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Hugo Kirwin-Dexter

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Hugo Kirwin-Dexter Empty Hugo Kirwin-Dexter

Post by Kirwin Thu Nov 04, 2021 2:22 am


▩ General ▩

Alias/Nicknames ➽ Hu (Hugh), Hugs (Thanks mom)
Race ➽ Anthro
Sub-Species ➽ Avian
Gender / Sexuality ➽ Male // Bisexual
Age ➽ 20
Alignment ➽ Adventurer’s Guild
Faction ➽ N/A

▩ Personality ▩

Easygoing ➽ Hugo is really laid-back. He’ll get along with most people and loves doing relaxing things.
Lazy ➽ The only thing better than chilling at home is going surfing. If he has an option to take the easy way out of things, he will take it. On his travels for work, he’ll take any shortcut he can, even if it leads him to trouble.
Friendly ➽ Hugo could be friends with anyone if they were willing. He’ll hang out with just about anyone if they ask, and has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.
Oblivious ➽ Sometimes Hugo can be really thick-headed. It takes him a while to realize or notice things, and subtle hints or body language goes right over his head. He’s just not very observant.
Adventurous ➽ Hugo is willing to do just about anything if he’s invited to. New board game? Hell yes. Backpacking across the Ventamir Tundra? He might be cold but he’ll give it a try.

▩ History ▩

Hugo Dexter was born and raised on the Avalon Islands. His parents, shortly after he was born, started a mail-carrying business. While his mother cared for him, his father flew all over the continent delivering letters and small packages. For five years, they grew their success and raised their son. However, Hugo’s father was starting to resent his situation. When Hugo was five, his father sold his share of the business and left his son and wife for a different life. He still sends letters to Hugo, but the young avian hasn’t seen him in years.

Being a rather eccentric woman, Hugo’s mother decided that the best way to deal with her feelings and keep the business running was to take in wayward children who needed a home. Claiming she had too much love to give to just one son, she adopted several children over the years. Most of them were older than Hugo. They worked in the mail-carrying business, learning valuable life skills (as Hugo’s mother claimed) then left to make their own lives.

Hugo got along okay with most of his adopted siblings, but some left him feeling like they were taking his place in his mother’s heart. However, one day, he was playing at the park and noticed a quiet blonde girl watching him. Being the happy-go-lucky boy he was, he ran over and invited her to play. She didn’t speak, but they played for hours. When Hugo went to leave the park and head home, the girl followed him. He didn’t give it much thought, figuring his mother would accept any friends of his for dinner.

The girl didn’t have any family that he or his mother could find that night, and from then on she was family. After waiting a reasonable time to see if her parents came around, Hugo’s mother adopted her. Deciding that they should be a strong family unit, she named the girl Sandy and gave both of the children her maiden name, Kirwin. Hugo was allowed to keep his father’s last name too.

Though Sandy was always quiet and seemed stone-cold serious, she and Hugo got along surprisingly well. She always had his back without a word when he would get bullied for his small size or for being an avian. Hugo would bring her shells that he would find on the beach while surfing. Their relationship was strange, but it worked.

Hugo now works for his mother’s business, flying mail all over the continent like his father did.

▩ Likes ▩

Music ➽
Surfing/Skateboarding ➽
Fanfiction ➽
Eyeliner ➽
Ice Cream ➽ (Even though he’s lactose intolerant)

▩ Dislikes ▩

Eldritch ➽
Mom’s Partners ➽ Over the years, Hugo’s mom has dated several people, but it never lasted long. Hugo never liked any of them, and continues to distrust his mom’s partners when she dates.
Bullies ➽
Mornings ➽

▩ Goal/Aspiration ▩
Have fun in life, make a ton of friends, explore new places!

▩ Key Fear/Adversary ▩
Eldritch, he’s afraid they’ll eat him or capture him.

▩ Appearance ▩

Height ➽ 5’0”
Body Type ➽ Short, lightweight, fit
Hair ➽ Dirty blonde
Eyes ➽ Gold
Skin Tone ➽ Tanned

▩ Overall Appearance ▩


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Hugo Kirwin-Dexter Empty Re: Hugo Kirwin-Dexter

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Thu Nov 04, 2021 2:22 pm


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