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Sivaas Empty Sivaas

Post by Sivaas Mon Dec 06, 2021 9:38 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Nahkrah Sivaas, Fury Cold Beast, The Beast
Race: Anthros
Sub-species: Draconytes
Gender / Sexuality:
Age: memory 300+ | Body 1 month
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: none


Personality: Nahkrah Sivaas is a prideful dragon, hoarding all kinds of treasure to her hoard. Seeking a worth pray to show off her strength and prove she is one of the strongest around. never running away from a challenge, facing her enemy head-on. Being super protective of her den, protecting her hoard of Treasure from foul adventures. Being Prideful and protective of her belongings has always been in her nature. She has pride and the honor she brings with it, always making sure her promises are made and weren't broken. Yet there is a keen joy from having Art in her hoard and tapestries, as well as clothing the nobles wear, always wanting to find out how these got made. Her lack of interest in the other races is very keen and visible completely ignoring the war that happened.

With her new body, however, her personality has changed a bit. She still sees herself as more important and being all-powerful even if she isn't, and her lack of interest in others is still there. And still being stubborn and prideful to the max. However, she becomes soft-spoken when people praise her and her new appearance, finally figuring out why the nobles pride so much on clothing and appearance. As well that her younger side has come out being more playful at times. As well as her growing fear of new things and of those that she once haunted.

History: There once was a dragon, it towered about 30 feet tall with giant wings. Her name WAS Nahkhar Sivaas, the Beast and The Fury Cold Beast. A prideful creature that terrorized the Ventamir Tundra, hunting for stay creatures to eat and unlucky adventurers. And from time to time attacking castles to steal the noble's treasure within. Stealing Paintings, Gold, Clothing, Gems, and Crystals. With her new trinkets in tow, she made her way to her Hoard where she stayed protecting it from adventures. She hunts those who come near playing a sort of hide and seek with them until she gets bored.

Being a Fearless monster with no other preditor to hunt her she was mostly free not caring about rules, to a point she would not acknowledge other races. She knew about a war starting and she did act upon it by murdering an entire platoon of Humans that got too close to the Tundra, but that was all she did. Always seeking new things claim as her own. When peace was brought to the world she did not care as she kept plundering people for gold. Yet something was different, the small creatures were more organized and started to work together. Yet none were a challenge to her, and she started to seek people to "Play" with and hunted for more and more adventures. But one of those new toys was quite strong, someone with magic so powerful it was the first time someone drew blood on her. The battle took place just outside the tundra, and The Beast never cared to learn the name of this new toy. But this was her last battle as a flash of light blinded her vision and her body hurt and her pain was clear. She drew her fire breath into the direction of the magic-user with all her might burning the ground and melting stone.

When the light was gone, she didn't remember anything, did she beat him did she fall. Looking around she found herself in a wooden structure half broken down. She was confused and tried to walk around but fell to the ground, confused even more she just crawled around. She soon discovered her body was not her own and she freaked out confused she tried to fly away but fell even harder. This was new this was scary this was not right.

*Gems and Crystals

*Strong Magic Users
*Breaking Promises

Goal/Aspiration: Sivaas wants nothing else to regain her body and her hoard, she wants her power out of most of them and seeks to regain her former pride as a Dragon that roamed around in the sky being free of any law that binds her to this new body. Seeking the one who did this and fixing herself to be a Dragon again. This might be impossible as Time has moved quite a bit and unknowingly to her.

Key Fear/Adversary: Being hunted by those who she wronged, and losing her life as well as losing her pride. She hates the mage that cursed her and made her this new body, as well as fearing him. And the new world she is in scares her the most, how does one ever survive being the lowest on the food chain.


Height: 5'4"
Body Type: Slim
Hair:Black with Dark green
Eyes: Yellow
Skin Tone: Pale

Overall Appearance:

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Sivaas Empty Re: Sivaas

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sun Dec 12, 2021 8:36 pm


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