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Jamie Sunderland Empty Jamie Sunderland

Post by Jamie Sun Jan 16, 2022 3:01 am



Alias/Nicknames | Jay
Race | Otherworlder / Human
Sub-species | Mage
Gender / Sexuality | Female / Bicurious
Age | 19 years old
Alignment | Adventurers Guild
Faction | None


Jamie is an energetic girl, usually tiring herself out before she even realizes and needing some serious recharge time afterwards. For as enthusiastic and excitable as she might be, spending tons of time in her home surrounded by all the things she loves is her go-to preference most days. She’s unapologetically a weeb, disastrously so even, to the point where she could sit around spending her days fangirling over doujins and playing games. Because of this she’s become kind of a shut-in, naïve to the world of Vyldermire, and has even come to grow pretty lonely. But from this loneliness rises a need so great that it would rouse her from her little cave… and that’s the need to adventure, of course!

She can be a bit of a spaz sometimes; her mind being sent reeling this way and that which causes words and actions to come tumbling out before she even has a moment to truly process what’s been done. An impulsive one, for sure, with a tendency to put on brave fronts and airs of confidence if it means getting through a tough situation. She’ll blindly try her best—even if her best is embarrassing and awkward and just downright silly. She’ll manage, hopefully, maybe, with varying degrees of success and possibly not too much damage to the environment, herself, or others.

All in all, Jamie remains a sweet girl at her core. Dorky and high-spirited and never one to mean any real harm even if her scatterbrained behavior, propensity to accidentally hug the floor more times than she can count, and slight naivety might offset one or two people. She really does mean well, she just doesn’t realize what she’s done at times.


Those hermit-like tendencies of the past are no more. Now that she’s in Vyldermire, Jamie can finally flourish and build the isekai life of her dreams! Fight the big bad monster, get the guy, and live happily ever after…!

At least, that’s what she tells herself now.

You see, ever since she was little cartoons and comics had been her primary source of entertainment and inspiration. It wasn’t until anime and videogames made their way into her life that her destiny had been set in stone. Just ask her—she’ll tell you the same thing 100% of the time. Social life? Friends? Heck nah. Who needs all of that? Jamie Sunderland had turned into something akin to a cave-dwelling weeb gremlin whose subsistence meant waifus and husbandos and whatever piece of media she could get her dainty hands on.

The reality of the situation was a little different than whatever she could tell you now, however. She was what one would consider a “little miss perfect”. Mounting pressures, little-to-no social life, and a home life that was harsh and strict pretty much blaster her anxiety into high gear. So by the time college exams came in she fumbled, screwed it up, and ended up retreating into her own blissful little bubble for the remainder of her life. Which, to be fair, wasn’t long. She met her end only a few months later when walking home from a comic book store. Good old open sewer-kun done did her in after she went on paying more attention to the handheld game she was playing.

Now in another world, Jamie’s pretty been sent to Rivengate right off the bat. She struggled with a few jobs, ending up currently working as a hotel maid for a man who may or may not a mob boss, and living on her own. As a side thing, though, she did start her own manga titled “Love Suit Gundam Kaiju Wars” a doujin depicting robots, fighting, robots fighting, giant monsters, and a ton of romance.

❊ Adventures
❊ Manga
❊ Anime
❊ Drawing
❊ Japanese Food
❊ Video Games
❊ Movies

❊ Exercise
❊ Bugs
❊ Darkness
❊ Ghosts
❊ Storms

Goal/Aspiration | Really she doesn't have much that drives her aside from wanting to get out there and live out an isekai paradise. She wants to experience all the magic and adventure Vyldermire has to offer, have fun, make friends, and learn new things!

Key Fear/Adversary | Although she does say she likes the land of Vyldermire a part of her still grows anxious over the thought going back home. Also, she's very, very much terrified of dying again. But you can't go adventuring without some risks, right?


Height | 5 ft. 6 in. / 167.64 cm
Body Type | Slim, kinda pudgy around the face and arms. No real muscle definition.
Hair | Dark brown with some wave to it. Always tied up in a ponytail with bangs.
Eyes | Green, wears contact lenses to see.
Skin Tone | Fair

Overall Appearance:

Jamie Sunderland:

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Jamie Sunderland Empty Re: Jamie Sunderland

Post by Iris Sun Jan 16, 2022 7:30 am


Jamie Sunderland QRmoaKI


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