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Down into the Depths of Bad Decisions [Kazimir]

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Down into the Depths of Bad Decisions [Kazimir] Empty Down into the Depths of Bad Decisions [Kazimir]

Post by Cassian Fri Jan 21, 2022 3:24 pm

She'd been waiting for ages.

Ominous as these altar things were, Liviana du Villanell showed them none of the respect and reverence they deserved to be bubbling an aura so closely resembling blood and tangible threats. She'd been camping beside one closer to the heathenistic beach party, waiting. Waiting. My gods, so much waiting!! Chomping at the bit! Couldn't an Eldritch take a break from fishing and dancing to come do something Eldritchy and constructive, like spilling a little blood to get one of these things to open?? For them to generally hate humans so much what with all the supposed subjugation, they sure didn't mind celebrating the lunar tragedy just like them.

Liviana had no interest in celebrating or giving thanks or any of that. There was a rumor that had circulated for years around the taverns in the common realm that relics of untold power rested in the belly of the ocean, deep under the waves where one could only reach them a certain time of year when the waters inexplicably pulled back. Why it was spoken in such hushed tones was beyond her, since it was basically just a fact. Everyone had seen the altars at some point, glowing all creepy out in the saturated sands. Someone who was never in contact with Eldritch might not know the finer details of what was inside, but Lyndon Port's population was fairly mixed if you knew where to look. This wasn't some fantastical buried treasure. This was a genuine risk with a real reward if you could brave the horrors within, which the young woman was confident (perhaps overly so) that she could handle. There was literally only one hang-up. One!

Apparently, there was not one Eldritch that would rather risk life and limb for glory over getting drunk and dancing half-naked under the moon to let her in. Lazy! After all the talk in dark corners of taking their power back, too. And don't think she hadn't tried to buy some pure Eldritch blood to pour on it herself, but this seemed to be an issue money couldn't solve. Either they claimed it wouldn't work or were just really suspicious about selling their blood to a random noble girl. Her curiosity flared! Her ambition festered and burned within, making it hard for the tanned greenette to stay hidden out of sight, but she was determined to stay ready to pounce on whoever showed up. If they did.

Please! Her knees were getting sore and it smelled horribly fishy out here.

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