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Post by Revna Tue Feb 01, 2022 12:29 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Lyndaughtir, cailleachan, Wolfmarked
Race: Otherworlder
Sub-species: Werewolf
Gender / Sexuality: Female / Bisexual
Age: 36
Alignment: Adventurers Guild


Personality:Revna comes across as a woman who is wise but too weighed down by other things on her mind to waste words idly. She is as likely to provide an answer as she is to provide you a direction to learn the answer for yourself, sometimes because she knows it is what you need, but other times simply because she has not the time nor patience to spell it out. In casual conversation however she can be pleasant enough though, detached and burdened with her own tragedies but with enough love for art, faith and nature to know her worth has not ran out yet even if she does not know the next step. When it comes to morality she has her own code of honour and her own list of priorities, but beyond this she respects the need to survive above most other impulses, forgiving most acts if she can see they had no choice in the matter unless they risked their own destruction in some form.

In conflict however she can be brutal, savage, unrelenting, despite her hatred for fighting without good cause. She is like a storm made manifest ad usually fights only when she is willing to kill the one she faces as she knows many a time she has been unable to pull her punches unless she has others to keep her on the right track. When she is opposed to someone as an enemy she usually tries to stick to what she sees as honourable combat, any fight where she has good enough justification to slay her opponent and can do so in a straight up fight. But the world is a dangerous place with many who will show no honour in return, and in cases like this she firmly believes in the notion that one cannot betray an enemy.

High in the snow capped mountains, where no mortal man dares to tread from fear of the cold or the monsters which dwell in it’s caves, there walk and live the people of the mountain clans. Known by many names, though often feared for their towering height and strength to overpower most humans with ease, they are in truth a good people, a spiritual race usually known by those of the kingdoms as half-giants. The Speur-rugadh, the sky born clan, were one community known for their wooden fort being one of the highest in the mountain pass. Though their people worshipped and revered the spirits of all nature and wild folk, their clan most revered those of the skies and storms for they knew they only survived as long as they kept the weather’s favour.

Revna Lyndaughtir was born to the Speur-rugadh and was marked from birth for greatness as was declared by their wisest, for she bore eyes of two different colours just like one of the goddesses of storms as told by their traditions and stories. From a young age she only proved this true, as she became a promising addition to their people’s wielders of magic, the cailleachan were a branch of their community dedicated to using their arcane prowess for the safety and security of their people. Through their power and wisdom they would lead the parties of warriors who set off down the mountains to meet other clans, or to hunt along the borders of the kingdom below, who’s knights and fanatical priests had long found themselves spreading false rumours of what the mountain folk were like.

As Revna grew older she found herself becoming a hero of her people, as strong as any other but not for her prowess in battle or on the hunt, but for her patience and wisdom despite youth. Where others would seek to pursue conflict against their neighbours she encouraged them to look forward, to revere the spirits and maintain the legacy of their clan through new stories, new songs, and new master crafted pieces of art and fine armour to protect the lives of their warriors. They would endure as they had always endured, until a beast was sighted on their lands. With the bodies of three of their scouts found beyond recognition, she set off with a small patrol to hunt the beast and secure their people’s safety in time for the summer when they would journey down the mountain for new trade opportunities.

When they found the beast’s cave they barely stood a chance, for in the dark of night it began to pick them off one by one, tearing open armor and spilling blood before a single blow could be landed or even it’s species seen. That was when Revna resorted to her magic, summoning arcs of lightning to try and strike the beast, and filling the cave entrance with light which revealed the werewolf in their midst. She awoke in the morning with burning n her blood and strength gone from her limbs, beside her lay the bodies of her followers and the body of the man they had hunted just the night prior. Before she could begin the journey home she was found by a company of soldiers from the kingdom, journeying into the mountains to find the creature, and instead returned with a half giant for their captive.

She was soon informed of her fate, of the curse now coursing through her veins, and they gave her an ultimatum. Face her death that day, to be cut down in execution before the curse could claim her, or forfeit herself to their service so that she may live out the rest of her life without endangering the lives of her friends, family, and clan folk. She took the next few hours in prison to pray to the spirits for guidance, but inevitably took the second option. Swearing an oath to live out the rest of her life as a knight in their order of the forsaken, tattooed along her chin so that all may recognise her as cursed but permitted to live by decree of the human king.

In the order, surrounded by others cursed or criminals in their own right, she created armour and weapons, undertook repairs throughout their monastery keep, and protected the artefact secretly contained there. She never did learn of its purpose, it’s history, or why their order was housed around it for it’s protection, but she served for seven years with the knowledge she would likely never lay eyes upon home again. But forbidden to cast her magic within the grounds for fear she would turn on the humans, she instead trained herself to master the sword as best she could, wielding one of a size her comrades could not hope to manage.

Then one day came the invaders, a force of greater numbers who sought the artefact at the heart of their monastery and fortress. One by one the defending knights laid down their cursed lives to hold them back, all except Revna, the last one standing as she cut down warrior after warrior. But separated from the central keep all she could hear was the cries of Victory as her enemy took what they had been after, and then she was gone. Taken from her world, only to emerge in a new one. With no trible, no order, and no purpose, only her curse, her pain and her resolve.

-Songs and stories
-The outdoors,Nature and it’s spirits

-Her curse
-Disrespecting faith

-To figure out what this strange new world is, to understand how she got there and what she faces in this new land.
-To find a new purpose now that her oath and mission have failed. To push through her guilt and discover new reasons to keep on living, fighting, and a way to redeem herself despite her curse.

Key Fear/Adversary:
-The guilt of her own survival, the fear that all she knows, loves and values will perish around her yet for some reason she will endure until her spirit is truly and finally broken.
-Her own curse, the bestial spirit within her and the fear one day she may lose herself entirely, making her path to redemption pointless and undermined entirely.


Body Type: Muscular, well built
Hair:Raven black with white ends. Long, naturally wavy, often with portions braided or dreaded
Eyes:One greenish blue, one violet
Skin Tone:Pale, almost chalk white

Appearance Images:

Unarmoured appearance:
Armoured appearance:
Werewolf appearance:


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Revna Empty Re: Revna

Post by Iris Sat Mar 26, 2022 4:53 am


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