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Sylas Evamor Empty Sylas Evamor

Post by Sylas Fri Jan 14, 2022 11:38 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Sylas
Race: Human | Otherworlder
Sub-species: N/A (Witcher)
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Heterosexual
Age / Birthday: 90 / 22nd of April
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: N/A



Sylas to be described in only a few words would have to be, crude, pragmatic, and cynical however...

Showing no emotion might seem cold hearted to some but for the keen eye mystery is what comes to mind when Sylas enters the room. Making enemies seems to be a common occurrence when trying to fit into the present society due to jealousy and envy from others but this doesn't phase him, If challenged the famous words "It doesn't have to be this way" are said to let them think twice before a physical approach be delivered. Sylas although painted the picture of a professional monster slayer trained in combat, magic, and alchemy to perform invaluable services for coin, surprisingly has a soft spot for mages and bards...

Sylas is powerful enough to often be the deciding force in conflicts, capable of intervening and changing destiny to one side or the other but he takes no joy doing so. Sylas perhaps would enjoy it if he lived in a world of heroes and villains, but his world is of a more morally ambiguous full of, greed, lust, pride, and cruelty. Knowing this he is very self-aware and makes an effort to be transparent, reserved and true to who he is.

The shell stays sturdy outside having a very prominent masculine voice but around the right people Sylas will show his inner shell, a more protective, caring side. If you try to confront Sylas about feelings he will default to changing the subject or denying any such words however the thought of being alone does lay deep down inside of him, merely ignoring his own feelings and focussing on his work and environment.


Sylas stems from the name Silvanus, meaning 'man of the forest' an oddly satisfying name for someone who could pass the Trial of the Grasses. Sylas was born the son of a pureblood sorceress Destinee and alleged warrior of light Patrick. Shortly after being born his parents left him with the school of the white wolf to be made and trained a Witcher.

As a young child, Sylas was subjected to the Trial of the Grasses, an incredibly painful and dangerous alchemical experiment with natural forest ingredients & magic that breaks down the body, only to be mutated and formed back stronger... He was one of three from ten to survive the first few days after intaking consistent herbs and elixirs, getting urges of madness, insanity, seizures and vomiting. When waking up on the seventh day of the Trial Sylas had already adapted cat-like eyes and struggled to show emotion towards those whom suffered agony with him only to not wake up. Aside from the eyes Sylas also adapted lightning-quick reflexes, slower aging, physical strength as well as sharpened senses.

After displaying rare tolerance to the starting process the Trial of the Dreams was to begin second week where supervising druids or mages augmented Sylas's nightvision at the cost of being sterilized... Trial of the Mountains come third week had Sylas co-operate with other students to complete a 7 day expedition to activate the Witcher medallion given after week one. Sylas was not doubted near the final training days and thus skipped the Trial of the Sword, requiring students to slay a monster of the masters choice...

Many years onward from serving the school of the white wolf an abrupt attempt to destroy the school was held from powerful rogue mages with the goal to remove any remaining Witchers for slaying the monsters created by said mages... Odds not scaling towards the few remaining Witchers the call to flee and leave everything behind was the final breath spoken from their master and with what looked like a singular tear running down his face a forbidden portal was conjured... Witchers can't conjure portals... Sylas had a thousand thoughts running through the mind about everything, his master, his existence, his purpose, stepping into the portal things would start to blur, feeling dizzy he passed out. Having a vivid nightmare about the training process the smell of fresh leaves and dirt started to pull him away from the dream, slowly opening his eyes the beaming sun seeps through and the sound of birds chirping fill his ears, the portal seems to have brought Sylas to a forest of some kind...

✘ (Coin & Animals) Loves to collect coin for his service and spend it on a good drink after slaying what feels like endless monsters, find a safe place to rest and make sure his companion is healthy.
✘ (Exploring) Travelling to new destinations, meeting new people, making memorable moments, impacting lives and or changing them for the greater good.
✘ (Writing) Although not seen, writing notes about the rare and prestigious species he comes in contact with almost like an encyclopaedia to perhaps share one day.

✘ Arrogance, especially signs of ignorance.
✘ Monsters, the greater evil in this world.
✘ Kids, since he can't have them...

✘ Soul reason for living is to protect innocent lives from monsters and rid the world of the evil that exists, killing monsters is the lesser evil.

Key Fear/Adversary:
✘ Even though a companion stays by his side during work, the fear of being alone flares.
✘ Not being paid coin for the work requested resulting in foul justice.
✘ Having no monsters to slay would mean no reason to live.


Height: 6'1 (186cm)
Body Type: Mesomorph, strong, defined.
Hair: Silver grey, slightly past shoulders.
Eyes: Golden yellow, fluro during the night.
Skin Tone: Light, pale when consuming elixirs.

Overall Appearance:

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Sylas Evamor Empty Re: Sylas Evamor

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sat Jan 15, 2022 12:07 am


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