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Akatsuki Belmont Empty Akatsuki Belmont

Post by Akatsuki Thu Feb 10, 2022 4:59 am



Alias/Nicknames: alias
Race: Otherworlder
Sub-species: N/A
Gender / Sexuality: Female // Hetero
Age: 22
Alignment: adventures guild
Faction: Aura



When she had first joined Aura, few of its members would describe her as mysterious. A mysterious aura is always in constant use, mainly due to being unfamiliar and cautious of others. She had always been that way even during her youthful years, as she would generally keep her guard up at all times. Though the more she grew to know the members of Aura, the more she would allow others in the sealed wall that she created. This wall of hers kept others away and prevented them from attempting to do harm to her. Despite letting these walls down, she doesn't do so for everyone or anyone in association with Aura. She's willing enough and more accepting to allow some to try and become acquainted with her, however it may take time before she can consider you as an ally as she would have to further see if you're worthy enough to become an ally. She still retains her mysterious traits even outside of Aura, showing that she's a little less trusting of others.

One thing to note is that Akatsuki is very much of an experimental person, especially when it comes to magic. She enjoys exploring magic and coming up with unique ways of using it. Whenever she uses her magic, it's always used as a means to further progress it so that she can discover new paths worth exploring. At times she'll become unconcerned with the environment around her, resulting in some destruction along the way. This destruction is caused by her mind being too absorbed in studying her magic and increasing its potency, causing civilians to view her in an ill-mannered way. Despite her destructive antiques, she is of course well capable of showing self restraint, which is a trait taught to her by a Belmont.

History: Akatsuki doesn't remember much, prior to arriving upon the mystical lands of Vyldermire. She remembers that her arrival to the strange new world filled her with fear and confusion. The first thing she sensed upon entry was warmth, something foreign to the girl. The realm that which she hailed from was one with harsh temperatures. Separated from her family and the world she once knew, Akatsuki was forced to utilize the survival techniques in order to stay alive. The longer she remained in the new realm, the quicker her understanding would become.

One day a member of the Belmont family found a stray young girl who managed to find herself in a fight. The belmont watched as the crowd of curious souls gathered in a circle, mimicking the formation of an arena. While she was small and badly beaten up, the girls stubbornness provided her the fuel she needed to see this fight through. After all she couldn't leave without giving the punk a piece of her mind, but before the fight would go on the belmont showed themselves and ceased their exciting yet senseless bout.

The crowd grew silent and stared in awe as if some higher being descended from the sky to hand the citizens some of their blessings. The belmont had red low cut hair, he had a menacing look in his eyes that almost made the punk wet himself, though instead the punk and his band of misfits scattered like rats. Despite his intimidating look, there was something about him that Akatsuki noticed. It was the sense of security and protectiveness that she felt. Akatsuki was like a lonely stray cat, trying to survive in a world that she knew nothing about.

Akatsuki was able to learn quite a bit of knowledge, thanks to the education that was provided to her which allowed her to feel more accustomed to the realm. A lot of the things that they taught to her was given to her as a test, allowing her to become better prepared in case she turns to the age where she would be on her own. Surprisingly Akatsuki was an easy and simple child to teach, for she absorbed information quicker than most. Once she became of age, the Belmont felt she was ready to become a true member of the family and the first thing she sought to do was to find out about her past.

Classical Music


Drinking Wine




Goal/Aspiration: The thing that drives her the most is to change the world around her. Despite some believing that they are in a time of peace, however she feels that there's something that must be done. She feels there's a lot of corruption going on behind the scenes that people are too blind to notice.

Key Fear/Adversary:
Change: Change comes too quickly for her to accept and believes that change can do harm on things as much as it can do good.

Corruption: Akatsuki fears corruption and is set to make a world where there's no place for corruption to exist.


Height: 5'7
Body Type: athletic
Hair: red
Eyes: hazel
Skin Tone: light

Overall Appearance:


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Akatsuki Belmont Empty Re: Akatsuki Belmont

Post by Iris Fri Feb 11, 2022 9:41 am

Hello and welcome to our site! We're happy to have you.

Your app looks pretty good, though one thing must be addressed. From the looks of it, you're wanting your character to be a Belmont, one of our Canon Families here in Vyldermire. Neither Nessa nor I got any DMs discussing the intended plot and asking for permission to make a character within the Belmonts, and this is not something that can be done without our express permission so we can keep lore cohesive for everyone.

However! There is an easy fix. You can keep everything the same, but instead of the canon noble family Belmont, you can create a wealthy, upper-crust family of NPCs of your own name and design to accomplish the same thing instead. When you've made your edits, please bump this thread and I'll come back to check so we can get you started on your adventures.


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