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A Festive Fair! [Open]

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A Festive Fair! [Open] Empty A Festive Fair! [Open]

Post by Cassidi Tue Oct 26, 2021 4:50 am

A Festive Fair! [Open] T0hZ4mp

The area of the Cardinal Outskirts wasn't exactly what someone would call atheistically pleasing (at least compared to the City Cross). Still, there was a certain charm to its quaint scenery. However, a simple yet joyous fair would brighten this humble landscape! Setting in the near of sub-towns in Engloria, a traveling funfair garnered the attention of the common folk to their cheerful fare. Numerous food and merchandise vendors were lining the cobblestone streets. A gathering of colorfully painted carnies entertaining passersby as they perform neat tricks or spin exaggerated tales. Not to mention, there were various games where people could test their chances and skill. A cluster of children crowded around a large Whack-A-Mole stall as they whack away in the hopes of getting a stuffed prize. Groans of frustration could be heard as people failed the dreaded (and mostly rigged) carnival games. Then, a throng of attendees walked about the funfair, eating large smoked pork and turkey legs (a supposed favorite in this particular fair).

Various posters were plastered on the stands and the surrounding buildings that displayed the upcoming events during the fair. The Wheel of Death, the Fierce Fire Spinners (and fire eaters), illusory magic shows, and so much more! Notably, some of the advertisements showcased a competition called "Celebration of Strength". The contest was an exciting affair that focused on performers competing in different types of games that tested strength. This was one of the festival's main attractions as several carnies were announcing the competition excitedly.

Standing on an elevated platform in the center of the funfair, a female carny in a bright pink costume declared in a booming and clear voice, "Come one and all to see the nail-biting contest between our Strongman and a mysterious Strongwoman! You may be familiar with our beloved Strongman, but what of this Strongwoman? It is none other than the beautifully mighty Alfalfa! The Never-failing Neko! Oh, but will she be bested?! ... Who knows? The only way to find out is to witness this riveting performance!".

Cassidi's ears twitched slightly at the woman's announcement as she stopped biting the pork leg in her hand. The white-haired hybrid wasn't one for party-like things especially festive places like this. But, it was a nice change of pace from scouring and struggling in the wilds. Plus, it was relatively easy to conceal her hybrid-ness, so she hadn't encountered any issues. At least, not yet anyway. The only problems she'd faced were these damned fair games. It's as if they were designed to make you fail and take your vyldergold. Despite this annoyance, it was proving to be an overall pleasant experience. Continuing to take a bite from her meaty food, she strolled around the energetic environment in search of this grand strength contest.

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A Festive Fair! [Open] Empty Re: A Festive Fair! [Open]

Post by wes Sun Oct 31, 2021 1:31 am

all these little lies
and most of them are mine
my words are coated in honey and wine
No one ever questioned his outings. Far be it from them to outright ask him about his personal life. Instead, they would follow him around relentlessly—dutifully— leaving little-to-no room for choice. Not that Wes minded, though. It was expected that he’d be in the company of guards as a general rule of thumb. But today he didn’t care about any of that, no. Today boredom had taken hold and boredom often led to mischief and mischief often led to some pretty unusual choices.

So there he stood, leaning against a vendor’s stall, dressed outside of his usual business-ready fashion, nibbling on a pink puff of cotton candy. Languid eyes swept over the area on occasion not to see who he might recognize (although every so often they’d linger), but who might recognize him. A moment of amusement influenced by two oblivious figures in the distance allowed the smallest of knowing grins to cross his face. They wouldn’t find him. Not yet at least.

Acting quick he pulled the black baseball cap he’d bought earlier lower over his eyes, copper locks straying wildly from the hair bun underneath. He slammed a few coins onto the stall behind him. “Grazie,” he added, another pink puff making its way to his clutches before ducking into an incoming group and coming upon a lone, wandering person.

“Mi scusi, signora!” he called out, lightly jogging up to them. The simple white tee tucked neatly into light wash jeans and matching sneakers made him seem like any other attendee. “Err, excuse me,” he corrected himself with a slight bow of the head. Before him was a girl, silver-haired and yellow-eyed, standing only a few inches taller. “Sorry to call out to ya so suddenly but, uh… Ya know where this strongwoman is? I’m startin’ to think the real mystery ere’s the show’s location, not the lady herself.” He flashed her a charming smile, or as charming as it could be while dual-wielding cotton candy. It’d been a small while since the announcement and, to be honest, he wasn’t in any real rush to actually see the show. He just needed someone at his side for the moment. Someone to stave off any attention.

“So if you could kindly point me to—” prying his attention away to look around once more, his brows shot up when the two figures from earlier came into his view. “Ah, merda!” he jumped into a squat behind her, holding the sugary treats so they’d cover his face. “Don’t let ‘em see me,” he said quickly peeking up at her from the ground, cerulean eyes vibrant under the sun’s rays. “See those two over there? The two bozos stickin’ out like a pair of sore thumbs? I think… I think they’ve been followin’ me.”

Wes gestured to them. The two figures seemed to be searching for something by the way their heads turned this way and that, both wearing finely pressed suits and dark sunglasses, both with mildly annoyed, mildly scared looks about them. Some people avoided them, while the more unknowing few walked past them like it were nothing. Though he seemed to sound worried, adding a little shake to his voice and everything, he couldn’t help but suck in his lips to contain his growing amusement after he was done talking, hiding away behind the candy immediately. If she were observant enough, maybe she’d caught the slight smirk.
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