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A Dangerous Game {Closed/Tag: Kiigan}

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A Dangerous Game  {Closed/Tag: Kiigan} - Page 2 Empty Re: A Dangerous Game {Closed/Tag: Kiigan}

Post by Kiigan Fri Sep 02, 2022 12:42 am

Never had his butt been grabbed and praised like this, so Kiigan couldn't help but feel flattered. If he hadn't still been feeling rather rough and gloomy, maybe he would have glowed or even almost smiled, but instead, his scowl remained, albeit softened. Was it a little odd? Sure, but Emi was odd and that was one of the things he liked about her. It's why he complied so easily to something so silly.

And his reward was a kiss and-- his lips parted in a small, silent gasp as her hand went on a little field trip around the bend to his weapon. Someone else holding his baton always made him feel strangely vulnerable. Of course, as it extended in her hand, he wondered what she'd do with such thing. She seemed to appreciate what she held... and it was always nice when someone was as impressed by the baton you were so proud of, even if handing it off held risk of injury to your body and ego. Guess it depends on the type of beating.

Before she let Kiigan burn too hot, Emi pumped the brakes and twisted to dig under his pillow. Mind clouded and one-track as it was, for a second he feared she'd changed her mind. That was fine, he wouldn't pressure her... especially since this was her offer to start with. But instead, she popped around with a condom. He blinked as it took a second to sink in, but then he nodded in agreement. Kiigan had nothing against using protection. Hot-blooded, yes, but inconsiderate? Not in these situations.

Leaning back to again kneel over her, he took the offered item and repositioned himself back where he needed to be. With his head tilted almost mischievously, the bluette revealed his baton with a little smirk, then wrapped it up while in full view.

That was the last time she was likely to see him so still. When he descended again, he intended to find out just how good they could make each other feel. He'd be attentive and adaptive, but by no means gentle. He wanted to taste all of her sweet spots, find what made her tick and what would scrunch her face and make her scream. And in return, he'd get shots of sweet, sweet serotonin.


Who would've known that Kiigan was a cuddler? Though not a poor exhibition of his skills by any means, it also wasn't the best example. It was probably clear to Emi that he wasn't on top of his game, considering he was still in withdrawal. He seemed to struggle at times, not with his baton or his skill with it, but just overheating, sometimes his breathing became a bit labored, and he showed some weakness in his limbs. The latter finally got the better of him at the end when he collapsed at her side once they'd both been satisfied a couple of times, clearly exhausted. But he didn't roll away to sleep. Instead, he scooched down a little, tiredly wrapping his still-trembling arms around her and pulling her marked body close to rest his head under her chin. Yes, he was snuggling a bit into her natural pillows, but instead of it being a cheeky action, it appeared to be one of comfort. It was a very trusting position to be in, but he spoke nothing of it.

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