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The Ravenores Empty The Ravenores

Post by Lyra Tue Feb 22, 2022 5:37 am




   Alias/Nicknames: N/A
   Race: Hybrid
   Sub-species: Elf/Human
   Gender / Sexuality: Female / Bisexual
   Age: 25
   Alignment: Adventurers Guild
   Faction: N/A



   Personality: Lyra is a strong, independent woman. She's the type to do the opposite of what you tell her just because she was told to do it, even if she knows the opposite option is a bad idea. Stubbornly committing to something she only half thought out is typical, which led her to get in trouble a bit as a child. She never forgets a slight against her and is quite vindictive and spiteful when it comes to seeking revenge, so many an elf were on the receiving end of her ire over comments of being a 'halfling' and the like. She has very little shame and pulls everything off with a very healthy ego and a healthy hatred of both humans and elves. Grudges aren't easily forgotten and her mind isn't easily changed. She feels no remorse for getting what she wants or needs, even if it may make her look bad. In a way, it's a bit of the "well, they already think low of me because I'm a hybrid, might as well prove them right and make it everyone's problem." Her relationship with her father is strained since the death of her mother, since she blames him for her death. If he did so well in the war, why couldn't he save her?

   History: Born to Danni'el and Marietta Ravenore in Ilyanor, her early life was easy enough. It wasn't perfect, though, since she felt torn between two worlds, yet neither fully accepted her. Since her elven father was the head of one of the more prestigious elf clans and had scandalously married a human woman, most of their people tolerated her with indifference and those that did have a problem would eventually be on the losing end of her fists or some kind of revenge. It wasn't as bad as it could be, but she definitely noticed that she and her mother were treated differently, but the gentleness and love from her father more than made up for it. At 7 years old, her twin siblings, a boy and a girl, were born, and she became the fiercest protective older sister. This only intensified when her mother was murdered in their own home when she was 10, leaving her to help her grieving father raise the toddlers. Lyra loves her father, but she blames him for not saving her mother, and for letting so much of the responsibility of helping raise the twins fall on her. She had to grow up too fast and too soon while also grieving herself, and even though the twins likely see her as a mother figure, Lyra left home at 19 once they were 12 years old and able to handle themselves. It was time to make her own life and live for herself, even if people called her selfish for it. It was only fair. Since leaving, Lyra works any odd job she can. Growing up wealthy makes it hard to feel satisfied with the new hardships of poverty.




*intimidating others



*cutesy crap

*the dark

   Goal/Aspiration: Though she'd never admit it, she just wants to be accepted somewhere without being half Gaiyan and half Human being the primary focus of her persona. Yes, she's heard how elves are suspiciously close to humans and how much added risk there was to falling. Yes, she knows her father falling in love with a human only perpetuates the point. Yes she's aware that she got the worst traits of the two races and seems to be one foot into sin, what's she supposed to do about it? She is who she is and that's all she can be. If only it was enough.

   Key Fear/Adversary: In a way, Lyra fears her father moving on. While she obviously wants him to be happy, there's a part of her that feels like him moving on would tarnish her mother's memory and he might forget her, which would only be salt in the would of letting her die to begin with. In a more general sense, her biggest adversary is herself and the decisions she makes trying to navigate her life and live comfortably among but separate from the population.



   Height: 5'10"
   Body Type: Slim, muscular
   Hair: Black
   Eyes: Red
   Skin Tone: Pale

   Overall Appearance:




   Alias/Nicknames: Danni
   Race: Gaiyan
   Sub-species: Elf
   Gender / Sexuality: Male/ Bisexual
   Age: 808
   Alignment: Adventurer's Guild
   Faction: N/A



   Personality: Danni'el has always been a bit soft for an elf clan leader, but since having it thrust upon him, his personality has taken on changes. Once upon a time, and still sometimes when he's alone, the elf existed as a creative, passionate, and whimsical soul in serene settings, arranging flowers or painting or practicing calligraphy alone. Less commonly he engaged in elven blacksmithing, though his creations were often as ornate and artistic as they were useful. He's most at peace when left to his own creative devices, conveying his emotions through visual outlets. The things he saw during the war-hardened him a bit, aiding the persona he'd have to take on as leader. Though his voice is quiet, his actions and decisions are thoughtful and confident. Though he is easily stressed, he mitigates this by trying to consider all possibilities and consequences before selecting the best course, making him a slow to act but a just and level-headed leader. Sometimes he seems almost too calm and too put together, but that's because those emotions are saved for his personal time. While his house might be as meticulous and in order as his general appearance, there is one room that is completely off-limits. It's where he goes to release the tension and work through the silenced emotions, spilling them out as paint and ink on canvas and parchment. Even that has been taken from him, though, since the death of his wife. His art can still provide a little release, but not like it once did. The beautiful and whimsical paintings have lost their color and gentleness, instead existing as violent black brushstrokes and broken pencil tips from guilt and sorrow. How could he have risked his wife's life by letting his emotions take over? It shouldn't have mattered that she was a human, but it did, and his folly cost his beloved her life. Sometimes he feels like a kettle about to implode, but what little creativity that remains whistles just enough steam to keep him from blowing apart. He doesn't wish to burden anyone with his troubles, though (most elves are quick to note that they were largely self-inflicted), so he continues to keep it to himself and appear as the strong and tempered blade of the Ravenore clan. Though he remains approachable and friendly, he's slightly distant with everyone, sadly including his own children.

   History: Born as the son of the Ravenore clan's leader and thus the heir, Danni'el grew up with all eyes on him. His brethren hoped to spot the innate leadership qualities of a future leader in him, but they were mostly disappointed with his early years. Instead of being ambitious and passionate about weaponsmithing and more industrious endeavors, young Danni was much more content to keep to himself to draw and paint. He was more likely to be found arranging flowers into beautiful bouquets in the garden than in a sweaty forge, though he was known to make beautiful, ornate blades when he did partake in smithing. He was generally uninterested in his mother's work as a whole. The young elf had no desire to take over as the leader and found the pressure suffocating, which only drove him harder into his art as a release. However, he couldn't avoid it forever. Sent out to sell weapons during the war, he and others like him were in the perfect position to be assassins and spies. After proving himself surprisingly useful, his return after the war landed him in the seat as the head of the clan when his mother stepped down, satisfied with his development. Though he did now have the leadership skills and an even head for decision making, the stress of it all would take him on trips to the mainland to sell weapons just to get a break, and it was on one of those that he met a human woman named Marietta that bewitched him body and soul at first sight. They very quickly fell in love, and by the end of the trip, she accompanied him back to Ilyanor. Though he did have some concerns about her race and the fallout, they were convinced their love would overcome it, and that the world was on the right path to progressive change post-war. They married and had three beautiful children. Tragically, while painting a portrait for a certain fairy, the man discovered his wife's race and murdered her. Though Danni walked in on it, the shock kept him from effective action and he couldn't save his beloved. It's been fifteen years since her death. As a single father of three, his life lost a lot of its color and his grief took over. His relationship with his children suffered despite his best efforts, and now that they've all left to live their own lives, all he can do is look forward to visits and bury himself in his work.




*family time



*the dark



*to find the joy of life again

*reconnect with his kids

*rediscover his artistic abilities

*revenge on the murderer of his wife

   Key Fear/Adversary:

*that he's not the leader his clan deserves

*that he might not even like his clan as much as he has to, since how they've acted while his wife was alive and after her passing

*that he's not the best father he could be, another stressor given how the clan sometimes treated his children

*the complex fear of both finding love again and spending the rest of his very long life alone, which makes it very confusing to try and move on from the death of his wife

*that the color and life will never return to his paintings.



   Height: 6'10
   Body Type: Muscular
   Hair: Black
   Eyes: Blue
   Skin Tone: Pale

   Overall Appearance:

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The Ravenores Empty Re: The Ravenores

Post by Iris Sat Feb 26, 2022 1:40 am


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