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Just another day

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Just another day Empty Just another day

Post by Isla Paledragon Tue Jan 04, 2022 2:37 pm

Just another day Af5210ef068dbf7125a482eee2fe336f

Part 1


“Dad, dad… dad? No. I stop you there, don’t do it…no… not in slightest, this is terrible idea.” A heavy sigh lift the young girl’s lips as she shouldered open the night door, arms unable to move due to the heavy load she was burdened with carrying. “You know what Nik is like… but that was different… no dad this is not the same, That is a technicality… do not play stupid because you know that we know you are not stupid.” With a huff and sigh of relief she began to squat down as she reached the end of the corridor, placing down the loaded carrier bags as securely as she could with the phone tucked neatly between her ear and her shoulder blade. Brushing her hands against her jeans and clenching them for a moment to regain feeling in her fingers, Isla retrieved the phone and held it properly with her left hand while her right searched her pockets for the key. “If you take Nik to a karaoke bar for your anniversary he will do one of two things. One, he gets awkward and starts an argument with someone telling him to loosen up…” With a heavy clunk of the mechanism the door unlocked, a slight sigh of relief escaping her lips as she pushed open the front door of her apartment.

“Two, he gets very drunk, makes absolute tit of himself, then gets in a fight when someone criticises him, you know he insecure singer.” Her eyes scanned the entranceway for a moment, eager to get her shopping inside but delayed by the voice which replied over her call. “But dad, us playing Karaoke on a video game for my thirteenth birthday is not a sign he would like to do so in public, this idea is a you idea not a couple idea… right i need to put you on speaker while i get into the apartment… oh you can talk, i just don’t promise i will be listening, you were saying?” She asked rhetorically with a tired smirk as she clicked for the call to go on speaker. She entered her apartment and rested the phone down on the nearest shelf, wiggling her fingers again for feeling before returning to the shopping bags.

“But Islaaaaaaa, i supported your dreams, why you picking on mine huh? Is this why i raised you? To be a bully?” Came the sarcastic and theatrical sorrow filled voice of Arthur Paledragon through her phone’s speaker. Answered at first only by the sound of a slamming door as Isla kicked it shut behind her, two bag’s in either hand as she marched with purpose further inside. “You hear that? That was the sound of you slamming my love back in my face you know,” he teased further, his bardic charisma being the only thing keeping his act up she reckoned.

“No dad…” She sighed back finally when she reached the phone, having placed the bags down on her kitchen counter. “…I am not picking on you, i just remember last year when you took dad to that Opera last year and he left after twenty minutes. Incase you forgot what happened next you were so busy enjoying the show you didn’t notice that for the next however many hours, i found him in the bar across the road and we played drinking games… for your anniversary.” She emphasised the ‘your’ specifically as she laughed at the memory of the fallout, an evening where all enjoyed themselves even if it had not gone according to plan.

“Fine, no karaoke bar, what would you do?” He asked in defeat, letting his tone return to a more genuine conversation as he chuckled too in the memory of the year just passed. But while he had asked Isla for a suggestion she was in the middle of focussing on unpacking, a task which could likely be heard over the phone through all the rustling bags. Using her foot she managed to hook and open the freezer door, following suit with opening the top tray by her foot too as she slid in a couple frozen pizzas.

“I don’t know… What about the movies, there must be something you are both interested to see no? What about that one that came on last week, the one with that fee he likes as the villain… You know Fleur, i remember Nik mentioning it last time i was round.” She suggested as she continued unpacking the few fridge and freezer items she had collected, however the majority of the food in her bags was simply cupboard foods for the sake of making sure it lasted. Arthur did not reply at first, seemingly deep in thought considering her idea, but when he eventually did it caught Isla off guard as she was part way through stretching so that she could slide the newest batch of dried ramen onto her top shelf for all her low effort dietary needs.

“See with a genius daughter like you, it was no doubt you could achieve whatever you wanted.” He praised her in gushing tones, a gesture which received such an unexpectedly violent laugh in response that Isla’s snort fired down the phone line like the most aggressive pig either had heard in their lives.

“I achieve whatever i want because achieved my dream through being very good at hitting people really hard, you remember my scores in school. You tried convincing me that higher letters were better until you realised it made my gym score look shit… Look dad i got to finish unpacking then… do some work, but i will see you both this weekend okay?” Her explanation for hanging up was an attempt to sound productive but she was had a mind certain Arthur could recognise the lies in her pause. If he did though he didn’t point it out.

“Of course sweetheart, i love you!” He yelled down the line, excessively so which made her only smile as she pretended to sound fed up with his antics.

“I love you too daaaaad”, a single beep marked the end of the call and the tension building in her shoulders from having to speak eased away in a flood of shedding stress. Moment’s later her posture followed suite, as her head landed on the counter as if it were a pillow, and she groaned low against the artificial worktop with just a long consistent “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh”

“Suka…” she muttered with a light intake of breath, pushing herself up from the counter as she eyed up the arch nemesis of the two shopping bags still full, though all the food was away. The first one she dragged over was mostly toiletries and utility bits and pieces she was short. The first item she plucked out was a tube of toothpaste, holding it as if it were a magazine for light reading she leaned forward, one elbow on the counter to keep her head held up while the other head the tube steady, her eyes going along each ingredient one by one as she procrastinated the rest of the bag.

With time though she got back to work, retrieving the various products and jamming them somewhere into the small bathroom connecting onto the rest of her mostly open plan apartment. A kitchen overlooking a small living room, a single doorway leading into her bedroom, door in the back of the kitchen space leading into a tiny utility room, and the only remaining door leading to what was meant to be a second bedroom but currently housed a variety of junk assembled over her short life that she no longer had an excuse to store with her dads at their place. The final bag too had been almost entirely emptied, except for a small book given to her as a late holidays present by Raya, with the rest of her present waiting at her old friend’s apartment next time she stopped by. Isla turned the book both ways to read the front and back, pondering it with hungry and bored eyes as she chewed on her lip. “This would be a bad idea…” She said to herself, eyes flickering between then took and the myriad collection of leftover bottles of alcohol assembled from celebrations over the past couple months. “… Damn you Raya,” she whispered with a smirk, caving in and deciding to see which ones she could make with her current ensemble.

Word Count; 1409
Total word count; 1409
made bycapt. meows
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