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In the Name of the Moon! (Moondance)

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In the Name of the Moon! (Moondance) Empty In the Name of the Moon! (Moondance)

Post by Karimah Thu Nov 04, 2021 10:14 pm

Through the fragrant, luminescent swirls of smoke that curled up in such pretty ringlets from the cool night air; one could see that the lively beach-party consisted of too many people to count on just one hand and among them was a creature easily mistaken for a harmless trail of wispy, glowing incense as it squeezed between the dancing hordes.

“Hakuri?” she called out into the night, such a voice softer than the strings of a weeping violin, only to have his name be carried away by a vigorous wind and fall upon the ears of the seemingly deaf.

As the anxious puff thought back to how easily her friend slipped away from her care, an overwhelming pang of worry struck through her intangible heart like a sword and made her entire spirit quiver. Had she any eyes they would have encountered a mist of tears, a natural reaction stemming from extreme levels of concern and frustration the djinni wasn’t accustomed to experiencing in great doses. It was a small thing to fret over, but she did not possess the same level of understanding as the many that were born into this world. She had holes, loose strings in the archives of her otherworldly comprehension. She was a walking encyclopedia when it came to all things home.

Her real home.

Not here; so she was remarkably useless, a new brand of stupid. That was another issue as opposed to her now moody magic. There were times she could make astounding miracles happen, and then there were other times she could not even bless an ant with a leaf—- even if it kindly asked her to. Being an otherworlder, her magic did not align well here, which ultimately explained why she couldn’t merely resolve this by teleporting to him.

She wished for nothing but his safety and good health if she was destined to never see him again.

“He only just learned the purpose of clothing. W-What will become of him?” sniffed the trembling words of a friend to another who could not be present to hear her distress. “Ma’a salama. May you be accompanied with peace and pretty flowers.”

Then music that wasn’t there before suddenly pierced the darkness and vibrations of rhythmic proportions rumbled in the bodies of every dancing participant, the sands were alive with colors that would have made Saeven’s stunning fashion sense blush several shades of the deepest crimson-red and perhaps go straight into hiding forever from the shame.

Karimah screamed as the cheering commenced and the thunderous applause wracked her very core. It was a necessary distraction for the saddened member of the djinn, but not particularly the type of wake up call she had hoped for as she spiraled downward and hit the ground with a resounding “Oh!”

Rising from the plumes of glittering smoke appeared a silvery-haired woman with a pink blouse that was partially open, exposing a rather plain, green bikini and to compliment it were brown sandals that seemed soundless as she moved through the crowd— a crowd that had her on edge.

“Hello,” she greeted simply, as though she hadn't been fighting the silly urge to cry several seconds ago.

The bewildered few simply eased back into what they were doing before she awkwardly greeted them and at this time did she saunter rapidly through the mass of the colorfully painted. This was a joyous time for everyone, except for the genie who was uneducated in all things pertaining to their traditions.

Were they offering sacrifices in the name of the moon? She grabbed the sides of her face, froze in the midst of the festivities with that foreign train of thought, and gasped audibly.

No, that was too barbaric.

She giggled nervously.

“I may be a little overwhelmed.” Whispered Karimah, her eyes widening dramatically as a red liquid inconveniently stained the sands and with it came a startled cry from a partygoer who laughed off the loss less than a minute after the accidental spill. She tiptoed around it and hid her face as she scurried over to a bar and ordered herself a drink that was liver-friendly. She needed to relax! And what better way to do so than to enjoy the sweetest fruit juice in solitude?

It seemed, however, after paying the server that the young woman  somehow managed to get her order mixed up with somebody else’s drink.

The liquid sugar was so delightfully overpowering to the girl, that she suspected nothing of it possessing the glorious traces of alcohol and nursed the straw like her life depended on it. A coo of fleeting happiness escaped her lips as she found her perch upon the sand and sat pitifully alongside her strange misery.

She would sip it away stubbornly, knitting her bold eyebrows together in uncharacteristic, stony silence.

Stranded in a world she once beheld with such wonder; now everything about it practically scared her into a corner.

She huffed.

“What is the significance of the moon, and why is it so important?” she asked, meaning no real disrespect in her genuinely curious tone—-despite the odd nature of her sudden brooding. She knew why it was a necessary part of nature, but what were the beliefs that moved these people so.

As if on cue, a pamphlet of some sort, almost too magically, slapped her right in the face.

“Thank you very much,” she mumbled into the paper, bowing her head as it fell from her pink countenance to her warm lap. She gingerly opened the article and traced her eyes over the description.


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In the Name of the Moon! (Moondance) Empty Re: In the Name of the Moon! (Moondance)

Post by Isla Paledragon Fri Nov 05, 2021 9:36 pm

In the Name of the Moon! (Moondance) Sunshine-Beach-18.7.2018


“Seven, six, five, four, thr… Woooooo!” the cheer’s erupted in celebration from a small group amidst the ocean of celebration. Their calls blending within that of the music and revelry of a whole beach in ecstasy for the moondance. Their bodies swaying in disorganised dance just like the rest, moving with energy and excitement yet lacking in purpose or rhythm beyond the heartbeat of the music washing over the. Their focus was focused on one figure rather than the wider party, that of a young women sat upon the shoulders of a tall Anthro, empty bottle in hand as she finished the challenge with almost three seconds to spair.

“YA lyublyu eto mesto!” She screamed, ending her words with a wolf like howl as she dropped the empty bottle for one of the others to catch, none having any idea what she just said but cheering in unison regardless. Their wolf like howls echoing across some of the partiers as others began to howl or yelp like beasts even if none had any idea as to why. While the sound was replaced by laughter and outbursts of half arsed singing the girl raised up high reached into her pocket and retrieved a small tube, filled with easily washable and non toxic neon purplish pink paint. She squeezed some more of it onto her palm before returning the tube, spreading the paint between both palms for even coverage before she reached down and grasped the face of the figure holding her aloft, marking them with two grasping upside down hands as those around them cried even more in hysterics.

Though they laughed too it was clear they were caught off guard, swinging their head back to look at her but with too much sudden shift in gravity, their head pushing her core back enough that she was accidentally send tumbling backwards from their shoulders. When she hit the floor it was knees first, her hands reaching out to stop the floor before her face could dive to meet it too, and the sand of the beach sticking slightly to what paint was left on her skin. “Oh shit Isla are you okay?” They asked in a slight panic, turning quickly to look at their new friend who was already back to her feet, an adrenaline fuelled smirk on her face as she wiped both hands against each other to try and clear off the sand.

“I live, though i may need another drink.” She sighed out with a calm and cool ease as she took a deep breath and steadied her head after the semi flip she had done to not land head first. Standing amidst the group of improvised friends was the silver haired Lioness of Rivengate. The back of her hair tied into a ponytail though with much of he fringe shooting out in her usual style. Dressed for the heat and showing no signs of the battle scars that adorned her, Isla looked down to realise just how much paint covered her. She wore Denim shorts and combat boots, a cropped white shirt covering her chest and a sports bra underneath. The neon purplish pink paint wove itself in spirals around her arms and legs like religious tattoos or war paint, hand prints in it also left marks on some of her clothing plus one in green to the right of her midriff. When one of the others nearby offered her a towel to properly tip her hands clean she bowed her head in a sudden and unspoken thanks before handing it back. “I maybe find some of you later, though probably unlikely.”

With a blunt but understood goodbye she waved them farewell and made her way towards the closest pop up bar. She dodged in-between dancers and designated escorts along the route, bumping into others a couple times though only punching one when they were rude. When she was close to the bar however she almost tripped over one figure sat upon the sand, her silver hair much like Isla’s own though her tanned skin a beautiful contrast to the pale complexion of Isla’s own. She looked down and was about to give an apology when she was hit by a realisation, did she recognise this person? They grasped a drink in they hands as she read from a pamphlet, the confused yet cute expression in her eyes hitting Isla with a name.

“Kari?” It blurted out of her, she stepped back to get a clearer look but quickly slid down to her knees in front of the girl as she confirmed her realisation. “Karimah! It is you, you are real! I mean of course you are real but like, i am not seeing you through a screen my friend.” The joyfully surprised grin on the warrior’s face was hit with an awkwardly wide eyes awareness she was being very sudden. “Oh erm, hello. Isla, from Vycon, i said you looked like confused dog once…” She narrowed her eyes, looking down at the pamphlet then back to Kari’s eyes. “You look like confused puppy now, what is wrong?”

Word Count; 852
Total Word Count; 852
made bycapt. meows
Isla Paledragon
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In the Name of the Moon! (Moondance) Empty Re: In the Name of the Moon! (Moondance)

Post by Izou Sun Nov 14, 2021 2:28 pm

“Scram!!” Izou roared at the top of his lungs as a sheathed katana appeared in his right hand and was stabbed sheathe-first into the sand in front of him. A murderous glare, and equally violent aura, was released into the surrounding area around him, shooting chills down the spines of the young men that had been buzzing around him like flies. Getting hit on by guys was a regular thing for Izou, where those men would usually get a death stare or find their mouth losing a tooth or two if he was slightly more irritated. But to actually try and disturb him while he was in the middle of gambling was pretty much a death wish.

The sudden turn of events was like a wet blanket over this particular area of the beach party. And Izou was ready to make that wet blanket drip with blood if they continued pissing him off.

He had looked forward to this beach party, a celebration of the Moondance event, where he knew gambling and booze would definitely be in full swing. He had fully expected to go all out with his money tonight.

What he hadn’t expected was for him to get an injury across his chest two days ago. He cursed inwardly at the nurse that had tended to his wound. On a daily basis, Izou’s more feminine appearance and physique was already enough to make people think he was a female and become the target of catcalls. However, the bandages around his chest, slightly hidden by his red and white hoodie, coupled with his beach shorts, had unfortunately made many people think of him as a boyish girl. It had made the situation much worse.

With the impromptu gambling ended before anything could be concluded, Izou grabbed his gold coins and left while the group was still recovering from the shock he had given them.

As he walked away, Izou swung his right hand once and allowed his katana to shimmer away like a mirage, while his left hand pulled up his hoodie to cover his head. Mumbling inaudibly, Izou navigated his way through the throng of people in search of his next haunt, be it a place where he could enjoy a drink or another chance to increase his finances.

Every now and then, he would have to fend off advances from the same sex who had mistaken him for another female partygoer. And every single time, Izou would give them a death glare from beneath his hoodie, releasing his killing aura in a more pinpointed method at the offending person, instead of letting it explode outwards again. The moment he had dazed them, Izou would snake away.

By the time the fifth time had passed, Izou was already puffing on a cigarette beneath his hoodie, his mood absolutely in the gutters.

He stopped at the next bar that he arrived at and ordered a huge glass of beer. The size of the glass was larger than normal, but for Izou, it was worth the price. Holding the seemingly heavy glass in his left hand and sipping as he walked, looking for the perfect spot to just plop down and enjoy the atmosphere without having to fight off flirters mistaking his gender again, Izou moved towards the quieter parts of the beach.

However, his luck was bad. Out of nowhere, someone bumped into from behind, stepping on his sandals as well. Caught off guard, Izou tipped over forward. The glass of beer in his right hand was splashed forward as well.

And to add on to the bad luck, there were two girls with silver hair sitting on the sand in front of him, right where the mass of liquid was headed for.

[624 words]

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