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Who Woke Up the Dragon

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Who Woke Up the Dragon Empty Who Woke Up the Dragon

Post by Sivaas Sun Dec 12, 2021 9:31 pm

There she was laying in the snow, a Young yet beautiful creature, one of terror death, and prime to murder anything that came to close. Her breath was so deadly true ice could be molten into water. A great threat to most who were not prepared for a battle, the last one would see the fire following them and embracing them into a new life. A long body with darkened green scales on its body slowly fading into a white, two horns almost like antlers with two red-yellow eyes piercing into its target. A mouth, full of teeth with a dark green fin moving around its head and over to the back of its white scaled tail. Her front legs are marked with red and yellow paint almost as war scares, with Strong and sharp claws at her hands. Standing tall and proud as she leaned over her front paws demanding respect from those below her. With two Green Leathery wings on her back long and wide folded over her enormous body, covering her like a mental robe. A great aura of power and destruction flew in the air around her eating those who were fueled with fear, sinking into their hearts of no safe return. Deep within the Tundra there she roamed, those who ventured into the deeps were never safe and were for her just a distraction of those who were beyond the mountains. Struck with the greed of shiny objects the monster flew out into the world, seeking treasure, seeking the thrill of the hunt. Her name caused fear with the lords close to the tundra, only hoping that her nose did not lead her to their domain. And that name was Nahkrah Sivaas, Fury Cold Beast, the Beast of the tundra, Terror of the snow, Yet her name struck fear alone. A Great dragon like her, as powerful as her only to hunt in the North of Mirinah Region. Those fearing her knew better not to mess with this great dragon, no matter how old she may have been.

For years people in the North spoke of this her as a terror, only the most braves fools seeking battle with this beast only to spill the beans and who send them and being completely destroyed after she was done with them. And for those who apposed her were only struck by flame, burned to ash, or memorized if their armor was shining enough. One of those was a great warrior, a fighter of unmans power, Seen as a god among the humans and a pest among Eldritch. Only his blade survived her onslaught, left as a trophy among her hoard. His name is now lost in storied. A long red blade was wielded with two hands by this warrior, He called the blade an artwork of crafters, one that could cut a mountain and pierce dragon armor,  In his tongue, it was called Drake Blood. A battle was fought and blood was spilled even the Beast of the North dripped some blood after a fight, Yet after a game of hide and seek passed five days The Beast found her pray and slaughtered him right there burning him and his armor to crips, only leaving his blade in the ashes of this former warrior, A pest to a dragon or yet just another playmate, who could tell as she never spoke. Yet people saw his story as one of victory as it seems to have been proven that this dragon can bleed, and things that bleed can die. After that many have tried over and over, only showing failure and more destruction of the playing field. Even an army was sent to deal with this monster only to get a messenger back saying that the dragon demanded either worthy warriors or a stronger army. This made people feat the tundra even more, and years gone passed where people spoke of this creature, Terror of the snow lying in wait for new toys.

There once was a man, who was learned in magic, dreaming about power to learn more about this world. His years of training were ended as his master was sent to try and counter a monster of the north, but news came back that he died. This filled the mage with his rage and anger to a point of wanting revenge at all cost. Learning about magic is stronger and deadlier to a point of no return. Learning under a new master, one that filled his anger by the promise of power only to leave behind some part of himself. As he acquired this power, he made a shift in his nature and wanted to take the power of this dragon and tame it as his own. Years passed and once he was older and had given up most of his life to magic. His body was pale and his arms were covered by black skin and rotten and dead. He was blind but saw everything, he was weak and brittle but stoot on two legs without trouble. He learned of a power to conquer someone else power and capture them to abuse of your own. He was planning to use this on her, the Terror of the Snow, The Fury Cold Beast. A challenge was given and word came out even to the peaks of the snowy mountains that a wizard, now at this point turned Eldritch, wanted to fight the dragon. There among the peaks he traveled, A battle took place as the wind pushed him back, He only needed to weaken her a tiny bit, to give in to his spell. For two weeks a game of hide and seek and flames and spells flew about the tundra. And there it was, she was angry that his old Fool always kept one step ahead of her, but he was losing hope that she would never weaken. Yet there was a small bit of hope, one direct spell flew right into a wound, a wound left by a sword long ago. It took her to the ground and in anger, she engulfed him in flames and she was blinded by a light.

And once the light fades, there she was among the cold snow, victo...rious. There was something wrong, Nahkrah Sivaas looked around her, her eyes spotting wood all around her. Her anger was felt and she tried to get up only having the strength to turn over on her back and lookup. Wood was everywhere even above her. This was not right, this was not the tundra she was born in, this was not her hoard, not her home. Yet it felt like she was home as the cold wind came through the cracks of the roof and walls of this wooden structure around her. Was she captured, did she lose her fight. No ... it was something else, she started to panic and tried to growl only releasing a high pitch girl-like growl of anger. She tried to stand but fell and noticed her hand, these were not her hands, this was not her own body. She turned around again and looked at herself only to stare at a rag-like Cloth dress, and a... Human body. Yet scales grew on her hands and lower arm, and the same red paint among her arms. her hand moved towards her head feeling it, it was soft and felt like the skin of those humans. Her hands started shaking and moved to the side of her head feeling pointy ears like those elves, and before he stopped she felt two yet familiar horns on top of her head. And yet a small spark of hope was destroyed as she tried to look for her wings, only finding her tail as she moved the long white-green scaled tail with green fin in front of her as she stared up at the ceiling. This feeling, this emotion, she was familiar with is as she could always taste it just before murdering someone, but now she was the one wearing this emotion. She was scared for the first time in her life, the great dragon returned to a weak body not her own.

Staring at the ceiling holding her tail in fear waiting for this nightmare to be over with, yet hours passed and nothing happened. She got angry and feared this new environment around her, Yet she could not lay still as she tried to gain her power to sit on her knees. Pulling herself from the floor she sat there looking around while holding her tail in fear. This was not right, this should not have happened, yet it did and she paid the price. Her powers gone her weapons taken, she was left in this body, this weakened state. Staring and sitting there everything went through her head, of what happened. And she remembered everything, She was fighting a Witch, and a powerful at that. "I WILL MURDER HIM!"  She yelled only to scare herself with her own voice, as she spoke there was a yet low voice and Silvery at the same time. "H-Hallo? Witch guy, you here?"  she said as her voice sounded soft-spoken and low with a taste of silvery running down her throat. Yet nobody responded, nobody was there. She took a deep breath and sighed. She looked at her hands again, confirming to herself that those were indeed her scales placed on top of a human-like body, Her horns and tail she felt again being the real thing and she soon discovered herself to be in a body familiar to her own yet unknown to her memory. She stayed awake and the day passed, and two more passed. And then the light went out again as she passed out from exhaustion again. Waking up again in the same place it was true that this was truly not a dream, and she knew that somehow she needed to survive and adapt, as she always did. And her new day started as well whatever she might now be, a lesser dragon or a dragon trapped inside a human body.

She tried to stand again, this time slowly and carefully. Yet she stumbled towards a wall as her arm went through the wooden wall and crumbled. Pulling her arm from the wall she stood again with help from the wall this time, shaking on her new legs and tiny ... toes. Step by step she needed to learn how to use this body. She needed to find out like she saw all those other tiny people do before her. Hours passed and she fell every time as she got closer to moving around on her newfound legs. Time passed and for a moment she stoot, long enough for her to take in her surroundings correctly. This wooden structure was a house and a very old one at that. The walls had holes here and there as well as the roof. before her was a door that clearly went outside, and behind her was a hallway with a room on the left and two on the right. Carefully and slowly she walked towards the hallway there in finding the first door on her right to be a sort of storage, with sacks, a table with chairs, and a shelf parked at the back of the wall. Inspecting these sacks she found food, and she went at it ignoring her new taste and flavor she just went at the food. The meat of some sort of wild deer was a bit hard to chew yet it tasted as it always did for her. After filling up from one good piece of meat she slowly walked out towards the door on the left side. Here she found herself a bed with hay, as well as sheets and a new pare of wonderful looking clothing. Getting closer to the chair with the clothing there seemed to be a letter. On the front Beast of the Sivaas Staff was written. Opening the letter the Dragon began to read.

"Sorry, I don't know what has happened to you, but once I found the staff inside my master's old collection of relics I felt your aura and weakened state, I was told the staff that u lived in was from my masters master and he master before him, granting the user strong power. I also was told that this staff has lost most of its uses and was just junk about now. But I studied you, well the staff, and found out a monster was captured inside you being this monster, a great dragon. It took me a lot of time but I found a way to release you, I sadly can't give you back your old body as it has been torn to pieces over time, but I hope you can be free now Sivaas. Loves... An ally."

Anger grew on her more, her name now only lost in time to be the beast, inside a staff. TO BE USED as a power for others to abuse as they find fit. "I will find this Witch and murder him make him suffer to make him pay,"  she grumbled low before she got distracted by a small shining among the clothing. There was a purple bracelet and with beats, and she was also slowly beginning to eagerly try on these clothing as her new body could actually fit them. A grey dress without sleeves that faded into black at the bottom, and a jacket that could be pulled over her head, as the inside was green like her scales, having a more open and free space for her arms. Putting them on felt like she was one of those noble lady people in castles she always stole the clothing from. And she smiled only to quickly be replaced by anger as she punched a hole into the wall that was clearly visible from the main room now. But with a deep breath, she calmed herself as wood fell down on her, knowing well enough that if she did any more damage to this structure it would fall upon her. With calm breathing and her new clothing, she walked out slowly still stumbling from time to time as she did so, barefooted over the cold floor. She walked across the hallways again to the last standing door on the right. Opening it was revealed to hide a sort pond, with a ... fireplace, or something of those things. She gave the rooms inside the house names, the one she went in first was the food hall, the one with the bed was the nest, and the last one was the ... pond room. This was her new temporary home as snow fell into the house because of the holes inside the roof, yet she was not cold even for the slightest bit. Until her powers return and she can return to her old body would she destroy everyone who opposed her in getting to her own power her own body.

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Who Woke Up the Dragon Empty Re: Who Woke Up the Dragon

Post by Sivaas Mon Jan 03, 2022 8:39 pm

Part 2

Snow covering the ground everywhere you went here, the tundra full of dangers beyond anyone's imagination. There among the foot mountains where trees were scarce and snow was plenty stood a longly wooden cabin among the white blanket. Holes on the roof and walls as the wind blew against the cabin. Big enough for one person to stay yet it was small to its size, maybe a hunter used to stay here or mayhaps a lonely hermit. Yet now it seemed abandoned, the windows border up and the door reinforced with more wood, Holes in the roof patched with some planks yet all was not repaired. Snow has fallen into the cabin pilling up at some spots inside the living room. Light from the sun came through the cracks of the wooden walls. It would take a long time for something like this to be fully repaired yet at this moment it was good enough for one person, Her name was long forgotten. Inside lived a beast a monster, a terrible terror, those who came near would see death... Would have seen death, as that is no longer the case. Inside was a girl with black and green hair, green horns sprouting from her head, a white tail with green fin and green-scaled arms with red paint on them. Wearing a black sorceress jacket with a white dress underneath it.

Stumbling around as the she-dragon walked around here, a cold wind blew in moving her sorceress jacket around, yet she ignored hit completely. Her skin did not jump by the slightest as the frozen wind pushed into the cabin. barefooted she walked around trying to understand how these people walked on just two legs. As she did so she walked through the snow that was in the cabin itself and completely ignored it as she was practicing walking. Days went passed after she first fell into this body, it was weird and confusing, why would people have so much extra fat on the front of their chest, its a waste of space for muscle and you also need to eat more because of it. Yet she had to deal with it as well as she had to deal with it that her hands were more fragile than her claws she used to have before.

Learning everything or at least as much as she could learn she understood how to walk and at least hold things in her hands, as well as that most of the food she has been eating now was nearly gone and she needed more, so a Hunt it was. Getting onto her legs she moved towards the door as the wind was howling harsher and stronger than before. Opening the door it flew open and a wind gust hit her in the face, Cold freezing air went into the cabin, if there was any fire inside it would have for sure have gone out. Standing there proud and ready she took her steps into the world before her. Step by step into the snow-covered planes on her barefoot, leaving behind her a trail of humanoid footprints behind her. Yet unknown to her, that her presents alone have shifted the balance of nature itself already. Walking among the snow Sivaas seemed to walk with proud stature here and there just tipping over as she did so. The beast that she once was, has been taken away, yet her presents send a dark and dangerous aura into the air.

As she came to the treeline at the foot of the mountains she started to walk on all fours, slowly creeping into the snow and bushes. This was what it felt like to sneak around in the forest, the branches, and the trees. Sniffing the air her nose seemed to work fine and picked something up, slowly creeping closer to whatever this smell was she stared to an open field, on the other side of the field of snow stood a lonely deer. She was not spotted and the deer was about 700 or so feet away from her, However, the Deer looked up Straight at Sivaas and took a full-on sprint. "Bloody damn it," She cursed out with a low silvery growl of anger, as she jumped out from her hiding spot trying to catch up to the deer. Running on her legs before getting at least 20 feet before falling straight to the ground face-first into the snow. A Muffled growl came from beneath the snow and her body was there laying still on the ground before turning over to her back. "This is not going to work Nahkrah Sivaas, your useless in this body, your weak, I WANT MY POWER BACK!"  She yelled into the air releasing a near roar as she did so, Her voice carried, low angry and completely pissed off making sure any meat in the area to run heels.

Getting up again The She-dragon made her way back to the cabin of once she came, knowing the path as she walked head down into her own trail. It was clear, she may not have been in her dragon form anymore but something was still there something deep inside her, revealing who she truly is, A dragon of the north, that would burn down villages for fun. In the past, this would have helped her as it would be way easier to catch prey with her faster and larger body, Yet now this would be her downfall, a dragon losing it because she was too small to catch anything.  Upon coming back to the cabin however she stopped a basket placed there, she walked up to it and opened it, inside some food and fresh meat. Taking the basket inside she made sure the thank whoever left it there later and just eat her food for now. Who can complain when the food comes to you and you didn't have to do anything for it.

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