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Heilan Empty Heilan

Post by Heilan Thu Jan 13, 2022 8:59 pm



Alias/Nicknames: The Pale Other, Black Orchid
Race: Otherworlder (Eldritch)
Sub-species: Witch
Gender / Sexuality: Female / Bisexual
Age: Seventeen
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: Golden Titans


Personality:  At the forefront of Heilan's personality, she is a meek and shy individual that is reserved and introverted. To unpack all of that, Heilan isn't exactly the type of gal with who one can just approach and have a conversation. At her core, she is justifiably distrusting of people, so she tries not to show her full hand when meeting people so she doesn't get hurt as she always has. Also, because social interaction is foreign to her and Heilan has a fear of making people angry at her, a lot of the times that Heilan even thinks about speaking it with short sentences and to the point.

However, underneath the very sensitive exterior of Heilan, is a kind and caring person that is incredibly objective-driven. Charitable to strangers, despite her reservations about people, because at her core Heilan still believes that there are possibly some good people out there. Weirdly optimistic for her, the actions of others don't deter Heilan from trying to be the best human being that she can be, though when others forsake her Heilan is capable of being independent and self-sufficient.

Also, besides all that, she's clumsy and a bit of a ditz, though if you give her the time then Heilan can reach a conclusion.

History: Ever since she was little, Heilan has remembered being an outcast. People would think she was cursed or possessed by the devil for some weird reason, so even as a kid the adults would avoid her. Whether or not these rumors were true? Who can say? Definitely not Heilan for the account of her amnesia, but nor can anyone from her past life in a different world since there aren't any documents of the supernatural happening. All in all, this exclusion could be chalked up to irrational superstition. That being said, Heilan essentially raised herself. Her parents had hated her and barely wanted anything to do with her, so when it came to feeding herself, getting to school, and the general raising of a child, Heilan had to do that herself. A lot of skills were picked up from this, luckily, but one thing she didn't grasp was social interaction. Was hard to learn how to act with people when everyone would just avoid you. That was until she got to high school, where the kids stopped ignoring her and started to bully her.

Heilan, not knowing better, just figured it was part of living life and took the punches. The kids weren't anything but mean, and she didn't really care, so it's natural that it escalated from verbal to physical. Unfortunately, one day, while walking home across a bridge, one of the bullies figured it'd be really funny if they threw a rock at Heilan's head. Now, it wasn't the rock that would have killed her--it was small--but the force at which it was thrown threw her off her balance and off the bridge. Right before she would have hit the water, she was surrounded by light.

By the time she came to, Heilan forgot everything and woke up in a forest.

Likes: Problem solving, reading, theater

Dislikes: Meeting new people, children, thunder

Goal/Aspiration: Being just randomly thrust into this new world, Heilan's main goals are just to get through life and maybe even find a friend. Also, she wants to figure out how she got to this weird world and how she can get back to where she came from... if she even wants to go back is up in the air though.

Key Fear/Adversary: On the flip side, people have been the source of all of her problems in life and thus she has a crippling fear of others. Mainly just their unpredictability and ruthlessness.


Height: 5'3"
Body Type: Small, slender, and voluptuous
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Red
Skin Tone: Pale

Overall Appearance:

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Heilan Empty Re: Heilan

Post by Iris Sun Jan 16, 2022 7:20 am


Heilan QRmoaKI


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Heilan Empty Re: Heilan

Post by Iris Thu Apr 07, 2022 10:43 am

Archiving due to player inactivity.

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