belonged to the once very agitated Noor. This was an earnest invitation to eat with her, though her heart was not free from the level of distrust, she kept her eyes locked onto her every move, any and all sharp-ended utensils were quickly spotted and kept a distance away from herself.

She would not eat until she was sure the Lapin had taken her first bite. While this was a tradition reserved for the tribe’s elders, Noor did not want to come off as a cold soul, even if much of her earlier rudeness was justified.

However, there were things that had to be addressed in order to come to a plausible compromise, no matter the ugliness of her demands.

“Without a doubt, each visitor here today will spread the story after they depart. I should ensure the tale is as complementary to my case as possible.” Said Noor. Of tone her voice was a sweet caress to the ears, but of meaning — it was the sharpest graze of a nail.  

Eyes squinting, lit with an inner glow of mischief without losing the effectiveness of her wording: “I do have an idea that could benefit everyone and keep this from escalating beyond a legal threat.”

“Listen closely!” she half-whispered, making sure all eyes were on her, before staking her claim on the prize. “I, Noor, humbly request a lifetime supply of food and drinks.”

Oh, she couldn’t forget the last and most important detail: “It must be free.”

She gave them a rather mystical nod for such a simple desire. She thought it was rather reasonable. Why wouldn’t it be? A life was worth more than an endless stream of brand edibles.

She charmingly crinkled her nose with an innocent smile, her mood shifting like night to day.

The supervisor felt it was beyond her to make it happen, but she didn’t dare deny the possibility of it coming to be. This was a matter to elevate and, hopefully, honor. She scurried away to leave the two women alone, still trembling.

She acknowledged Katsumi with the same smile from before.

“Red flags and butterflies all feel the same, when all you know is fight or flight.” Noor said, taking a small bite out of her sandwich.

NOTES ;So rambly!


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Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch Empty Re: Coffee sweets and a Fergotten Lunch

Post by Katsumi Tue Mar 29, 2022 8:53 am

Kat was handling the site cleaning up the aftermath of this incident that occurred at the table she had once been sleeping at. Yet she was kind of happy she was not sleeping anymore as it got her to wake up from a nightmare haunted by a past she wish to forget yet hold close to protect the reason for being alive. But in the end, she still was having quite a bit of trouble getting this out the way. Because of her, the boss lady was now in a bit of trouble and she had a plan to do something well it would hurt her income a bit but she had to do something.

"Boss Lady! If you could hold a bit please, you can be so kind to pay for her meals from my salary." Kat said to her boss as she was about to leave only turning to stare at Kat with an expression of heavy disagreement, "Kat I won't, In your situation and your Little s.." But the boss lady was cut off from speaking more as Kat stared intensely and very cold "I'll be fine! We will be fine," Kat said quickly making sure the Boss Lady didn't speak more.

As soon as the boss Lady was gone Kat turned her eyes back to the woman before her, her name seemed to be Noor. But was stood out most was her way of speech and the way she held herself a bit. Either this Noor was someone who thought of themself as high and mighty or she was some sort of noble blood. With a smile, The Lapin accepted the invite to eat with Noor and she finally sat down again being a bit nervous herself.

Grabbing some food she was the one to take the first bite and with a sigh of relief, she knew she could at least get some food in her stomach for the time being. It did pick her up that what Noor before her sat and then only it clicked to her. "I am sorry yet again, for I have not introduced myself to you properly. My name is Katsumi but people call me Kat." Taking another bite from the food she smiled gracefully. "Noor I presume is your name then, I am grateful for your invitation to dine with me, and I am grateful for what might have been an accident to wake me up from terrible dreams," She said clearly putting her point on the fact that she was awoken from a nightmare.

What got picked up by Kat was clearly the next thing Noor said, Fight and Flight... Kat should know all about this with her past hunting her and her future cut off from the light. Her own reasoning is unknown to her dining partner. With a caring smile, Kat gave to Noor in the hopes to lighten the mood up a bit and using her own charm a bit to hopefully lay out a plan to kind of find out how to make sure she would not cause more trouble with this Lady.

It was that the Lapin kind of was already in trouble with so many other people, yet nobody knew she was the cause of these troubles. Her outside work from being a barista took her places she would normally never see.

And now just thinking about it here at the table with a lady. Being awoken from a nightmare of her haunted past, It just felt very uncomfortable. But Kat felt so sorry that she didn't wanna leave Noor with just a sorry. "I apologize again, for my behavior. I'm sad to say something like this happened before, but the situation was a bit different. Simple explanation. Creepy dude tried to touch me while I was sleeping and well, he fell a bit harder than you." Kat said with a very calm yet charming way to just avoid any further explanation on her side

Kat got quiet again, always being used to explain her reasoning to everyone because nobody really trusted a low-born Anthro. "If you need anything or wanna ask something, You may," She said with a smile clearly hesitating but hoping to store up a conversation.

Word count: 707

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