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Post by Emi Kazama Wed Mar 02, 2022 9:22 am


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but I just can't smile without you

After parking her bike by a tree just before a clearing, Emi figured it was right about time for some food after riding far from Engloria. She was here on a treasure hunt, after all. It was important not to go to these dangerous quests on an empty stomach. At least, it was important enough for Emi, anyways.

Today also thankfully happened to be sandwich day - Make that Wesley's sandwich that she happened to steal from the staff room of the bakery. Of course, making a sandwich seemed easy enough to make on her own, but why bother buying materials when you can just steal the good stuff? Especially Wesley's sandwiches. She had no idea Italian sandwiches had so many different types of meat until she tried his for the first time not too long ago.

"Mm? Mhoa!" Upon pulling a sandwich out of her the pocket dimension of her sock, she instantly took a chomp of her sandwich when a small creature appeared before her. The twin-tailed creature bore a particularly grumpy countenance, which was enough to startle the thief slightly. Yet, as soon as the grumpy creature began grumbling at her in its way of speaking, Emi couldn't help but beam in adoration. "Ahahah! I dunno what you're saying, but you sure grumble a lot!" Emi winked at the biyaya playfully before cocking a brow as it grumbled all the more.

"Well, are you gonna attack any time soon or can I finish eating this sandwich first? I wanna know if I should shove this sandwich in my mouth or not!" She smirked as she waved the sandwich in the air. More than treasure or fighting beasts, Emi always prioritized food above all else. It was the streetrat's only survival instinct. Her dark green orbs caught how the grumpy creature suddenly appeared to widen his half-lidded eyes and followed the direction of the sandwich she waved, then his grumpy deadpan expression returned as it began grumbling at her again as soon as she stopped.

"Oh...Are ya hungry?" The minty haired thief  guessed with an intrigued raise of an eyebrow. She gazed down at the sandwich in her hand and glimpsed at the grumpy-looking creature once more. "Hmph.. I guess I get like that too when I'm hungry.." She mused with a sheepish smile, thinking about the reason why she placed such importance on food more than anything else; she would rather be penniless and alone than skip a meal.

A reluctant sigh escaped the thief's lips. "... want some.. what was this again? Prosciutto?" Tearing a piece of the indicated meat in the sandwich, she offered the creature a piece of meat by tossing it over. Emi shrugged in her own tough way of making an excuse to something she normally didn't do. "I don't really share my food, but.. I dunno, I guess you remind me a lot of someone..!" A smile spread across her lips at her own secret thoughts, then watched curiously as the creature took only a small few bites before leaving it on the ground, uneaten. Maybe it just didn't like that kind of meat.  

"Have some um..salami. It's really good!" Emi offered next with a jovial smile, tossing a piece of the meat she tore from her stolen Italian sandwich. She watched as the biyaya surveyed a small sample of the salami meat, finally recalling what the creature was called after learning about it at school.  She didn't know much about it apart from its name though.

"No?" The thief blinked in surprise when the grumpy-looking biyaya savored and also left the remainder of the salami on the ground, also not fully eaten. For some reason, this unspoken challenge to satisfy this grumpy biyaya was actually making her curious enough to give another type of meat to it. "Then you should try the pepperoni! It's a little spicy though!" Emi tossed the spicy red meat at the biyaya, peering curiously if he'd like this meat.

Emi watched as the biyaya ate a little bit of the pepperoni meat, seemingly savoring the taste with its own judgemental grumpy stare, then ate a little more of it in comparison to the others. Unfortunately, again, it still refused to eat the entire piece of meat, leaving the remainder of the meat on the ground, uneaten.

"Hmph. You sure are pic-" Just before the thief was about to give up on the picky grump, the biyaya took all three remaining pieces of meat and then walked a distance away to a hidden family of biyayas. The grumpy-looking biyaya gave the remaining pieces of meat to a family, ensuring that they shared the food amongst their young.

For a few solid seconds, Emi remained there with her lips parted in speechlessness. Here the thief was saying that she never shared, and this biyaya showed her that even a few scraps of meat can be shared with a whole family. It brought her a sense of warmth in her smile upon watching that grumpy biyaya that sure showed her. "Huh... ya know? You're a lot like Grandpa. Well, Pomme's grandpa.. but, he took care of me like one, anyway. He always made sure everyone was taken care of.. even me.." Emi reflected on the one that took care of even an orphan like her in the circus with a reminiscent smile. The ends of that smile tilted downwards, however, just thinking about how grumpy Pomme's grandpa would be if he should ever find her in this state - a treasure-hunting thief. Nothing successful at all like he probably would've expected; nothing like the successful girl she swore she'd be when she left the circus anyway. "You'll see, Grandpa! One of these days, I'm getting my own business card!" Emi declared with a clenched fist, bearing a determined grin.

The grumpy-looking biyaya peered over at her loud reaction, watching carefully as Emi stepped a few feet closely towards him.

"Here. I lost my appetite anyways.." Emi sighed and gave half her Italian sandwich to him before biting her half of the piece gruffly. The thief wasn't completely pleased about giving up her half of the sandwich to the grumpy biyaya that took care of its pack, but it sounded like a good idea at the time. Maybe it was just that the streetrat couldn't stand watching anyone else go hungry; although she mostly tended to help children of the streets in that regard, she supposed, in this case, it also pertained to animals. "See ya later, Grandpa!" Emi waved with a cheerful smile before turning away to continue on her treasure hunting quest.

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