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A fated Aura of worries [Rayne]

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A fated Aura of worries [Rayne] Empty A fated Aura of worries [Rayne]

Post by Guest Wed Nov 24, 2021 9:46 pm

Hoptus Forest, one of the places where one like Aurora herself could go, This place in nature always was her one little world. But this world has gotten smaller and it was clear something was missing. With the birds chirping and moving around in the trees and on the small animal made paths tracks of deers and all kinds of animals of their own. The forest is alive and for those who can see it, they know it all too well, that here you are watched by every little critter out in the forest. Those who hide from you and those who are just curious what someone is doing here. And some of these animals even seek out help from healers and menders, healers like Aurora herself. Among the leaves and bushes in this forest walks a woman, her wings around herself a bit giving off a small shine of their own. Gold and White clothing with a hole to make room for her wings. White short hair being blown by the wind within the forest and gold shining eyes. Here she walks, an angel with white wings among the animals, plants, and even monsters.

Though not all seemed at is closer inspections show that her eyes seemed distracted and her stature slummed over. Her wings as white as they were had grey feathers among them and the shine from her body was dull. She has not lost faith, but something was holding her head low. Walking among nature was an easy getaway, a route to get out and distract once self with other assignments. Walking off from the path that the animals made she wandered around looking for answers that she would not find here.

Her mind seemed to get distracted, however, by something, and not just something a feeling of panic and fear. Her eyes went up and she walked determinant, her stature completely changed from before, seeming more respectful and strong. Upon getting to this strong feeling Aurora noticed a creature on the ground, a lonely creature right there. Kneeling down to the creature Aurora took careful steps and leaned in. it seemed to be a flying squirrel, and it was hurt. "Poor thing, its alright sweetie. Aurora is here for you," she said with a calming and caring voice smooth as the windless sea. Aurora slowly places her hand near the squirrel to make sure it knew that she did not mean harm to it. The Squirrel seemed to feel saver and accepted her help quite fast. Aurora opened her hand for the creature to sit on so she didn't need to lean over it too much. Taking the squirrel into her hand Aurora started to inspect it carefully while humming a small song she learned from her mother. It was quite known to those who knew about Aurora's family as most healers from her family knew this song as they hummed it when helping people.

"There There you poor friend, you took a bit of a rough landing didn't you?" She said as her voice drifted on the wind a bit almost like it was the wind itself. The Squirrel was completely relaxed right now sitting in Aurora's hand and as she was humming while placing her finger on the flying squirrel paw a small light came from it. This was her mending magic her healing powers, a near gold, and white light.


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