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Post by Sharqkan Tue Oct 26, 2021 8:03 am

☼  Hallowed Be Thy Name ☼

There was no way to know exactly what a  Meladeer looked like, so it wasn't exactly Sharqkan's problem if he tamed the wrong creature. Not that he was aware that such a possibility was... for lack of a better word, possible. The merchant that he had met prior to entering the depths of Hoptus Forest stated that these creatures were large, black and had horns. A simple enough description to follow by all means. But it wasn't as though Sharqkan knew how literal the description happened to be or not. He had heard that there were... horns. Multiple, but the only creature that he had found here had a singular one. Perhaps it happened to break off due to a scuffle with other local fauna. That was the only conclusion that Sharqkan could draw at the very least.

He supposed it didn't matter all too much either way. Even a injured creature would prove to be useful once it was nursed back to health. He just had to get it squared away into the sanctuary and he'd be just fine. All he knew was that these creatures desired dew-covered leaves for whatever reason. But given that he had seen many of his fellow Golden Titans on horseback feeding their mounts carrots, he figured that he ought to purchase a few from the merchant before fully dedicating himself to this cause. Traversal of Mirinah was hard enough already without proper travel gear, a mount being chief among them. He didn't understand how so many people wasted money on carriage rides and caravan travel. It was much better to have your own ride.

That being said, he took delight in traversing the forest itself. All manner of strange and fantastic beast seemed to call this locale home, though some he had never seen before and others were clearly bad news. Still, he kept the dew on him in a small sack. Keeping to the branches of the trees above the forest floor. He didn't want to be hunted by anything that might be lurking below. Especially given the fact that he was quite the agile Neko himself. It was strange really, being an Anthro. He didn't have a lot of experience working with people of his own race, so he was often used to get the high ground whenever he was out on a mission. He wondered how things would be now that he seemed to be exclusively moving around with the goal of making a solid pack for himself.

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