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When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin]

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When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin] Empty When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin]

Post by Vigni Tue Nov 02, 2021 6:25 pm


Oho… a yearly tradition?

Vigni had been asleep for a while, that was for sure. However, the dazed spirit quickly caught up on recent events, and the notions of the Moondance resonated strongly with an entity who had been M.I.A. for years. It must’ve been his core ties to the Gaiyan heritage and the life of earth. That was also why he found himself in Ilyanor again…

The waters had retracted from the shores of the silent island, a result definitely connected to the aura from the moon. The moon was the star of the show, who apparently pulls back the ocean waters one day every summer in an act of strength. And Gaiyans… they had the opportunity to say hello to the earth usually sheltered underwater. It was a day of returning to the roots, and a night of dancing in the River.

When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin] Shaman-king-spirit-of-fire

Vigni… was already a spirit, though. However, wanting to connect with his fellow Gaiyans, he decided to at least emulate the act of meditating, laying down on the carpets laid above the exposed shore-bed. Many other entities were present as well – most looked like angels and fae, but there were humanoid Gaiyans among them as well.

The weird thing, though… Vigni was the biggest person around. Like, size-like. Laying down was harder than he thought, for the Spirit of Fire didn’t wish to lay on top of other Gaiyans who were busy growing wood and leaves around themselves. Then again… a 50 feet tall fire spirit… urrghh…

Vigni slowly wandered across the leylines, the exposed seabed where people had laid out the carpets. Obviously, his big size caught some Gaiyans’ eyes, since not everyone had entered meditation yet. It felt weird… as if being estranged among his own kin. Yet, the Gaiyans held no ill feelings towards the gentle giant walking among them – if anything, many of them made space for the giant to have a place to lay down and join them.

Which begged the question that Vigni wrote with big, flaming words in the air:

H O W    D O    I    J O I N?

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When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin] Empty Re: When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin]

Post by Nemarius the Watcher Wed Nov 03, 2021 10:51 am

When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin] Prxdl33box3b4w9kpnuk


As was his title, as was his self placed burden, he watched. From above he looked down at the assembled faithful of his kin and smiled softly at their continued culture. Despite war, despite judgement, despite corruption, throughout all of history on their world the Gaiyan had endured and so they endured still. It was a knowledge that would have brought a tear to his eye should he let it, for in their diversity he found true hope for the future where others brought him only doubt. He watched far and elf, angels and others gather upon the Leyline through their homeland and begin the Lunar Cleansing. While to return home was something he tried to do only when duty demanded, this was one of the few annual occasions he would never miss, for he remembered what it was like to almost lose his connection to the divine and he would never allow himself to revisit such a sorrow, such a growing cold grasp around his heart.

Sat upon the edge of one of Ilyanor’s cliffs, Nemarius was still in what he called his human form, a shrunken and more mortal adaptation of his original appearance, dressed in regal purples and blacks as his thick hair all down to rest on his shoulders as if placed perfectly for a painting. But within a moment he was gone in the wind. His form, his outline and colours all flowed into a faintly glowing white fog which gently ushered away from the surface as if stolen by the wind. A moment later however it’s course became more intentional, the trail of white fog gliding down towards the beach like a flying serpent and it knew to where it was heading.

Fifty feet, skin like glass containing a blaze and coloured with a subtle shifting of reds and oranges. They were a statue, a landmark, they were beautiful in their age and creation as were all the creatures of olde to one comparatively young like Nemarius. He had long known of the spirit of fire, as did many of his peers, but to see the on the beach like this was an honour in his heart and a comforting campfire against the darkness of the Gaiyan waning years.

When the smoke landed on the floor it effortlessly shifted into a humanoid form, approaching seven foot in height though still an ant at the foot of Vigni. Their outline was bulkier than before and the glow began to grow hotter in tone, for the angel knew he was amongst kin and so did not wish to hide in the way he did throughout his journeys on the mainland. Out from the smoke stepped a knight in celestial armour, Red and gold armour moving as if physics were only a fiction and fiery wings spread from his back for the first time in weeks. Though his face was helmeted and his eyes now two orbs of light there was still a joy in their glow. Looking up at the towering colossus the angel spread his arms and began to bend golden light into words of his own to answer the titan’s question. “Sit with me, and we may take part together if you wish?”

Word Count; 539
Total Word Count; 539
made bycapt. meows
Nemarius the Watcher
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When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin] Empty Re: When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin]

Post by Fleur Sun Nov 07, 2021 2:36 am

When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin] Postything


Massive red wings started and drew back. A fairy was lying upon a little flower, and the pollen had tossed her golden curls and sprinkled upon her crimson, breezy robe that hugged her in all the right places but also left enough breathing room for easy movement and comfort. There was a superficial vibe of relaxation about her, with elbows propped, chin in hands, legs elevated and crossed.

How long it must have been since Fleur stepped foot into Ilyanor, since she savored the purity of the clean air cycling through her respiratory system and relished the textures nature had to offer. She would have smiled more had it not been for two teeny-tiny problems:

Running into the family and friends she single-handedly disappointed with a dream and one very bad decision. To live on, not as a humble, simple fairy, but to be a star in the land of the great mechanical trash and pollution-loving supremacy.

Scarlet lips frowned at this, fuzzy lashes dipping as low as her will to associate with the other fae folk and such. But on such a sacred day like this, if she wanted to partake in such a vital ritual, she would have to take the chance, take the risk and seize the opportunity—-

“Look! It’s a butterfly, Bentley. Isn’t it pretty?” said the voice of a small elf child, who might have been going the same way.

—-Like the wild animal that so boldly decided they wanted the tiny fae lady as their belated dinner special.

“Bentley! No! No! No!” squealed the poor little girl.

That vicious, wild beast Fleur found herself trapped between the massive jaws of was a feature of a squishy-faced, broad-eyed pug puppy that gripped her a little harder whenever its owner thought to pursue it and chastise it further.

The kidnapped fairy’s screams were war-like, deep, guttural, and fearsome but to the ears of a petrified giant; it sounded like the cries of a chipmunk in the throes of passion. The pudgy canine wobbled through the cobblestone path with incredible speed and unusual agility, cutely sounding its grunts of victory whilst she chanted the holy mantra of ‘all the fucks given’.

If she was able to process anything logically at this time; she would have noticed she wasn’t in any real pain.

She was just really slobbery and closer to her destination than she liked to admit. Fleur angrily sank her nails into the rambunctious canine’s droopy flesh, causing it to whimper shrilly upon the involuntary release of the furious woman. She couldn’t fly as effectively or efficiently so long as her wings were wet, but she wasn’t above scaling the daunting mountain of adorable wrinkles to claim her place on pug pride rock.

With unattractive bulging red eyes and pearly whites grinding together, Fleur used every muscle in her body to make it to the top of Bentley’s head with a loud, shrill: “Ugghhh!”

“A sacred night ruined by pure animal instinct? Oh, please. That’s where you’re wrong, Bentley. ‘Cause these wings of mine tire so easily, and you’re such a comfortable mode of transportation.”

She coughed, holding up a hand to excuse herself before continuing.  

“Not the most ideal, I should add, but I think you will do just fine for this easy task. Hey, I’m easy to work with; you and I have a pretty good compromise— you kind of, sort of, maybe owe me big for ruining my everything?” She motioned to her own soaked appearance, a disgusted smirk tracing the side of her rosebuds for lips. Then she looked beside her and saw a lovely stand exhibiting simple attire choices, miscellaneous items for common use, and a flask of water.

“You've outlived your purpose,” she said humorously, betraying the darkness in her tone with a few indulgent, forgiving strokes of the pudgy pug’s furrowed brow. “Thanks, Bentley. You’d better run back to your master,” she added, “or she’ll worry herself sick.”

The fairy hopped off the canine, staring up at the young, beautiful merchant with a frustrated smile on her face. Eyes that were void of excitement, no recognition of her fame met hers, which instantly brightened Fleur’s peculiar mood. “I am in need of a bath.” She chortled, flipping her slobbery, golden locks, “And you haven’t closed shop just yet from what I can see. So, yeah, why don’t you hook me up, friend?”

Bathe in a cup or roam the beach smelling like puppy drool?

Bathe in a cup of soapy, cold water . . . of course.

Thankful for the person’s kind assistance, she made sure to handsomely compensate them for their services, as she emerged from the boutique of total convenience dressed in a black cloak and a white summer dress. She wasn’t quite able to fly just yet, keeping her wings open to allow the air to circulate around them; but she was so close that it did not matter for her to merely walk to the beach in silence. She hadn’t run into any of her folks yet, no fan turned their head to address her with an elated cry of her name -- things were looking up.

Speaking of looking up, she saw words embroidered in flame and bowed her head reverently. Being here made her quite nervous, but being here also revitalized her. She overheard yet another figure, one who was perhaps not as massive as the fire-wielding being, but still tall enough to intimidate her a fair lot. She was thankful she was no longer at her actual minuscule size and stood around the height of 5’8.

“Mind if I also take you up on that offer, sugar?” quipped Fleur, being careful as to not slap anyone nearby with her wings.

Word Count; 954

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When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin] Empty Re: When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin]

Post by Callum Sat Nov 20, 2021 1:21 pm

One fairy might be conscious of slapping nearby innocents with her wings, but another fairy from the same brood cared about a third as much. He wasn’t looking for her. In fact, he’d assumed and accepted that this Lunar Cleansing would be decidedly Floo-Floo-less, since he hadn’t seen her at the last few. Either she’d avoided them and stayed in the land of concrete and movie screens, or she’d taken part and avoided her family. Callum could be simple at times, but he could understand well enough why she wouldn’t want to come around. The family wasn’t stoked about her choices nor their impact on her two younger brothers, who had also flown the court in the last few months.

If they only knew of the souvenir he’d returned home from his grand hero-training adventure with. Perhaps he’d take some of the heat off of his sister... but that would require him to own up to it. Callum wasn’t that level of selfless yet. Perhaps that would come in a later chapter of the Hero Training Handbook.

Despite not looking for the crimson winged star, Callum was looking for someone. Not his parents, since he really hadn’t been gone that long to miss them enough to endure the scoldings. He wasn’t looking for Robin, because the paler head of orange was on his heels. They’d recently reunited and weren’t sick of each other yet. So who was he looking for?

Well, that was a great question. Even he wasn’t sure. Anyone who looked familiar would do. Friends he hadn’t seen in a while would be nice. Or maybe someone new? Anything interesting, please!

"This way, Robby!" he called over his shoulder, not actually looking to check and see if his little brother was even still back there. The voice was small and chipmunk-like as the three or so inch fairy flitted too close to an elf's sticky-out ear, earning him a swat that he ignored. More annoyingly, every time he wanted to make sure he had a good look at the surroundings, Callum would poof into his 'human' size without paying a lick of attention to where he was when he did it...over and over again. As the insect grew to man one last time over someone's magical fire roasting a family's worth of shroomy snacks, he knocked all the offerings right into the flame with a puff of shimmery smoke, followed by the smell of burning fairy dust. What did that smell like, you ask? Have you ever roasted a strawberry? The fairy cared not for the smoke or the smell or the pleading of the family below for him to move his wings and butt out of their faces. Instead, he held his hand over his eyes as if shielding them from the sun, even though the moon was rising.

Why did he need to be big to do this? Well, bigger eyes can see more, right?

Big or small, it wasn't as if anyone could miss the absofrigginlutely giganormous fire spirit glowing nearby. At first he'd thought someone just made a massive bonfire, but now he could see it was something more interesting. Was it someone he recognized? Absolutely not, but how often did you run into a massive old Gaiyan made of flames??

"This way, bro!" he called, flapping his large sapphire wings right in the angel-father's face. Shooting forward, he headed straight for the big guy, and as he got closer he noticed a less big angel guy, and....




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When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin] Empty Re: When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin]

Post by Robin Tue Nov 23, 2021 11:46 pm



The Annual Lunar Catastrophe, Day of The Tide thief, The Great Lunar Tragedy, the Moondance Festival—blah, blah, blah! Perhaps an important, symbolic celebration for some, but just another means to have some real fun for others! Far from strangers to Ilyanor were plenty faefolk, many who were well-behaved and some who were... like the Silverpines.

If Callum was too inconsiderate, hyper, and 'extra' for one lot, they'd be horrified to find that he also had a younger brother who came with that complete package—brainless and bubbly as Callum himself, and just as chaotic.

The fae brothers fluttered and zig-zagged their way through the crowds, twinkling balls of emerald and sapphire light like glittery stars shooting across the sea of people and forestry beneath the lunar sky. They were undoubtedly easy on the eyes, but that illusion shattered the moment they did anything other than sitting still and breathing.

Thwoomp! Robin abruptly crashed into his brother's backside just as Callum caught sight of something, sending the blonde into a spiraling descent from the air. But after a moment's pause, the emerald-winged fairy triumphantly rose back up with his hands on his hips, a dumb smirk on his face, and a squeaky "I'm okay!!" to follow.

The first thing that Robin noticed in the distance was a gaiyan nothing short of a bonfire, it's brilliant light glowing in the distance. It was quite the sight to marvel at, and marvel Robin did as he instantly began to entertain the idea of pouring water over the thing (would it turn into a piece of coal?), but it seemed like Callum took a greater interest in something—or someone else.

"Who-who?" Robin instantly recited, clearly puzzled by what his brother just said while simultaneously deciding to seize the opportunity to roast food over the gaiyan's flames at some point. To strangers, Callum's words of surprise sounded like complete nonsense, but the blonde brother understood it completely.

Only one person could fancy such an amazing nickname, and that was their eldest sister, whom they had not seen for many seasons. This wasn't the first Moondance that Floo-floo had flaked on—probably busy acting and doing movies or whatever it was in the big concrete jungle—and Robin had easily accepted that if they ever met again, it would not be in Ilyanor. And yet, over in the distance stood a woman whose marvelous blonde and crimson splendor could not be mistaken. Eyes like tart, ruby-red cherries and—in Robin's most correct opinion—the best looking one in that super-weird group! There was no denying it. He stared at his brother, and then followed his gaze right onto that woman. There was a long, robin.exe processing moment before that puppish, stupid grin stretched from ear to ear and an overly-dramatic gasp matched his brother's.


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When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin] Empty Re: When The Moon Blots The Sea [Moondance Festival | Fleur, Nem, Vigni, Saeven, Callum, Robin]

Post by Saeven Thu Jan 13, 2022 7:47 am


“Mother is there any particular reason for— oof! Erm, this?”

The century-young elf blinked down at the unexpected pile of fabric which had been so gracefully shoved in his direction. It spilled from between his spindly arms, and he attempted to keep the incredibly long, crimson textile from further unfolding in his grasp. The struggle would be in vain, however, as an edge slipped and pooled itself atop the sandy floor, prompting Saeven to frown and earning himself a startled giggle from his mother.

“Oho~!” a tall elven woman, far surpassing his height and with hair that fell in golden rivulets like his own, beamed regardless of the haphazard display. Soliana bent, picked up the fabric, and began folding it on his outstretched arms. “Here, here,” she spoke, her voice as soft as the gentlest breath. “You see so much of others and yet you fail to see anything regarding your silly elf self.”

“You know that is not—”

“…Yes, yes, yes. I know. That is not how it works. I am well aware of my son's condition," she smiled at him once more, booping his nose lovingly and in that same motion pointed off towards the distance. "I only wish the third eye which plagues you would allow you to see clearer one day. Or, at least, clearly enough to have foretold of the lumbering giant headed this way."

Had he not had his back turned in the pointed direction he certainly would have noticed. The red spirit was a hard one to miss. And it wasn’t until it spelled out a question in flames that Saeven suddenly understood what his mother’s joke about his future meant.

What he held was not just any fabric: it was a ribbon.

“Isn’t Vigni lovely? If only little Syril could be here. He would adore this!” Soliana clasped her hands together in adoration, a dreamy sigh escaping her lips. She had that look about her again; distant and loving and filled with a nostalgia for days past. Whatever time her mind had stolen her to clearly had been misconstrued. Last Saeven remembered, his cousin was more like a small leaf quaking in the wind. Witnessing the giant would blow said leaf off its branch… and not in a good way.

He barely had the chance to open his mouth when his mother rounded him and began pushing him away far from the comfort of the colorful carriages and bandwagons which made up their tribe and further down into the beach. “Haaah…! Perhaps he will visit one day… Anyhoo! The ribbon will not suffer any damages from the spirit, in case you were wondering.” He was not. But she’d barely allowed him the chance to chime in. He’d also tried resisting the push, but the action only solidified her deceivingly firm grip on his shoulders. “So shoo-shoo; scuttle on now—it’s time for this lazy one to join the festivity!”

With a final push and a smack on his rump, Saeven let out a surprised “hyeh!” and set on his way.

Dressed in robes of blue, green, and orange, the large ribbon nearly blended into his ensemble as he approached. His mind wandered to the lamp in his pocket, to Karimah, and to Hakuri who somehow pulled an impromptu disappearing act. Fleuve’ir… how hard could it be to keep one man from getting lost…?  The answer made him want to lay down and depressingly count the stars: it was hard; so very, very hard.

They would make disgraceful babysitters.

Before his thoughts could further delve into the missing person situation, he noticed that quite a few people had come to gather around the giant in the small moments he’d spent with his mother. Gingerly, he approached one of them—a Fae woman with eye-catching wings. “Excuse me…” he blinked down at her with a weak ‘I’m sorry for bothering you’ smile. Yet he would squint moments later, as though the night wouldn’t allow him to properly recognize her. “…Fleur?” Saeven began. His sorry expression brightened into one of recognition and a much more comfortable grin settled upon his face. “It’s been so long. How are—”

Two voices chirped excitedly (and loudly) from a few paces away.  From the looks of it they seemed like twins, though he’d never seen them before, the air around them practically buzzed with disorderly energy. He quietly stepped away, figuring he could speak to her later once things calmed down… if ever. He did not know how much vigor the two humorously shouting ‘Floo-Floo’ had.

This left the large, armored angel and the fire spirit itself. Between the two, Saeven wasn’t sure who to gawk at, but he did offer a timid wave up to the one his mother called Vigni before raising the magical fabric above his head to signify it was for the red giant. He looked to the angel, who seemed to be bending light to communicate, and spoke, bashful of the situation and excusing himself once more, “Forgive my rudeness, but if you’re able to communicate would it be possible to signal this as a gift? I’m not sure if… it… can understand Mirean…?” he tried to sound as inoffensive as possible. He wouldn’t want to assume.

He also wasn’t sure if the spirit could properly tie things.

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