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Cole, Griffin & Vixen Empty Cole, Griffin & Vixen

Post by Cole Thu Jan 06, 2022 3:51 am



Alias/Nicknames: -
Race: Hybrid
Sub-species: Draconyte-Witch Mix
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Bisexual
Age: 17
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: -


Personality: While Cole has remained quiet for most of his life, after breaking the magic contract with the Torneau House, he actually had quite a lot to say. He's a hot-headed, passionate man who acts first and thinks later. His life as a reject and a slave has made him unfriendly to most, but an irreplaceable ally and friend to all of his companions. But his new path of vengeance has taught him to trust no one, forging his passion for freedom into spite, hatred, and a general dislike for others. He's a secretive man who places high value on privacy.

As cold and vengeful as Cole is, beneath his conviction is a man who keeps those he cares for close and those he loves closer. His young age keeps him close-minded and immature, sometimes unable to see different perspectives and approaches that may be possible. Streetsmart and detail-oriented, Cole is equipped with the intelligence to overcome many obstacles if given the space to think clearly, and is able to muster up unique and sometimes impressive solutions to problems when under pressure. In fact, many of his most impressive qualities seem to appear when seriously threatened or challenged.

Cole isn't a nice man, but he's kind. His empathy for others and his sensitivity to suffering allows him to persevere in situations where outcomes are bleak and is ever an optimist.

History: Relinquished to a home for unwanted children when he was five, one of Newdale's drab and debilitated orphanages took young Cole in along with many other abandoned hybrid children. Three years later without so much as a passing glance from Newdale families, Cole and the other children's futures at the orphanage seemed bleak until one day, a high-class family of witches stumbled into the orphanage. They offered to "adopt" all of the hybrid children to which the guardian anxiously agreed, knowing the true nature of their generosity but also too desperate to refuse the Vyldergold.

Cole and the others were taken to the Torneau Estate, but not welcomed as children of Torneau but cleaners, gardeners, cooks, and other kinds of workers purchased for cheap. Life at the Torneau Estate was bleak and unforgiving for those unlucky enough to have blatant Anthros features, often tasked with the most physically punishing jobs to be taken around the household. But boys and girls who could "pass" as anything other were treated more like pets and accessories. Boys and girls like Cole.

For several years, Cole had been something of a pet for Torneau's many Young Lords & Ladies and hadn't taken on some of the more physically demanding jobs, gaining him the ire and envy of his hybrid peers. His only purpose was to "shut up and look pretty", not even being permitted to speak a word in the presence of his masters for, accordingly, his "rough voice doesn't match the rest of him". Years had this been his only purpose, and yet the anger and indignance swelling inside could not hold for much longer. The cruelty suffered by people he had grown up with, people who he had never seen before, burdened him, and one day it came to a tipping point.

One day, while having lunch with another Eldritch boy from another family, the Young Lady could not seem to recall the name of a certain dish they were having that day. Impatient and eager to clarify, Cole had quietly reminded them both of the names. The Young Lady seemed disgusted and baffled by his broken silence, and splashed hot tea onto his head. No matter how trivial this was, something instead Cole had broken that day. His obedience had shattered, and his loyalty to this household had all but vanished. Nothing remained but vengeance for everything he had gone through all these years.

Acting on his conviction, Cole acquired and poisoned the Young Lady's drink before she went to sleep in the following days, killing her quietly and determined to do the same for the rest of the Torneau witches. But his conviction faltered once he realized that he had truly murdered the Young Lady, panicking and disappearing into Newdale with nothing but the poison left behind.

* Reading
* Passionate people
* Tarte foods

* Eldritch
* Humans
* Unfair treatment

Goal/Aspiration: Cole lives solely for enacting revenge on not just his former masters, but almost all Eldritch and Humans who, involved or not, feed into his people's oppression. He dreams only of the day he can see a world free of Eldritch and Humans alike, one life at a time.

Key Fear/Adversary: Cole fears returning to servitude most, no matter how mild his actual enslavement was compared to others. A day living under Eldritch or Human garbage is one day too many.


Height: 5'9"
Body Type: Lean & Toned
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Yellow Green
Skin Tone: Fair

Overall Appearance: While Cole's human features are notable enough to overlook his Draconyte ones, he has small flesh-colored scales that tear down from his eyes and small patches of similar scales splotched across his body. These scales will uniquely harden and become more noticeable the weather is cold or cool and soften to a skin-like texture or virtually disappear when the weather is hot or humid.

w/ scales (cold):
w/o scales (hot):



Alias/Nicknames: -
Race: Hybrid
Sub-species: Human-Werewolf/Inu Mix (2/4 Human, 1/4 Inu, 1/4 Werewolf)
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Heterosexual
Age: 23
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: -


Personality: Compared to Cole, Griffin is almost his complete opposite! He has such command over his emotions that most displays of rage or overwhelming sadness are mostly for theatrics, is cordial with even those who despise him, and doesn't seem to feel passionate about anything at all. His values are simple and easily achieved, and he doesn't dream big. He's incredibly tolerant of even outrageous behavior and struggles with ideas that change his normal routine or way of life.

Griffin is nice enough, but in the end, he tries not to get involved in a conflict that may induce another's suffering. Constant cruelty and sadness in his life have taught him to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, even growing complacent in it and expecting the same developed tolerance to it all in others like him. He'll comfort others when they cry, and he'll listen to their rants, but he'll also tell them that they were naive children to think they were going to be treated any other way.

As cold-hearted and jaded as he can be, Griffin assumes a brotherly or paternal role in most of his relationships. He'll look out for others only enough to keep them alive and kicking, but assumes neutrality on all other fronts. Aside from that, Griffin is witty, easy to get along with, and somewhat chatty. Despite his rather unpleasant face, he is also surprisingly charismatic when he wants to be, and easy to please. Griffin is a hard pessimist.

History: Unlike many of his peers, Griffin wasn't brought up as an orphan and had at least one of his parents present in his life up until early adolescence. Life is hard for hybrids of any variety in most places across Vyldermire, but Griffin's childhood seemed especially dull and fruitless. Abandoned by his mother on his seventh birthday, Griffin had nothing left but a deadbeat father, a house that was falling apart, and only a couple of Vyldergold coins in his pocket at any given time to feed him, as so much of it went down his father's gambling and alcohol drain. For the most part, Griffin took care of himself and his father after his mother, a human, left.

Life didn't get any easier after that either. Beatings from his drunk father weren't anything new and nothing light and easily coverable either, one particularly brutal tussle resulting in the notable scar across Griffin's lip today. Not only that, but similar to Cole, Griffin's father seemed angry at the world and for everything hybrids had to deal with, constantly trying to instill and "make his son understand" that same hatred. As a result, Griffin grew to become turned off by the idea altogether.

When Griffin turned twelve, at the height of puberty, his father collapsed beneath the burden of his gambling pursuits and couldn't pay off his debt to local Newdale loan sharks. His life was in their hands and no one would bat an eye or turn a cheek if it was his blood spilling on the streets. As a result, Griffin's father relinquished guardianship and allowed a house of witches to "adopt" his former son, or more specifically, the Torneau Household. To the public, they are a generous home of witches that see the potential in all kids, but Griffin realized what was happening the moment he saw them give his father a small bag of Vyldergold. It was later found out that his father, despite the money, was found stabbed to death and tossed into a dumpster. Undoubtedly the loan sharks or maybe one of the many Eldritch he'd pick fights with.

And so, for the next eleven years, Griffin was quick to grow into his new role as a slave and servant of the Torneau Household. His incredible stature and impressive athletic, heavy build made him the first to shoulder the estate's more gruesome and physically exhausting jobs, but he never seemed to mind it. He had a real bed to sleep in and at least one meal a day that wasn't stale, moldy bread or an omelet made from rotten eggs. For eleven years, that's all it took to make him feel content. He had never even thought about what other possibilities were out there for a hybrid like him.

That was the case until one of the Young Ladies of the Torneau Household was found dead in her chambers, with naught but a vial of the poison left behind at her bedside and a window swung open in the midst of a chilly storm. Perhaps it was his impressive tracking abilities, or maybe because he just happened to be around when the Young Lady was discovered, but either way, Griffin was tasked to hunt Cole down and bring him back to receive his punishment.

Having absolutely zero interest in being something of a retriever for his masters, but also having zero input, Griffin reluctantly begins his journey across the continent for nothing short of a vengeful spirit while making stops and taking detours along the way.

* Routines
* Gardening
* Alcohol

* Conflict
* Passionate people
* Drama (if he's involved)

Goal/Aspiration: Griffin wants nothing more than a simple life where he knows what to expect, every day. As long as he gets to have food on his table at least once a day, nothing satisfies him more. Yet, nothing fulfills him either.

Key Fear/Adversary: There are many people like Griffin, who have given up in the face of their oppressors and have either taken their own lives because of their bleak fate or have learned to grow content with their life as servants and second-class or even third-class citizens. Griffin worries for ideas of revolting and protests circling among his fellow hybrids, fearing that his norm may be threatened and he would return to his life before entering the Torneau Household.


Height: 6'7"
Body Type: Athletic & Large
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Icy Blue
Skin Tone: Fair

Overall Appearance: Griffin has a unique scar across his lip due to violence from his previous domestic home life, and has little to no signs of him behind a hybrid aside from his sharp teeth, finger and toenails, and a tail so short that it can be comfortably stuffed in most pants.




Alias/Nicknames: Vix, Vic, Master Torneau
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Witch
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Unknown
Age: 263
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: -


Personality: Kind, charismatic, and positively flamboyant, this doting father seems to defy Cole and Griffin's perception of the Torneau witches altogether. A smile seems to be his resting expression and his friendly and warm spirit seems to defy his underlings' nasty perception of him and his bloodline. He possesses excellent control over his demeanor and feelings, awarding him with noteworthy social skills and an acute judge of character. In other words, Vixen is a man who always seems "put together" and never seems to truly lose his composure, or his smile. However, his goofiness and upbeat personality have sometimes led others to overlook his wisdom, wit, and intelligence. Vixen's excellent judge of character has allowed him to navigate people's personalities and habits with ease, making him the ultimate people-pleaser, no matter how subtle. He's incredibly family-oriented, thoughtful, and affectionate.

Yet, despite all of his shining qualities, his high emotional intelligence can occasionally bring light to his more unattractive flaws as well. Well-meaning or not, Vixen is incredibly manipulative, steering people in directions he wants to go because of his own beliefs and intentions. His ability to empathize with people makes it just as easy to break hearts as it is to warm and heal them. In addition to this... he's also quite petty.


* Drama
* Reading
* Early Morning & Late Night strolls

* Boredom
* Smoking
* Cats


Key Fear/Adversary:


Height: 6'3"
Body Type: Lean
Hair: Black | Red Streaks
Eyes: Gold
Skin Tone: Pale White

Overall Appearance:


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Cole, Griffin & Vixen Empty Re: Cole, Griffin & Vixen

Post by Iris Fri Jan 07, 2022 12:41 pm


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