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Bonifaz Kasper Empty Bonifaz Kasper

Post by Bonifaz Sun Dec 05, 2021 2:54 pm



Alias/Nicknames: The Wanderer
Race: Human
Sub-species: Mage
Gender / Sexuality: Male, Straight
Age: 36
Alignment: Rogue
Faction: N/A


Personality: Bonifaz is troubled by his past. It nags at him, fill his dreams with dread and diminishes his appetite.  He rarely eats or sleep. His gaunt physique and his ragged clothes make him appear like a beggar. More than once chased villagers or merchants Bonifaz away from stores and markets, fearing he would steal their valuables and goods.
Bonifaz seeks to redeem himself after the death of his wife and children, their deaths caused by one of his experiments. His brilliant alchemical abilities are left untouched, he focusses to do good by using his herbal knowledge as well as his magic in dire cases. Instead of studying alchemy he now devotes to read upon philosophy, to find a better way to life. Bonifaz travels around, helping were he can. Be it on a farm to bring in the harvest, guide merchants through bandit infested highways or fight some monster threatening a farmstead.  
When Bonifaz is wandering through a town, it will be notable that he is being tailed by cats. Cat’s seem to like the ragged mage for some reason. Thoughts Bonifaz never realy liked cats in particular, thoughts he keeps the cat, Duchess around. The cat of his youngest daughter. To whom he often talks to, and sometimes seems to talk back.

History:Bonifaz is a mage and alchemist. Whose quest it was to become rich and powerful, with as ultimate goal to create the Creator’s Hammer. The fabled hammer that would grant the wielder the power to manipulate space and time like a God. He mostly was known as an artificer and apothecary, together with his wife he ran a little herbalist. Mostly frequented by adventurers to gear upon potions and Bonifaz’s enchanted equipment. Bonifaz did not spend much time in the shop however, he was mostly tinker in the basement. Creating new enhancement, devices and experimenting with new formula’s. Until that fateful day, when his experiment blew up in his face and destroyed his life. The villagers only retrieved Bonifaz alive, but unconscious, from under the rouble. After which he wanders through life, dedicated to help others to pay for his mistake.

The Moon – The moon, the full moon in particular reminds Bonifaz of his wife, to whom he proposed on a summer’s night in the radiance of the lunar rays.
Duchess – Duchess is the only one remaining of his family, even though it Duchess is a cat.
Life – Bonifaz has gained a renewed love for life and living, life itself is the most precious thing in existence.

Ambition – Bonifaz can’t help but dislike ambition, ambition leads to individual astray and ends in folly or worse.
Violence – Even though Bonifaz uses violence when it is requires, he does not love violence itself but what it protects.
Greed – Money is an illusion, you can’t eat it, it can’t buy you friends, it can’t buy you life. Of course one needs it to survive, but one does not need it to life.  

Goal/Aspiration: To seek redemption for causing the death of his family

Key Fear/Adversary: His nightmares and death


Height: 1.82m
Body Type: Gaunt
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Skin Tone: Light
Overall Appearance:

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Bonifaz Kasper Empty Re: Bonifaz Kasper

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Sun Dec 12, 2021 8:33 pm


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