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Dive Bar Blitz!

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Dive Bar Blitz! Empty Dive Bar Blitz!

Post by wes Mon Jan 31, 2022 4:22 am

all these little lies
and most of them are mine
my words are coated in honey and wine
“Aye, back the fuck off ya bloody arse!”

Wes could’ve laughed. Some wolfish grin overtook his features, vibrant blues narrowing down to meet the unintentional, or possibly intentional, challenge. A light pinkish colour kissed his cheeks and made itself known; early signs of intoxication having worked its way into his system. He didn’t care that he’d drank enough to knock himself out (or, in this case, want to knock someone out) or that he’d been going off about running into some half-naked succubus high tailing it down the streets of Lyndon before rudely being interrupted. What was her name again? Lils? Laila? Eh, didn’t matter.

“Step the fuck around or make me, asshole,” he shot back, already having been on his feet seconds earlier, half a drink dripping down his arm, and glaring at some tall wall of muscle who didn’t have the decency to apologize for the spill. He wiped his hand on the guy’s chest and in that same motion gave the guy a light shove.

Clearly, he was not the only one who’s temper spiked when drunk. Though in places like these—some corner dive bar with dim lights, cheap drinks, and a helluva lot of cigarette smoke—it was more than a common occurrence for things to go more south than not.

The swing came quickly, overconfident in nature given the annoyingly cocky smirk, and he stepped out of it in time to grab the loud meathead by the collar of his shirt. In moments Wes’s forehead made sharp collision with the guy’s nose. A resounding crack and snap, and the guy was sent tumbling back.

“That all?” Wes jeered, watching as the guy doubled over to regain himself. “And here I was expectin’ more of a fight.” Spoken half a second too soon, when a bigger fist found his sneering jaw and he careened towards the bar right between Emi and Kiigan, his back slamming against it and spilling his now forgotten beer. Apparently the meatwall had a buddy.

Having caught himself on the bar’s table, a really stupid smile plastered itself over his face as he looked between the angel and jokester, almost sheepish for not having spotted the incoming hit. “Ain’t that right?” he started, adding on to his earlier statement and including his companions in the whole kerfuffle. “All that confidence and he still needs a wingman? Come on, game’s weak.” Practically scoffing in both the friend and the guy’s faces, it only really served to agitate the two drunks even more.

They weren’t the only ones agitated, though. It seemed the entire place had been thirsting for some action. Hellbent in joining didn’t begin to describe the sudden uprise within the tightly enclosed premises when a beer pitcher flew over the trio’s heads and shattered against a wall. With everyone packed they way they were it wouldn’t be any surprise if some wayward punches flew into the wrong person’s direction.

More glasses shattered, tables were flipped, pool cues were whacking and cracking, and the bartender halfheartedly yelled ‘take it outside’ before hopping over the counter and joining the fray—the late hours of Lyndon Port at its finest.

With an exhilarated glint to his gaze, that same grin from before returned twofold. How long had it been since he’d gotten himself into a good ol’ barfight? He clasped both Emi and Kiigan. “Got your backs if anything, ‘kay?” he assured, not taking his eyes off the bastard that socked him before jumping headfirst into the chaos.

Quite literally.

With wild abandon he dove into the big guy, knocking the air out of him with his shoulder and tackling him to the floor with a loud thud! It proceeded into a wrestling match, before he’d managed to gain ground and repetitively jammed his fist into the guy’s face over and over and over again. They rolled, they were at each other’s throats, and Wes was pretty sure he could taste his own blood on his lips.

“Hey, sweetheart, ya just gonna stand there and gawk at these sods!?”

The guy with the broken nose spat, a crazed look about him, before reaching for wherever Emi stood to yank her away to God knows where. Another musclehead made its way to Kiigan next amidst the broken glass, flying limbs and hands that reached and flew this way and that. Another buddy it seemed like, given the overall pissed off demeanor and willingness to throw down like it were personal. He grasped the bluette by the collar attempting to pull him away and into the moshing crowds.
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Dive Bar Blitz! Empty Re: Dive Bar Blitz!

Post by Kiigan Wed Feb 09, 2022 12:56 am

Oh yeah, Kiigan was always ready for a bar fight. He started most of them, though this time, he was actually quite innocent. He had more than a few beers in him and was pleasantly, annoyingly buzzed. Watching the fight start between Wes and some basic divebar meatbags was actually quite entertaining, but maybe he was biased. There was a tingling in his chest when he watched his boss get all sadistically sexy, take a few licks and give them back. As much as he loved to participate, watching had its own benefits now that he had friends, and he knew better than to step in. Wes could handle himself and got quite insulted if anything otherwise was implied.

Soon enough, however, the fight turned unfair and Wes made an impromptu visit back at his spot between the green and blue heads still drinking at the bar. Things were starting to get loud as rowdy lowlifes would hardly miss a chance to take advantage of the chaos. He should know, he was one of those rowdy lovelifes. Who would dare approach him? There was a gloved clasp on his shoulder, and a promise was made between the three before things got out of hand, which they absolutely would soon. "Got your backs," the angel's baritone voice rumbled with a scowl, though the light dancing in his eyes betrayed how much he was looking forward to this.

Emi and Kiigan would find their own opponents soon enough, but the laughing lady would come up first. As she was approached by a guy taking the lowest, easiest road any dumbell scumbag in a bar would take, the angel glanced their way with only pity for the man. If only he knew what he'd gotten himself into. "Emi, I think the man's asking you to turn a trick," he said, tone deadpan but very much using his dry humor for a double entendre. He'd probably end up with a salmon in his anus by the end of it. Yeck.

Attention moving forward again, the scene of the gingersnap wrestling with a man twice his size on the ground was interrupted by a grabby hand at his collar. Kiigan's turn. The pissed off guy tried to yank him from his oddly serene place with his back to the bar, but he didn't budge an inch. Red eyes slid slowly over to look at the brute. "Fleuve'ir must not like you very much," he said with a smirk, cracking his neck as he leaned up onto his feet. Dropping his arms from their crossed position, he backhanded his foe into the crowd.

The scuffle was a mess of swinging arms and kicks as Kiigan whipped that poor man all over the bar and even into a few splintering tables, picking up and putting down a few eager patrons along the way. If Wes ever wanted to know how Kii had come to be in debt to a tavern owner for damages, it would become crystal clear by the joyful smirk on his face and the wanton destruction of anything within ten feet of him. Once his meathead had been ground into hamburger, the bodyguard found himself without a toy and was quickly growing bored. Why was everyone giving him such a wide berth now?

Hopping up onto one of the only surviving tables near him, he wobbled to keep his balance as one of the legs snapped. "OI! Who's next?" asked the warrior angel, his bloody smirk bordering on an adrenaline-fueled grin. His arms were flung wide, inviting whoever felt lucky or too cocky. When he'd lost his shirt was a mystery, but he wore both his and others' blood like warpaint across his chest. "C'mooon!" he roared just as a wooden chair broke over his back and he lept off to powdrive the poor bloke into the sticky pub floor.

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Dive Bar Blitz! Empty Re: Dive Bar Blitz!

Post by Abelios Sat Feb 19, 2022 1:28 am

Dive Bar Blitz! X4zJMoO

It was a night that started like any other for Abelios. He was drowning his sorrows in alcohol and secondhand smoke in some shady dive bar on the edge of town. This time, he was in Lyndon Port, having fled the city of Engloria after two encounters with a woman who had quickly become his obsession and his greatest weakness. The titanous man knew he had to keep himself far away from her for his own good, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t feel sorry for himself over a glass of tequila or ten. What better was there to do for a miserable man than to waste his time and money indulging in his vices.

The peace - if it could even be called that - of the dive bar didn’t last long. Something about the hazy air and too much alcohol set a fire in people’s veins. Any small offense was seen as an invitation to throw hands. Abe had seen it many times before, and more often than not participated in pointless bar fights.

A raucous shout from a shorter man with ginger hair started it all. After exchanging insults and a few fists, the rest of the bar crowd took the initiative and an all-out brawl began. The scratchy music being played was drowned out by the sound of shouting, fists colliding, and the smashing of glass and wood.

Abe groaned to himself, clutching his glass of tequila with whitening knuckles. The last thing he needed was to get into a bar fight. With an absolutely hypocritical air of superiority, as if he were above bar fights, he downed the tequila and rose from his stool to push his way through the crowd. He could avoid this just once, right? Pushing down the rising adrenaline in his veins, he ducked under a flying chair and pushed past a few people towards the door.

The false supremacy lasted only a second longer, when a flying fist as big as his own clocked Abe right in the side of the head. The momentum gave him a whiplash so hard the room spun. As soon as he came to his senses, he knew there was no way he could leave now. Leaving an attack like that without retaliation would have injured his pride, an unforgivable sin. Turning back towards his assailant, the titanous man loomed over the man with sharp rage in his eyes. The attacker was muscular like Abe, though twice as wide and nearly a foot shorter.

“I think you lost something,” Abe hissed, his voice tight with rage. “Why don’t I return it to you?” With that, he reached out and grabbed the back of the man’s head, bringing it down swiftly to collide with his rising knee. The resounding crack and squish of blood and flesh would have made most people squeamish, but the brawling bar patrons paid it little mind.

The attacker reeled backwards, clutching his completely shattered nose. “Damnit!” he gurgled through the blood gushing down his face and into his mouth.

“What’s that? You want some more?” Abe growled, his deep voice getting louder as he spoke. “There's plenty were that came from!” He launched himself towards the beefcake, tackling him into the crowd and knocking over several dozen people in the process, which created a large hole in the room of squirming, battling drunkards.

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