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Post by Damian Fri Jan 28, 2022 4:30 am

Hello, everyone. Posting will slow down for me considerably. My father had a stroke a few months back and all seven daughters aren’t old enough to care for him. His ex-wife does not desire the responsibility, which is understandable, as he was a man who basically burned all his bridges with everyone outside his family including my own.

We decided to take him in. My father is the sort of man that if I had been in his shoes or worse he would have left me to suffer alone and, perhaps, neglected to attend my funeral ever. So this will be a trying time for me and also a strange chance at rekindling our very broken relationship. This requires many changes in my house, you know, and certainly a cause for them in my life.

Half of his body is paralyzed, so the instant I get off work I will have to tend to his needs. Naturally my posting will diminish during my free time. It hasn’t happened quite yet, but they are working on getting everything settled on their end as he needs to be flown in from his state to ours. My time will be spent making arrangements and adjustments to even the structuring of the house. We need to make it ramp-friendly.

In addition, my contract may end without the possibility of extension for March of this year. If that should happen, then my time for posting will be cut short because that would mean finding a job that’s actually out there. Less time on the discord.

With that being said, I will find a way to work around this change rather than leave the site. This is such a lovely place. It’s a safe zone of creativity, friendship and butts.

I will keep you updated.

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