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Katsumi Empty Katsumi

Post by Katsumi Sun Feb 06, 2022 8:04 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Big Sis, Pink Lotus Fox
Race: Anthros
Sub-species: Lapin
Gender / Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 26
Alignment: Advantures Guild


Personality: Katsumi Yune is neutrally a very curious girl with a lot of energy at her younger age. While her curiosity was on hold, her energy never died off. She is a precise and skilled hunter who prices an honorable battle. A caring and loving girl who always seeks to make sure others are feeling well and make sure they are comfortable around her. Her Lapin genes are full effect as the family is first before anyone else, but not only that was brought with her genes as she is also very curious about sexuality and stuff around it sometimes ever goes a bit too far. As she likes to experiment a bit in this area too. Yet there is another side of her, one would say a whole different person. As she will become a very dedicated and skilled worker, as well as being serious and very strict and professional. Making her seem like a cold-blooded murderer for her job as she does her best to show no emotions while on a mission. Being near precise and on point when she has to do something, being completely focused on her job. One thing however she does not combine the two no matter what as she wants to avoid being a target outside of herself just to protect others.

History: Born in Engloria to a Lapin father and mother on the outskirts of the city, with not enough food and water, Katsumi her twins died for a lack of food as a baby. When Katsumi was 4 her mother gave birth yet again in the hopes to grow the family, yet all was lost as only gave birth to one little girl. This girl was called Chika and Katsumi loved her with everything as she was the one first to hold her. Her father worked as a Ninja among the guards and had quite high respect from his other guards. However when soon after Chika was born her mother got sick nobody came to help them and they were not given medicine slowly killing her mother. When her mom died Katsumi became the lady of the house and did some small delivery jobs to people. With going around a lot she learned a bit about the politics of the street and the wealthy people she mostly worked for.

One day she had to get a package from a wealthy family, where she met the first love of her life. The son of the wealthy merchant also locked eyes on her and they started to talk. What she did not know was that the boy went out and confined his dad to take her, her sister, and her dad into their house. Her father was taken to work for the merchant as a personal guard and she and her sister were taken in for protective reasons. Katsumi learned to love the boy she fell in love with, however not everything stayed the same for long. As it seemed there was an assassination out on the family they stayed with. She saw her love getting killed and her dad die guarding the merchant. She went into a rage and took the sword of her dad and moved fast killing two assassins on the spot. Soon after she ran to her sister and ran off.

Being alone with her sister in the slumps for many days, an older lady Katsumi got to call Nana, took pity on the girls, and took them in. Helping out Nana with shores, Katsumi found out Nana had her own problems with money lenders. Katsumi took it on her own and went to these money lenders and a fight broke out, However, Katsumi got help from a lady that jumped out of the shadows. She was impressed and said she has the nature of a killer. From that day Katsumi started to train under the lady called Verra, who was part of a group that hanged out robin hood with a bit more blood. Over time Katsumi joined them helping out Nana with the money she earned while hiding her jobs from Nana and her sister. As well that Katsumi fell in love with Verra, but Verra said Katsumi was too young but could use her charms as a Lupin to get them things some other people would not get her. However, word got out that Verra's group was being hunted and Verra had to make sure Katsumi was saved and so she made it seem like the group left her behind for her own good. Now without a job, she took her own skills to do some solo things for people who had the money for it.

Likes: Family, Archery, Dating, Hunting, Freerunning

Dislikes: combining Work and private life, Unfocused know it alls, Lost, Slavers

Goal/Aspiration: Katsumi is focused on keeping her little sister alive and making sure she is safe as well as the old lady that took them in. She wants to fight against those who sought to do wrong but also doesn't care if her money is blood money. She wants to become the great Ninja or Assassins like her father who served as a powerful captain with honor and willpower.

Key Fear/Adversary: Her greatest Fear is losing her little sister, if anything happens to the last member of the Yune family she would take herself out as well. She hates the man that killed her family and also the people that denied her mother help when she was sick.


Height: 171 CM, 5'6 F.
Body Type: Slim with muscles
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Blue Purpleish
Skin Tone: Blake

Overall Appearance: Katsumi has bright pink hair with a very caring and loving smile, yet she can look very angry and dangerous if she wants to. her ears are long and her body is slim with a bit of muscle to hold her blade.

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Katsumi Empty Re: Katsumi

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Tue Feb 08, 2022 9:26 pm


Hey hun, so before I approve this I need you to remove the mention of nobles/lords from your character's history. Nobles are essentially site lore and not to be mentioned without admin permission or permission from the player who owns that family.

Once this is done please bump the thread and I will take a look~

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Katsumi Empty Re: Katsumi

Post by Iris Sat Feb 26, 2022 1:49 am


Katsumi QRmoaKI


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