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A Marvelous Night for a { Moondance }

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 A Marvelous Night for a { Moondance } Empty A Marvelous Night for a { Moondance }

Post by Emi Kazama Tue Nov 02, 2021 10:24 pm


joker's always wild

but I just can't smile without you

The sound of rolling waves with the sea breeze billowing through layered hair that the moonlight had painted a jade color reminded Emi of her times on her sailboat with the favorable, yet unpredictable wind in its sails. It was relaxing to her, freeing. It made her think about Theo, wondering where that adventurous pirate would be right about now. Did he finally get to the place he was searching for? Much like the wind, the unpredictable Emi was full of mixed emotions; the kind that was beyond excited to have met up with Pomme and her adopted "cousin," Alfie together after so much time apart, while a small part of her dreaded for them asking any questions she didn't want to answer. This was partly why Emi would always end up meandering back to Wesley's side after interacting with Alfie, Pomme, and his beautiful friend, Jenevieve, whom they’ve officially been introduced to on the boat ride to the island. Plus, truth be told, Wesley was comfortable to stick around with, which was probably not a common thing to consider of an undercover mafia boss. Maybe a part of her wanted him to feel included; or maybe it was because he was so handsome in the outfit he was wearing, she couldn't help herself.  

“Once a year, in the summer, we celebrate the moondance festival out here on the many shorelines in Vyldermire.. but this place has the best food and the best drinks!”  Emi winked at Wesley, inferring that she would know, given that she tried to sneak in here before. A reminiscent smirk tilted on one side of her lips as she recalled how she would try to pass herself as someone who worked in the food industry that laid out the buffet of seafood just to steal the good stuff before taking off. She never really got to stay long to celebrate this festival in Avalon Islands, so this would be her first time celebrating it at the island fully.   

“Hey....Has anyone told you about the story behind the Moondance?” The petite thief asked with a curious tilt of her head, a smile of wonder forming on her lips as to whether anyone explained all this stuff to any of the otherworlders she’d met so far, especially this particular otherworlder who tended to be busy a lot. With a shrug, she decided to explain anyways whilst pulling out all the beach supplies, ranging from long and large to small yet numerous, that they had previously packed from the pocket dimension in the fanny pack that Wesley carried around his waist. She always liked telling a good story.

“Long ago, people used to think the moon causing the receding tides was a punishment from the gods..” Emi began the story she was taught in school, not knowing Jen had anything to do with the moon. “So, they performed a ceremony to give thanks to the moon.. you know, hoping that would appease the gods to have the tide return to them and all that..” She smiled at Wesley, wondering if he found the explanation silly in comparison to whatever he believed back in his world. “Now it’s more of a festival, where we go out to the shorelines in only our swimwear, paint ourselves with moons and other symbols, eat gourmet seafood, and then dance the night away!”  

“Then, there’s a moment.." The petite girl in the blue and white bikini paused from organizing all the beach things, her large jeweled green orbs stared out into the darkening sky. “Suddenly, the night practically glitters with lanterns that people lit up and released into the sky..and with the colorful lanterns already hung up along the shoreline, it just lights up these sands with so many colors, almost like we’re on a rainbow..it’s really pretty!” She turned to Wesley again with a sweet smile. “It’s a lot more fun than what the Gaiyans are doing anyway,” She leaned closer and whispered her joke at the Gaiyan’s expense with a soft giggle, wondering if he’d ask what it was that the Gaiyans do. “By the way, thanks for inviting all of us, Wes.." Kissing his cheek tenderly, her bright, appreciative smile reached her eyes before skipping towards the smell of the food.  "Mmm..The food smells so great from here, doesn't it?!" Emi commented with a grin and glimpsed over at Alfie's muscular abs then down at her own body. The few abs that popped out from the soft fat of her abdomen that were exposed by her bikini, attained from training with Daiko, would probably be gone by the end of the night. Oh well!  

"Heeheeheehee!" A  mischievous thought caused the comedic mage to giggle as she turned with a bright grin to tell a teasing joke to Kiigan, and her smile suddenly faltered when she remembered that he wasn't with them. A sigh escaped her lips as that smoked salmon joke died in her head. "Where -? Is Kiigan still working?" Emi questioned Wesley with a raise of an eyebrow, deciding not to ask where Kiigan would be in case he was doing a special job that couldn't be discussed in front of the rest of the group. "When is he coming back?" She asked in a low murmur and a bored sigh, before brightening up again as she skipped over to the rest of the group. “So, what should we do first? I bet Alfie wants to go straight for the water, huh?” She nudged the strong Alfalfa with her elbow, recalling how much she loved the water. All the while, the impish girl's eyes trailed along the beach items laid out, wondering what she could use for a fun prank in efforts to compensate for the lack of Kiigan being present.


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 A Marvelous Night for a { Moondance } Empty Re: A Marvelous Night for a { Moondance }

Post by wes Sat Nov 06, 2021 9:58 pm

all these little lies
and most of them are mine
my words are coated in honey and wine
It’d always been a weird experience hanging with people that knew each other well, more so a family. In a way, it made him feel like the odd one out for not having anyone related come along… not that it was possible for him. But that was okay. That was normal by now. Perhaps he would’ve been more discouraged by it all if he hadn’t somehow found himself naturally gravitating to Emi’s side. Maybe it’d been a subconscious need to cling to someone familiar. Maybe it’d been the peculiar way she also stuck to him as well. He didn’t question it, not having noticed the strange draw, and talked and joked and introduced himself to the rest like nothing were ever wrong. The boat ride, thankfully, had been short.

Now, the music enthralled him, the vibrations further driving away any ill feelings for the night. They might’ve not been the usual jazzier-than-life tunes he was used to, but he’d be lying if he didn’t think they were upbeat and fun. It had him shifting anxiously in his sandals, trying his best to not give in to the rhythm too soon. He adored dancing. Even if he was out of his element he could practically twist and jive all night long without a need to stop. And so out of his element was he that anything that vaguely screamed Wesley Savaglio had been done away with: no suit, no fancy shoes, no gloves, nothing. He looked like any other attendee in his unzipped red hoodie and white swim trunks, leaving only the leather choker as a remainder of his usual self and even that was accompanied by a simple necklace.

“No, can’t say anyone has…” Wes trailed off at Emi’s question, paying more attention to the dancing throngs and the ever-shifting palette of colors in the sands, the novelty of it all practically keeping him glued while Emi worked away at his fanny pack. He’d never had the time to attend things like these. He never gave himself the time, either. It’d always been business one way or another with him, so it was nice when the greenette decided to clue him in on what all the hubbub was about. All he’d ever heard were a few drunken misadventures from his members, after all. He’d never been one to pry too much into their personal lives.

A faint smile started to creep up on him when she leaned in. If his shoulders twitching up meant anything, he’d probably suppressed a laugh. Jokes at the expense of others were always a welcome source of humor for him. The expression died, however, when he felt a peck on his cheek, eyes widening slightly. “Uh,” the redhead blinked over to her, a little surprised by the affection. “...Right. Don’t mention it.” Maybe he’d been a little stunned by the unexpectedness of it that the words came out muttered, and he stood there watching as she skipped off happily.

Why was she being cute?

Despite a growing suspicion that she might be up to something, Wes bounded after the minty-haired woman like he’d been doing for most of the trip. It’d made him a little embarrassed—genuine acts of gratitude being something he wasn’t outright used to—so he tried to hide it by lightly scratching at his cheek as he walked. An unintelligible grumble left him: something about her trying to throw him off. He really never knew when it came to the trickster.

Wes’s mind went back to Kiigan at her inquiry, “Big guy will drop by soon. Don’t worry too much about it,” he lightly pinched the side of her belly, offering her a reassuring smile. Maybe he should’ve felt a little bad at having found the Gaiyan joke from earlier funny… Naw, it was funny. He didn’t know what the blueberry was doing for his own celebration, but he respected the guy enough to let him do his own thing. It’s not like he’d keep him back from doing, well, whatever it was angels did. Probably pray or something. Judging by Emi’s laugh, though, Kiigan should pray all he could. Now, if he could only hurry up...

“Right! Or…” Wes cut in a little too quickly when the subject of water was brought up, clasping his hands together in a happy little clap to address the whole group and stave off the dreaded ocean. “We could go grab a bite, or dance, or have a niiice an’ relaxin’ stroll.” He eyed Aubrey, giving the other redhead a sneaky wink at the final suggestion. He’d told the flamboyant man to bring a date, and was surprised when he’d come by with the same lady from the Singles’ Night and a cousin. Jen could be just a friend for all he cared, but his word had been specific and there was no taking that back. “No need to hold back, really,” he beamed at them, only for his attention to slowly be dragged back to the dancing crowds.
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 A Marvelous Night for a { Moondance } Empty Re: A Marvelous Night for a { Moondance }

Post by Jen Sun Nov 07, 2021 11:58 pm

 A Marvelous Night for a { Moondance } HXiO28c

Jenevieve listened idly as Emi, who she had been officially introduced to earlier along with Wes and Alfie, explained to Wes about the celebrations they were en route to attend. She’d met the two briefly before at the singles night in Engloria but didn’t get a chance to get to know them. They’d been rather preoccupied that night, and Jen couldn’t help but be reminded of that when she looked at the two. To distract herself from those thoughts, and to keep her focus, the Gaiyan gazed out at the gorgeous beach around them. She’d never been to the Avalon Islands before, but she was enjoying the tropical location already. The golden yellow swimsuit she wore was unusual for her wardrobe, but she was finding it to be comfortable.

Emi’s explanation of the human celebrations intrigued her. Though there were some similarities, it was so different from what the Gaiyans believed. The humans saw the tide receding as a curse, a punishment. They believed celebrating on the beaches would appease the gods and bring the tide back. Gaiyans saw it as a time of healing and renewal, a chance to reconnect with the earth and promote growth. Jen had only ever participated in the Gaiyan rituals at this time of year. This was her first time away from the temple she called home, and it was the perfect opportunity to partake in different celebrations than she was used to.

Jen absentmindedly played with the purple ribbon tied around her wrist. It was leftover from her attendance of the Lunar Cleansing earlier in the day. The moonlet had gathered with other Gaiyans and laid in the plains with ribbons connecting them by wrist. The plants had flourished around them and grown over them as they reconnected with the world and ascended to the spirit plane.

It hadn’t taken her long to meet up with her sisters in the astral world. They had manifested from their home at the temple in Ilyanor, but the connection to the land allowed the women to gather as one. She’d rejoiced their reunion, hurriedly telling them of her adventures so far since leaving home. Patricia’s grim expression had stopped her tangent. It was then she realized that her youngest sister, Helena, was nowhere to be seen. The three eldest told her that Helena had taken off in the middle of the night after being denied the chance to leave the temple like Jen had. The shock of this news had shaken the moonlet right out of her trance.

Jen’s focus returned to her companions as Wes listed off several suggestions of what they could do. Any of them sounded like fun, though she wouldn’t mind the relaxing stroll option. What she would keep to herself was that she was actively and continuously using magic at the moment. That, combined with the stress of the news about Helena left her exhausted, and unbeknownst to her, it showed.

“Which would you prefer?” she asked Aubrey, looking up to the redhead with as cheerful of a smile as ever. The moonlet pulled her braid over her shoulder, the thick black strands woven in with the flowers that had grown over her body during the Lunar Cleansing. She’d braided it on the way to Lyndon Port to calm herself and prepare for the adventure on the beach that she’d been invited to.

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