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Post by Admin Thu Oct 28, 2021 11:51 pm


Vyldermire RPG Special Summer Event

Vyldermire is a mystical and curious place, where fantastic beasts roam the land and there are a number of wonders that go unexplained throughout its magical landscape. One particular phenomenon occurs on a single day in summer, when the moon is at its most powerful and it can be felt by all throughout the land.

The tides pull way back into the ocean, exposing the shore for miles on end. As such for many hundreds of years, it has become tradition to perform a ceremony to summon the waves back to the land. This summer event is known under several names; the annual lunar catastrophe, day of the tide thief, the great lunar tragedy,  but most commonly it is referred to as the Moondance.

Only so much is known about this majestic night, but what the races of Vyldermire do know is that it is linked to the moon and the world's leylines. One common incident is the sighting of a double moon, which happens most frequently during the Moondance festival, however, it is a rare occurrence but one to look out for. (Note: Please do not include a double moon sighting in your thread, staff will announce if a double moon has appeared during this event as it proceeds to depend on threads involving Jen's characters.) For believers in the Moon Goddess, it is also considered her day of worship, a night where many will offer thanks to Selene, asking for her to shine her blessed light upon them.


✧ 1-6 Players Per Thread
✧ 3,500  Words Per Person
Combined WC's do not need to be met by each individual but rather the group as a whole. So if one player is unable to meet the requirements of the event wc before the event's deadline, the other participants can compensate the remaining WC so as to not lose the work put into the event.

Special Event Quests
Below is a series of special traditions that players can use for their participation in the events. You can either do this SOLO or in a GROUP up to 6 characters. When writing threads as always please do not use any NPCs of high-lore calibre i.e. royalty, nobility, members of specific factions etc. Once you have completed your event quests and fulfilled the word count requirements you will be required to include a summary of the events of your thread so that we can review this event and see how it might affect our world's lore.

The Moondance festival is generally celebrated in various ways; some races have more specific traditions that can be included in your threads. Please check under each section to see which traditions are available to your characters;


(These traditions can be done by all races)
Centuries ago, when humans first bore witness to the great lunar tragedy, they saw it as a day to be feared. Thinking they were being punished, they began to perform a ceremony in hopes that it would appease the gods and return to tide to them. As such it has become a tradition on this night to head to the shoreline and give thanks to the moon and the world around them. They would bear one's skin to the night and paint symbolic patterns on our bodies to show devotions. Creating great offerings to the sea, moon and land, before dancing all night long to entertain the angry deities and ease their wrath.

As time has gone on these traditions have mutated into what would eventually be a yearly celebration, a time that they would come to enjoy. Dressing in skin bearing cloth, (now most commonly known as swimwear), it has become more of a beach party / festival. With live music performed across the shoreline, body painting, and indulging in mounds of regional gourmet seafood delights. Some even light lanterns as offerings to the moon, setting them ablaze and releasing them into the sky. It is now a night of jubilation, and a custom enjoyed by all races.

Members of the Eldritch race do not generally give thanks to the moon or partake in the spiritual aspect of the festivities. For the most part, they will tag along and enjoy the party elements of the festival.

Avalon Island
The beautiful ring of bright white sands around the islands have expanded for miles. DJs pumping out catchy tunes from giant speakers dot the beach and it's common for colorful lights and lanterns to be strung everywhere, turning the sands rainbow and ethereal. Expensive food and booze can be found everywhere, though it certainly isn't free. It can also get quite crowded due to the tourist population, but giant beach parties should be packed with people to mix with anyway! It's a night that only the reserved will remember.
Lyndon Port
Since the oceans have receded, most of the boats are gone except for the ones left for the parties. Three giant du Villanel ships constructed of rich woods and shiny metals remain beached at the docks, hosting live bands and plenty of space for dancing and celebrating. The docks themselves are lined with countless vendor stalls, selling everything you can think of for slightly discounted prices, including but not limited to gourmet foods, snacks, alcohol, and Moondance memorabilia.
A festive parade with moon-themed floats made of countless flowers descend the widest path down the cliffside to the silvery exposed sands, inviting everyone in attendance to either watch or get involved. Their spin on the Moon Goddess envisions her as a lunar rabbit, so it is a chance for Lapins to shine in ritualistic dances clad in expensive fabrics like white satin and silk and a time to pray for good luck and good health. There are many large grill pits dug into the sands for exotic dishes, and many believe spending the time in the silver sands, whether eating or dancing, has healing properties.
Fitting with the theme of the gothic city that never sleeps, the black sands of Sinhaven glitter like obsidian in the light of giant bonfires of various colors, dotted with small black pools of trapped ocean water filled with fish normally hiding on the ocean bed. Those who don't fancy spilling their blood at the altars and venturing into the hidden dungeons can join hedonistic parties full of dancing and Eldritch delights like blood pudding and grilled fish caught in the pool-fishing contests.


(These traditions are specific to GAIYAN characters only.)
For Gaiyans, tonight is not actually about the Moondance, but is actually known as the Lunar Cleansing. As the phenomenon of the water pulling back from the shore allows the leylines to be replenished by the earth's waters.  Gaiyans essentially take this as an opportunity to reconnect to the world they come from. They will meditate in Fleuve'ir's River Plane to renew their natural connections and celebrate fresh growth.

Gaiyans must go to the known leylines of Mirinah and lay themselves across the leyline, allowing their magic to flow into the earth and in turn the magic to flow back into them. As they enter their spiritual trance, the earth appears to come alive around them. In their minds they will be transported to a spiritual dimension. Able to travel in this astral plane and unite with other Gaiyans from all over the world. Meanwhile, around their bodies, the world will be fueled with life, trees will sprout from the ground, flowers will bloom in mass, and a sense of new life will form around them. As they wake from their deep meditative state, their bodies are usually partially covered by branches, flowers, earth, or sand from the process of reconnecting with the earth.

Hoptus Forest
Dionalor Plains

Consistent across all Gaiyan gathering spots, wooden poles are planted into the sands for miles, strung with colored ribbons and decorated with little hanging bowls of water with Moonflowers floating in them. Ribbons are likewise commonly tied between the wrists of nearby worshippers, a symbol of their spiritual tie. Gatherers on the warm beaches will see colorful blankets laid out all along the freshly exposed sands to sit on and meditate. The rapid recession of water gives way to healthy seaweed and special seashrooms only available on the day of the Lunar Cleansing. The seaweed is a festive delicacy when dried over magic flame and enhanced with the raw seashroom meat. The snack provides a calming effect to those having trouble meditating.  

Fleuve'ir's River Plane - Gaiyans who go into the spiritual trance will have their minds teleported to a communal consciousness space, where attendees still look like their usual form and feel quite solid to the touch but not physically be there. The terrain is a heavenly expanse made of sunlight and puffy white clouds overhead, while the ground is predominantly a sparkling, crystal clear river about ankle deep filled with smooth rocks of all colors and sizes. In this plane, it is common to stay meditative and bask in the beauty of nature and Fleuve'ir's blessings, feeling magic renew all around and within, but it is also used as a time for joyous communion between members of the race.


(To partake in this tradition, one must either be a pure Eldritch or be accompanied by a pure Eldritch)
The pulling back of the waters opens up a lot of unreachable territories, deep into the coastline one can find pools of excess energy. These energy pools can be used to summon altars with the offering of a few drops of Eldritch blood. These altar's consist of entryways into Dungeons that will only be present during the Moondance festival. These dungeons can be raided for what is believed to be a powerful relic, however, to enter one is incredibly dangerous as there are monsters unknown in the depths of these underwater caverns.

Inside the dungeons
Once someone steps into the dungeon, they will find themselves in a giant cave, an underwater cavern with a strong aroma of saltwater and death. The only source of light in the cavern what appears to be glowing fungi that radiates it own light, emanating a soft blue-ish glow throughout the darkness. To find the treasure they seek, these scavengers will have to push through the murky caves, where horrible beasties lie in wait for them - hoping to make them their next meal.

Dungeon Monsters:

These hideous creatures are the first that you'll likely run into during your dungeon scavenging. They are extremely vicious and agile, roughly a metre tall and two metres long. They crawl towards you on their human-esque limbs, grabbing at you aggressively. Nightstrikers will hunt by ganging up on an individual target, attempting to kill their prey by pulling it apart before they can devour it. They can also bite down quite hard should they get the chance, their bites however are not poisonous and can be dislodged using a very specific technique. If they managed to chomp down on you, pulling back aggressively on one of its many fingers will quickly cause the beast to let go.

Nightstrikers attacks deal 75 DMG and they require 200 DMG to kill.
A minimum of three will spawn at a time.


As you venture deeper into the dungeon, you will notice large puddles of water throughout its murky underwater caverns. Beware of these puddles, for within lies the Oscura, a terrifying beast with monstrous fangs, powerful tentacles and several mouths to chomp you with. Because of the Oscura's mutated form, it has several mouths where its eyes should be, as such it is blind and has incredibly good hearing. One can avoid its attacks by being extremely quiet but even the slightest movement will likely alert it to your presence, causing it to whip and grab at you with its tendrils, attempting to pull you in and eat you swiftly. Oscuras cannot move from the puddle they reside in, and their tendrils can reach up to a length of four metres.

Oscura's attacks deal 175 DMG and they require 250 DMG to kill.
Only one Oscura will spawn at a time.


As you reach the end of the dungeon, there is no clear treasure - only a mass of water with a shining light within its depths. to get the treasure you seek, the only choice is to swim into the waters where you will face the guardian of these particular underwater lairs. The Angilapede is a ginormous beast, equal to that of a Legendary creature, this beast cannot be killed by anyone under Elite rank. Your task isn't to fight the creature, but to outswim it. Because of its size, it is not an especially fast creature, but its attacks are deadly - if it hits you, you will die. Avoid its attacks, and swim true. The water is deep and the further down you go the harder it is to see, the Angilapede's light proving to be the only source of light in the murky darkness. As you reach the bottom of the dwelling, you will find abandoned ships and vessels with air pockets that you can swim into to catch your breath. But down linger as should the Angilapede catch up it will crush these vessels along with you in it. In one of these abandon wreckages, you will find the Dungeon's treasure and can escape the hellhole with a second offering of Eldritch blood. Should you do these, you will be thrust back out of the domain, in front of the altar you went into, which will crumble before you into a pile of rubble.

No stats.
Only one Angilapede will spawn at a time.

Avalon Islands
Altars here are spaced rather far apart, but glow a deep ocean blue. They almost look like little pools of water.
Viridia Overlook
Magical currents of wind have been summoned to safely transport visitors from the tops of the Viridia Overlook's cliffs down to the sands below. The energy pool altars here amongst the tan, rocky sands glow dark green and are easily seen.
Deathrock Wharf
Altars here bubble and glow black, starting out with a fair amount of spacing but packing in closer together the closer to the Obsidian Isles they get.
Adding to the already dangerous and edgy feel, these altars are evenly spaced and glow a moody sanguine, like the blood they crave.

How to sign up/turn in special/event quests
To sign up and turn in event quests, just use the normal quest sign up and quest turn in threads. When signing up or turning in please be sure to use the templates labelled 'Special Quest'  include the Event name 'MOONDANCE FESTIVAL'.

✧ 800 EXP Per Person
✧ 550 REP Per Person
✧ 10,000 VylderGold Per Person



1x Third Tier Weapon / Armour - When submitting for approval this item MUST have been discovered in this dungeon and be related to one of the following themes; Ocean, Water, Moon or Darkness. This item can be upgraded in the shops to increase it's rank by paying the difference for the tier of item.

Please note that ALL boosts, bonuses, SP, or Alignment benefits do no apply. You will ONLY receive the rewards above.


28th of January 11:59pm EST.


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