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Vici Ferae Empty Vici Ferae

Post by Vici Ferae Tue Nov 23, 2021 8:14 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Beastmistress
Race: Eldritch
Sub-species: Demonata (Erinye)
Gender / Sexuality: Female, asexual
Age: 206
Alignment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: Rebel Scorpius


Personality:Vici doesn't care much about the world around her, only the animals she has in her own care. Though this doesn't go so far as to actively wishing harm on others, she will protect the few things she cares about devoutly and without hesitation to use deadly force. This also makes her feel very distant and cold when being talked to. She doesn't mean to be that way, but rather it is because she does not wish to get close to people who could betray her once more. Whenever the idea of her doing this is brought up, she will mention that animals are easier for her to understand. Usually, this is also accompanied by a quick end to the conversation and no longer wishing to talk with such a nosy person.

All this being said, she isn't incapable in a social situation. She can carry a conversation decently well and holds a dear place in her heart for fashion and animal training. Should someone bring those topics up, she'll open up very quickly and actually be quite warm. Some even say that she is only herself around her animals and when talking about them. Regardless of the truth in that statement though, she comes across as a whole new person.

History: Vici was not always the way she is now. Before she had joined the ranks of the eldritch, she was a Gaiyan named Pecoria Tallus. She was tasked with keeping the earth, specifically the beasts, and learned to work closely with the Dryads for her job. Meanwhile at home, she noticed the dishonesty so many of the races had towards each other. She began to keep closer to the animals, finding them more honest and trustworthy than many of her peers.

She was approached by a member of the Rebel Scorpius as they told her about a way she could be around her beasts and still be welcomed in society. As they told her about the way that eldritch society worked, she became enamored by it, and ended up signing up to be a member herself.

About a week after that, she returned home to give her parents and sister the news. She was renouncing her faith and leaving for The outer Realm. As soon as the words left her mouth, she could feel something within her. Her wings grew black and lost their luster, she felt the power of the gods leaving her as she walked out of the room. She knew the consequences, and didn't mind paying the price.

Walking out of her home one last time, now an eldritch being, she made her way to the outer realm. Currently residing in Sinhaven, the girl took the name of Vici Ferae and began looking for work. Without the support of her angelic lineage and powers now, she had to start learning how to survive in this world.


  • Fauna: Vici prefers animal company to sentient. As such, she usually has an animal or two around her that she'll pet or just keep company with. Precisely what animal or beast it is can change quite regularly.
  • Flora: Though not a green thumb, Vici does enjoy the wilderness and has learned to navigate it well because of that. She'll often enjoy just wandering about the outdoors when she can.
  • Fashion: Vici is often out and about in a very nice outfit. Though she isn't the greatest of models, she knows how to dress herself and others and often likes to dress up for even trivial occasions. Though this can be off-putting if she overdresses by accident.


  • Prophets: Vici has a strong distrust of people who say they know the full truth or have all the answers. Oftentimes she will assume they are lying from the offset. Similar happens with those who give her a deal far too good to be true.
  • Proselytizers: In a similar vein, Vici prefers to cast out any company that attempts to preach to her their own beliefs. Though she does not judge the beliefs others have strongly, she does not want those beliefs impressed upon her. She will refuse the company of proselytizers, preachers, or other conversion attempts without a second thought.
  • Poachers: Vici does not like those hurting the wilderness without any remorse or for any reasons aside from personal gain. This extends to those who harm just for their own gain. However, she does acknowledge righteous justice or doing bad things for those you care about.

Goal/Aspiration: Vici wishes to prove herself as powerful enough to stand on her own. Though she doesn't mind receiving help, she wishes to expand her bestiary and begin to work on rising through the ranks of her newfound people. She may start weak, but she has the ambition and wish to grow stronger than ever.

Key Fear/Adversary: Vici's greatest threat is her own past. Though she does not regret her decisions, they do haunt her. She worries about the things looking over her constantly, wishing she could have ended things on a better note. Her falling out and subsequent corruption left many people soured to her, and several more that wish to ensure she never rises.


Height: 5'8"
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Fiery Red
Eyes: Amber
Skin Tone: Pale

Overall Appearance: So as to not remind herself of her dirtied past, Vici primarily keeps her wings hidden and stays in a human form (depicted below). When necessary though, she will unfurl her wings and her hands will extend into talons.
Full Image:
Vici Ferae
Vici Ferae

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Vici Ferae Empty Re: Vici Ferae

Post by Iris Wed Nov 24, 2021 9:09 am


Vici Ferae QRmoaKI


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Vici Ferae Empty Re: Vici Ferae

Post by Iris Tue Mar 15, 2022 10:03 am

Archiving due to player inactivity.

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