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Indentured Endangerment [Izou]

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Indentured Endangerment [Izou] Empty Indentured Endangerment [Izou]

Post by Colter Mon Oct 25, 2021 3:02 pm

֍ Aut Vincere Aut Mori ֎

After a successful robbery of construction materials owned by the Church of Fleuve'ir, Colter wished only to transport the remainder of his materials from Lyndon Port to Riverforte. While it was a small feat to do this transport of his own volition, he wanted to make sure that any actions he took had the official backing of Velvet Reign. This was done in order to ensure that no curious factional agents came snooping around his goods, should he have a random caravan moving through the countryside. To this end, he had to hire good and convincing help to aid him in the transport. Be they bodyguards or merchants, he made sure to hire at least six people for the trip. He didn’t mind the wait.

Eventually those he hired began to arrive at the small caravan, much to his delight and upon their arrival they would behold the tools needed for their journey. The caravan consisted of three wagons with each being pulled by a singular horse. This meant that this was more of a leisurely export of products opposed to being a high priority. With this knowledge at hand, they’d be capable of noticing that there was only enough room for three people to ride the wagons. Meaning the remaining three had to hoof it. Colter was pleased with this display, having spread out the contents of his earlier heist among the three wagons evenly. This way it lessened the chances of someone finding out what he had been doing.

He’d speak once the lot of them gathered around. His voice was commanding, though Colter refused to use his actual speaking voice with this group of strangers. Instead he put on an exotic accent, one that showcased that he hailed from a distant chain of islands. Though where and what those islands were, were anyone’s guess. Whatever the case, it was a front. This way he could keep himself at lower risk just in case anything went sideways. He’d take a quick moment to look over each of the members of his posse as he spoke. Never losing the smile that was plastered all over his face by now. “My name is unimportant, but you may call me Mr. White. You only need to drive the wagons and escort the payload.”

He had an air of confidence about himself, taking the time to let his presence seep out through him. It was hard with his reputation to keep up the mystery typically. Which was the main reason that he wore that same wooden mask he had when he attacked the supplier earlier. Either way, he didn’t care about showcasing the truth to those under his employ at the moment. The sum of money on offer was more than enough to signify that they ought to look the other way. “One of you will accompany me on the first wagon… I think you will suffice.” He stated casually as he pointed towards one of the more effeminate members of his traveling companions.

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Indentured Endangerment [Izou] Empty Re: Indentured Endangerment [Izou]

Post by Izou Fri Oct 29, 2021 6:03 am

Izou burned with a very visible anger, his eyes flaring widely as a mysterious gust of wind seemed to erupt from him. He was standing in front of Adrian Dellinger, one of the many moneylenders in Lyndon Port with an average reputation among the criminal underworld in this town.

Izou had gotten to know him through another person, a manager that operates a shadier version of a job centre that accepted tasks that were too unsavory for the Adventurer’s Guild taste. For the people with the right connections, they would be able to make contact with such “managers” to find suitable people for said jobs. While there were illegal jobs that went through such men, not all were illegal. Just unfitting of an adventurer’s status to take it openly.

The portly man with a hooked nose, was also bristling with indignance behind his desk, standing up and leaning forward with his palms on the table to support him. His moustache was quivering as he tried to speak up against Izou, but he was deeply considering if he should, since he had to take into account the tip of the katana currently a few inches away from his neck.

“You never mentioned that it was from a woman with child who had just lost her husband,” Izou spat out venomously. His voice was level, despite the apparent anger on his face.

“Her husband was a fool who gambled everything away and borrowed from us. Now he’s dead, it’s only right we ask his wife to pay his debt!” Adrian shouted back, deciding that Izou wouldn’t dare to do anything to him.

The blade moved ever so slightly, but the tip was now lightly touching Adrian’s neck, just a small bit of pressure away from puncturing his throat. Adrian’s angry demeanor was instantly retracted with a whimper, but he didn’t dare to move much.

“I will take on the debt. But you shall only receive 50%. Consider the other half as charity, you whimpering dog,” Izou declared, every single word intoned clearly for the man to listen. He could see the resentment in the man’s expression at his suggestion, but Izou was the one holding the blade. And he waited for Adrian Dellinger to accept, his blade ever steady.

Defeated, with the knowledge that it wasn’t a huge debt anyway, the man finally dropped back down into his leather chair. The chair gave out a loud squeak in protest at the sudden burden.

“Fine! Fine! But you better pay up by the end of the month!” Adrian replied as he pointed at Izou menacingly. “Get out of my sight now!”

“I never even wanted to come in here in the first place,” Izou tartly remarked as the sword in his hand dispersed into purple electricity before dispersing. He turned around and walked out of the room, giving a look at the two men in the corner that was actually Adrian’s bodyguards. The two of them smiled sheepishly while looking at Izou leave.

The moment Izou left the building, a tall and lanky man in a full suit and a tall hat sidled up to Izou’s side, walking alongside him.

“Took up another debt, did we?” the man asked with an amused chuckle.

“I need another job, Quattro. I’ve got debts to pay,” Izou snapped as he gave the man a sideways glance. He had to actually look up at the man, considering he was much shorter than the man in the suit, Quattro.

“This just came in. A simple escort job for some caravans moving from Lyndon to Riverforte. Simple enough,” Quattro said as he pulled out a bunch of papers from a pocket in his suit and picked out a piece from it, passing it to Izou.

“When is it?”

“Two days later, outside of Lyndon. Three caravans, hiring for six people.”

“Accepted,” Izou curtly replied as they reached the end of the alley and the two of them parted ways.

Two days later, Izou showed up at the appointed place at the appointed time that Quattro had told him about. One of his two katana was strapped to his back, both ends poking out from behind him as he approached the three caravans already parked and waiting to go. He was the last one to arrive. The other five had arrived out of time, getting a sneer from Izou as they looked at him.

The moment he stepped up to the caravans, standing close to the other five, their client began to announce himself.

‘Urgh, why do I always get jobs from the weirdos,’ Izou thought to himself as he looked at the masked man. And not only that. Aside from the mask, he could see that the man was trying to speak in an accent that didn’t belong to him. He was distancing this masked persona from his real identity as far as possible. Usually, that’s a red flag for shit about to happen.

Mr White, the man had called himself. And by his description, their job was to drive and escort the caravans.

The man spoke with authority, as though he was a level above Izou and the rest. A few of them seemed to unconsciously submit to the exuded confidence. But Izou paid no heed. When he was chosen to sit up front with the client on the first wagon, the swordsman merely nodded and took out a cigarette from a pack that mysteriously appeared in his hand.

Izou lighted it up as he walked up to the first wagon. He gave the horse’s thigh a good pat, as he approached from behind it and spoke softly to the animal before vaulting on top of it expertly.

“White, we moving now or what?” Izou called out as he turned around to look at the client.

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