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Viridia Overlook Details

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Viridia Overlook Details Empty Viridia Overlook Details

Post by Admin Mon Feb 01, 2021 11:36 am

Viridia Overlook Details

Viridia Overlook lies at the southernmost point of Vyldermire, and as it stretches out into the ocean, it's obvious that the Gaiyans have had influence over it. Not only is it healthy and vibrant like all natural things Gaiyans touch, but it brims with magic and mystical wonder. Gravity seems lighter here as the land stretches unbraced out over the ocean at a height that makes them look like winding islands in a sea of sky. It's dotted with small monuments carved with runes which many suspects keep the land from breaking off and plummeting into the ocean far below. It's a sight to behold and not for those who are afraid of heights.

Monsters found here are generally middle-of-the-road in difficulty. It's a step up from the beginner areas like Dionalor Plains, but not as treacherous as Ventermir Tundra. There are more threatening ones in the skies and in the caves under the overlooks than wandering the grassy strips of dirt and rock. Monster Hunters will have to stay on their toes, use their heads, and have a plan to reach and prevail over the more complicated quests.


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