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Leah Winters Empty Leah Winters

Post by Leah Wed Nov 10, 2021 5:00 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Frost Reaper
Race: Anthros
Sub-species: Neko
Gender / Sexuality: Female / Straight
Age: Appears 25 years old, actual 275 years old
Alignment: Adventurer’s Guild
Faction: -


Personality: Despite her horrible past and reputation, Leah is a soft-spoken, serene and humble girl. She is kind, always willing to lend a helping hand to whoever needs it. However, she might also have a tendency to overdo it, putting others above herself in terms of well-being. This stems from her treating her life lightly, an attitude borne out of the heavy guilt she carries. Her temper is always peaceful, greeting and communicating with others with a smile on her face.

Oftentimes, Leah allows her guilt to consume her, contemplating her past deeds even if they weren’t by her own choice and what she could possibly do to redeem herself. She finds her unworthy of living a happy life after all she has done, and seeks to walk the right path towards redemption.

Her combat skills and magic from her days as an assassin are a part of her, whether she likes it or not. Despite that, when it comes to trouble, Leah is always reluctant to immediately resort to violence, despite having full capability of handling her own. She only takes action if it's for someone else. Nevertheless, Leah is seemingly a trouble magnet despite her want for a mundane and peaceful life. This trait often pushes her into situations where she has to fight. This is where she begins to resent herself. She can do her best to avoid fighting whenever necessary, but when given the chance, Leah relishes the thrill of battle and would often find it difficult to stop after.

History: Leah Winters was once known and feared as the Frost Reaper, an extremely efficient assassin with a high success rate. When the Holy War escalated, a group of humans that were separate from the Church of Fleuve'ir saw a need for the creation of an elite group of assassins that could be equally easily produced and expendable. Called the “Fang and Claw Program”, those humans captured Anthros youths for use in their experiments. Compulsion magic was heavily used in the experiments, using it to get a grip on the minds of the test subjects until they could easily be controlled into executing orders against their wishes. Leah remembers every single ordeal she was put through, and she had unfortunately graduated from the program with excellent results. This resulted in her being sent on the most number of jobs to the point where her record was so overwhelming that enemies would think that the Frost Reaper would become a ghost story, an assassin of impossible feats.


  • The blood pumping adrenaline of combat
  • Doing normal, mundane tasks where she can feel at ease
  • Helping people
  • The warmth of the sun on her face
  • Simple food


  • Liking the thrill of combat
  • The feeling of being used
  • Trouble

Goal/Aspiration: Leah vows to never kill again. She wants to break away from her assassin past, to live a new life where she can redeem herself and to right all of the wrongs she has done. And when she achieves that? She wants to go somewhere isolated and live out the rest of her days in anonymity and quiet.

Key Fear/Adversary: Leah is constantly looking over her shoulders, fearing that she might one day be captured again and brought back to the hidden facility and being made into a puppet once more. Sometimes, she doubts herself, suddenly hit with a fear that whatever she’s done might not be of her free will. And the nightmares. Recalling everything that has happened to her in the facility and her days of killing, Leah is constantly tormented by her past actions, forcing her to relive through the atrocious acts she had once committed with her own hands.


Height: 158cm
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Dark blue
Eyes: Blue
Skin Tone: Fair

Overall Appearance:

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Leah Winters Empty Re: Leah Winters

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Wed Nov 10, 2021 8:46 pm


Leah Winters ROjNQKP


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Nessa Cordelia Lux

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