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Vici's Log Empty Vici's Log

Post by Vici Ferae Wed Nov 24, 2021 9:46 pm

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A First Time for Everything
Thread Summary:
Total Word Count: 2502
Vici Word Count: 2502

Declared: 4x Novice Quests
Word Count Required: 2000
Excess: 502
Rewards: 100 EXP, 40 REP, 2000 VG

Killed: Zombie x2
Loot: None
Kill Bonus: 20 exp

Tamed: Wipsie

Vici's Total Rewards
EXP: 120
REP: 40 * 1.5 (Adventurer's Guild bonus) = 60
VG: 2000
Tames: Wipsie

Accredited Threads
Vici Ferae
Vici Ferae

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