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{Grave} Matters [Tag: Luchta]

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{Grave} Matters [Tag: Luchta] Empty {Grave} Matters [Tag: Luchta]

Post by Rayne Tue Nov 09, 2021 5:53 am

Safe inside myself

are all my thoughts of you

The hoptus forest, as mystical and as peaceful as it seemed, was no stranger to death. The trees of the forest would whisper its secrets as their branches groaned in a somber tune to the soft cry of the wind that billowed through the leaves and the raven hair by Rayne's ear. The gothic dryad that wore black had been following the alluring energy of death as she ventured further into the forest, her silver orbs that peered around the forest bearing the curiosity that was getting the best of her. It was strange, but it was unlike anything she had felt before. Usually, she would feel a strong, heavy presence of death in a certain area and be able to meditate on what death transpired in the area so many years ago. Yet this time, it seemed to be a gentle yet intriguing pull that kept her moving forward, almost as if it were a place longing to be uncovered, longing to be found.  

A soft sigh escaped the dark dryad as her silver orbs peered down at a purple mossbun hopping around a tree next to her. Mossbuns shouldn't be distracting for anyone that was focused on reaching the destination of their curious ventures, but the mossbun began hopping in a circle like a little ball of purple cotton skittering around her, which formed an adoring smile that tipped the ends of the dryad's full red lips.  "...Okay...Aren't you  just.." She knelt down to inspect the mossbuns closely, her feet in her sandals bending to balance on the tips of her toes. "...the fluffiest mossbun I've ever seen?" Realizing that she actually spoke something aloud, and dare she admit the pitch that her voice made practically squealed at it, the shy dryad placed a hand over her lips as she glimpsed around at the trees, almost apologetic for interrupting their peace. "So..Does this fluffy mossbun want a carrot? I know you do.."  She asked it with a voice that was softer in tone, a tiny knowing smile forming on the ends of her red lips as she attuned to the animal's empathy in efforts to communicate with it, understanding that it was looking for something to eat. Placing her porcelain colored hand onto the grass, her earth magic flowed through her as a seedling was manifested just underneath her fingers. Pressing the seedling down in the ground with her finger tips, she covered the seed with dirt and allowed the earth magic to flow from her hands onto the ground to make the seedling grow into a carrot that was ripe for the picking. With a whispered prayer of thanks to Fleure'vir, she pulled the carrot from the ground and presented it to the hungry purple fluff that was the mossbun, watching with amusemenent  as the creature instantly ate the fresh carrot heartily.  

"Oh, you have a friend?" Rayne commented upon understanding the creature through her animal empathy, turning to peer over at the green mossbun that was mostly hidden behind the tree to make sneaking glasses over at its companion. "There's no need to share.. I have a carrot here just for you." In the same manner as before, her porcelain hand grew another carrot in the ground. With another prayer of thanks, Rayne pulled the carrot out to the other mossbun, watching it slowly approach before eating the carrot contently as well.  "Well? Aren't you two going to tell me who taught you how to be so... cute?" The dark dryad ventured to say with a small smile that threatened to spread a little more as her hand meekly reached over to pet the two fluffy mossbuns with the tips of her fingers in secret delight, finding it every bit as fluffy as they seemed.

There was that pull again. The gothic clad dryad stood up once more and walked further ahead, her sandaled feet pausing before a place that the sensitive Gaiyan could sense was every bit as forlorn as it appeared. The mossbuns continued to hop around the dryad that stood there with a thoughtful pout on her lips, scrutinizing the area. She did not sense that a death occurred here exactly; only that the faint trail of what she had been following ended here in what appeared to be ruins and scattered rocks that seemed to tell a story that was way before her time. "What is this place?" The curious dryad wondered softly, then closed the silver orbs that flickered to a greenish hue as she attempted to attune herself to the forest, allowing her body to manifest into a tree humanoid form as the skin below her hips instantly enveloped in wooden tree bark, roots and vine leaves. Her feet then became wooden tendrils that rooted themselves onto the ground with her aim to connect with the nature of Vyldermire in efforts to meditate on the answer.

    @Luchta Dagda 816 words

 xoxo, adylore


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{Grave} Matters [Tag: Luchta] Empty Re: {Grave} Matters [Tag: Luchta]

Post by Luchta Dagda Wed Nov 10, 2021 9:10 pm

{Grave} Matters [Tag: Luchta] Szg77D


Nearly two hundred and fourty years had passed since Luchta first ventured out from Hoptus forest, longer than he had ever spent living there as he must have been only around one hundred and fifty at the time, yet the woodland was still as much a home to him as it ever had been. It seemed so many lifetimes ago now, he could only wander in awe at those older than him at how they managed to retain so much memory when he was already beginning to feel himself lapse into nostalgia on a regular basis. In ever droplet that fell upon a leaf he remembered the nights his mother hid inside her tent to escape the cold of the rain as she slept. With every mushroom surrounded by moss he remembered the lessons of foraging, and how his other parent had used their abilities to grow all manner of vegetation for their consumption so that they need not hunt. Those were different days, when the forest was its own continent in his eyes and the wider world was an expanse yet to be explored.

Two hundred and fourty years was a long time for something to be left alone, and as such it had been a long time since any trace of his childhood remained. The Gaiyan walked gently between the trees, the same ones he remembered from a time before he had known conflict, with every branch overhead he saw a young boy climbing till he could touch the stars. With every critter who stopped in it’s tracks to watch his approach he remembered spying on the forest wildlife, watching children play and parents hunt for their families as the animals were at one with the ecosystem seemingly free of outside touch. Little did he know then why their little corner of the woods was free of hunters and bandits, he simply hoped the rest of the forest faired so well.

Luchta stepped round corners on a path of his own memories until he caught glimpse of the archway, one of the only signs that something unnatural was present in such a forgotten place, a place older than anyone he knew, or at least as far as he knew. The surface ran with moss and vines like veins, creating a living surface as blessed by nature as should be, he pressed his palm to it’s side hoping to feel the pulse of energy like on Ilyanor, yet he was always disappointed. It was made up for though by the carvings and patterns which could be faintly recognised even after all this time, markings from a time before human record and of a nature not even his parents had understanding for. It was a cold place, one that no one treasured or remembered, except for him.

Luchta Dagda entered and walked on his usual path, his eyes dancing across his surroundings to comfort himself that it was all still there. Mounds of earth rose and dipped like miniature hills and valleys, each one teeming with flora but in colours and patterns which made each an island unto itself. Where one was cascading with blues and purples another was teeming with golds and reds,   for many this would seem the only irregularity. But Luchta knew deeper, even if not why, for h knew that at the summit of each rise was a spherical hole, a dome like dip which always filled with water every rainfall, and he knew that below the surface lay the remains of those each guarded as a grave. The ruins of it’s borders bore their own mysteries too, for in his over three hundred years of life Luchta never knew one word of what was written down on their surfaces, each wall marked with spirals and chains of artistic flair that were as meaningless as they were filled with reminders of his childhood. Strange yet was the stone itself, never built by bricks or other medium they seemed to rise from the ground as if grown, mountains naturally forming unnatural shapes and dividers, but in a world of magic it was far from the strangest observation in his time.

Alone, except for the faintest sound of a feline figure climbing atop the nearest archway, Luchta closed his eyes. Kneeling down between two rises he felt himself drifting away from strain and mortality, instead feeling the eternal wealth of magic deep within his blood and form, the legacy of olde that marked half his identity and origins. He gelt his face melt away with an easing bliss to reveal the wooden construct like form beneath, his left eye replacing with an emerald like orb as his pale skin shifted in hue to reflect the more warm and golden light of summer. His red long hair rolling down his shoulders and revitalising with a youthful glisten as his feet turned into roots and ran deep into the earth to let the ground know that he was home. So much peace filled his heart that he almost did not hear the approaching figure as they entered the ruins, but when they did he looked up slowly, feeling that whoever had found such a place and so quietly was unlikely to intend harm to it’s memory.

He looked around with curiosity without shifting from his position and caught a glimpse of the Dryad, their figure not far off from his own. Their bark, vines, leaves, wooden tendrils and roots mirrored each others as Luchta smiled softly and rose to his feet, allowing his fifty fifty appearance to remain rather than hiding behind a pure elven disguise. “Hello there, i hope i’m not disturbing you.” He introduced himself gently, intending mostly to alert her to his presence before she was caught too off guard.

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