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Atikaya Ravana

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Atikaya Ravana Empty Atikaya Ravana

Post by Atikaya Sun Feb 13, 2022 8:43 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Arti/kaya
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Demon
Gender / Sexuality: M
Age: 268
Alignment: Adventurers Guild


Personality: He used to be kind and loving person by his community , for him he saw that everyone around him are desperate to hold upon a hope of kindness and when he saw that there is none he decided to be that for others and people trusted to relay upon him in their time of need that he tried his best not to disappoint but he saw people turning from grateful to bitter during the war and after he turned demon. Now he still hold his morals of helping others and will go to great lengths to complete an  request as to him his word is greater than the effort behind it. Although he is quite good with blade and in hand to hand combat he prefers to use his words, cunning and his influence to gain advantage in a conflict but he never backs down from a fight if its an only option. He is so dedicated to his work that he personally look after all of his affairs.

He loves to enjoy collecting information no matter how big or small cause of his curious nature. He also worry deeply for the people that work for him always making sure if they are taken care off. He dose not tolerate if someone is to try to mess with his reptation or the well-being of the people close to him.

History:  kaya was officially listed as a merchant on the border of the eldritch regions, while he looked intimidating he was a kind soul and helped humans for their daily needs like food, water, weapons to guard themselves and used to help them meet people that can take them to a safer human controlled region on his own expenses. while some eldritch tried to stop/interfere with him and his work but they were unable to discover his true identity of a smuggler and of him helping humans with weapons and info that they used to plunder then eldritch region but when he got discovered by the humans as an great asset who can help with information about key trade routs.

Atikaya used to be a prideful human , his words are like a line set in stone .For him he will do anything in his power to do whatever he feels is correct and for the people he cares about/have a bound with. he was forced to join the holy war to help humans with his gorilla tactics but he died cause one of his attack failed but instead of giving in to death he blamed humans and all the uselessness of war refusing to die and made an pact with a demon who peaked an curiosity in him , him unknowing that he himself will be turned into a demon and will always be a bit stubborn and spiteful stuck in a process of death and resurrection, he used focused on destroying the supply chains of the enemies behind the front lines so the enemies have to retreat because of low supplies , but he failed as he for predictable and his forces got killed alongside him ,now he wonders this world exploring and helping others as he always wanted to do .

now living as a demon after the war ended, he went back to his home town which he found in runes and started helping everyone around although people of the town were hesitant to accept him  but due to his past good deeds they decided to give him an chance to help them rebuild and mark a new era of peace. Because of what happened in the war led him to become a demon, he secures his own positions making deals that benefits him as much as benefits the other parties, even from time to time to gain more from the other in terms of respect, loyalty, reputation and money

In the current times he works along side the adventures guild supplying them with recourses or information.

Likes: Food, Socializing, Reading, Hiking and Dating

Dislikes: Dealbreakers, Attention seeking, Disloyalty, Scammers  

Goal/Aspiration: lived as a human turned eldritch he wants equality for all races and mutual respect  

Key Fear/Adversary: truly dying without achieving his goal and cockroaches


Height: 183cm
Body Type: masculine and tall
Hair: white
Eyes: flame orange
Skin Tone: palish white, (engaged grey brown)

Overall Appearance:
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Atikaya Ravana Empty Re: Atikaya Ravana

Post by Iris Mon Feb 14, 2022 11:28 am


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