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Kazimir Callasan Empty Kazimir Callasan

Post by Kazimir Callasan Fri Jan 14, 2022 8:31 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Kaz
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Demonata - Shapeshifter
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Yes
Age: 28
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: N/a


Personality: Kazimir is a man of manifold faces and personalities. As a shapeshifter, he possesses the potential to take on any shape and form he wishes and transform his physical body in whatever way he desires. At his core, however, Kazimir, often called "Kaz" by friends, is a laid-back individual, seeking nothing more than to enjoy himself as much as possible and in any way possible. He is sick and tired of the rigid social order Clan Callasan enforces, though cannot break free from it, bound to the family's purpose by blood, duty, and, for the lack of a better term, fear. While the name Callasan does not command the same authority it used to, Kazimir knows his father and the lengths the man would go to in order to ensure the resurrection of his House.

Kazimir's true personality is that of an exceedingly intelligent individual. He is charismatic, well-spoken, and perceptive, but rarely makes these facts overtly known, keeping the majority of his true self hidden via his nature as a shapeshifter and presenting himself as casual in every way. Through training that builds on his natural abilities, Kazimir is a gifted actor, and is able to mimic, in addition to appearance and voice, the behavior of any person he has encountered, provided he has spent sufficient time observing them. He can also assume the form of non-existent individuals, "alters", one might say, Kazimir possessing a large variety of egos he can play for any kind of situation. In this context, he has also received training from his Clan in more subtle and esoteric arts such as subterfuge, sabotage, and even assassination.

Based on his nature as an Eldritch, Kazimir also possesses an angry, sadistic, and arrogant streak, sometimes giving in to pleasures that humans would consider unorthodox at best, criminal, in some cases. On that topic, as it is so often the case, he holds not terribly much respect for the other races of Vyldermire, encountering them with the same learned sense of assured superiority other Demonata hold. In comparison to his family, however, he is quite tolerant... relatively speaking.

History: House Callasan was respected among Eldritch circles, its name representing anything one could ever dream of: Wealth, power, and influence. A firm piece of an intricate puzzle in Demonata high society, having remained so unchangingly in spite of time's steady passing. Pride, as one says, however, comes before the fall, and almost as if by collected karmic weight, House Callasan was fated to lose all it had accrued through their intrigue, plots, and schemes. The day came when the Great War would end with neither victory nor loss, Kazeraat Callasan, and his family, like many others, being burdened with blame. Stripped of honor, land, and wealth, House Callasan was no more.

In theory, of course.

The former head of his Clan, now crestfallen and disgraced, refused to accept this harsh sentence. A spirit of defiance awoken by the desire for redemption lit a new flame, and with it came a new kind of life. An existence among shadows, all actions and reactions of this once great family forced towards a single purpose codified in the family's mantra: We shall rise again.

Kazimir Callasan, like his older and younger sibling both, was raised in accordance with this creed, trained in esoteric arts to work towards the single-minded goal held by the remaining supporters of this fallen Clan of Demonata. Kaz, however, is torn between the increasingly changing world around him and the values dictated by his family, committed to upholding the Clan's values while also fulfilling his personal goals.


  • Acting: He enjoys playing the roles of others, learning about them, cataloging information about them, all in an attempt to perfect his transformations. Imitation, after all, is the highest form of flattery.

  • Entertainment: Kazimir seeks nothing more than to fulfill his own desires, and to indulge in the pleasures of entertainment presents an act that proves he is still himself.

  • Deviancy: Kaz has the potential to, in this case literally, blend in with any kind of crowd at will. Despite this, he derives enjoyment from scandalous or deviant behavior when playing one of his alters. It gives him a certain kind of rush.


  • Tools: People who willingly fall in line without any thought or question.

  • Bores: The absence of entertainment is a state of perpetual boredom. One should use their lives to the fullest, and people who are presented with this opportunity, only to waste it on nothing in particular, are cretins, plain and simple.

  • Obligation: To be bound by duty, restricted in the way he may act.

Goal/Aspiration: Freedom - Kazimir aspires to be free from the influence of Clan Callasan, to make his own fate free from the clutches of his family.

Key Fear/Adversary: Obscurity - More precisely, Kazimir fears being made into something that is not himself by the Clan and turned into nothing more than a mere tool to fulfill his father's ambitions. This wouldn't be a real fear if he didn't know that Clan Callasan had certain ways to enforce this scenario.


Height: 6'7" / Any
Body Type: Muscular / Any
Hair: Rose / Any Color and Length
Eyes: Red / Any Color
Skin Tone: Light / Any Tone

Overall Appearance: Kazimir can, at will, change any part of his appearance as he desires and shift his body into any shape or form he wants (OOC Permission from other players is required to assume their form). His actual appearance, however, can be found below:


Kazimir Callasan
Kazimir Callasan

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Kazimir Callasan Empty Re: Kazimir Callasan

Post by Iris Wed Jan 19, 2022 12:17 pm


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