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The Alter of We [Kyr] Empty The Alter of We [Kyr]

Post by Veghul Mon Oct 25, 2021 2:48 pm

※ Temet Nosce ※

These roads were well traveled and etched with stories of the countless individuals who traversed it. One such story was revealed here in the now, with a man standing atop of an overturned wagon. He’d bare down on the overtipped transport vehicle, looking at contents that seemed to be recently rummaged through. With a raised eyebrow, the ever curious witch found himself placing his hands upon his hips, sighing momentarily before his tongue ran over his lips. Leaning back and looking up at the sky, he couldn’t believe his luck. His target was closeby. All he had to do was haul them back with him. Granted, it seemed as though he wouldn’t get a chance to haul in his mark just yet, not with this distraction about.

He’d turn his head down the road, noting a figure in the distance. He had not yet come to the understanding of their motives, if they were friend or foe, just yet. But he knew that something was wrong here. Something… unusual. This wasn’t the kind of individual that he found himself crossing on a regular basis. Something about her made him feel somewhat uncomfortable. But he couldn’t tell for sure yet. His ability to read the flow of energy in others was something that allowed him to seal it away, which was the usage of his magic specifically. Not that he had plans to do this to the newcomer, but the option was there just in case anything negative popped off.

He was a man of great charisma, however, raising his hand over his head and waving down the individual while his eyes pierced through the darkness. Where this person was headed, he didn’t know but he could easily find out. As such, the man found himself waiting for the stranger to approach him. Taking his time to sit down on the side of the cart and let his legs dangle off the side. He didn’t often choose to take on these types of jobs for criminal elements, but he wasn’t opposed to it either. He’d raise an eyebrow as the stranger came further into view. There was no need to be alarmed on his part. Especially due to the fact that he was dressed to the nines in regalia.

“Hello there, fellow thespian. A bit late for a stroll wouldn’t you agree? Have you seen a man in all red robes by chance?” He spoke with conviction as his rather regal attire contrasted the dirty scene he had been surrounded by. Fortunately, he was the only sign of life in the area. Not that he killed anyone. But whoever had caused this accident was clearly out of sight and out of mind. For now at least. It wouldn’t take too long for Whyte to find his prey. “Pardon my manners, I am Whyte Raidruin. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Perhaps you would be willing to assist me if you’re not in a hurry to your… predetermined destination.” He spoke haughtily.

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The Alter of We [Kyr] Empty Re: The Alter of We [Kyr]

Post by Kyr Artanis Fri Oct 29, 2021 12:35 am

Lo and behold, for the former demon found herself on the road once more, treading a most careless pace as she sauntered across the few main roads the Dionalor Planes were rich. One would think she’d learnt from her previous encounters that travelling alone, and more so unarmed, wasn’t the smartest of decisions, but here she was yet again, preferring the solitude over her own safety. She'd tried traveling in group but had seemed to invite trouble wherever she went, thus her decision to part ways with the merchants she'd been travelling with, well aware that the danger would still find her-- at least she wouldn't be dragging any innocent souls into it. Not much of a consolation, but it was something, at least. Just as long as those damned little buggers didn’t cross her path again she’d be totally fine, too. Kyrenai still had the scars from the last Pot-bellied Chomper that had crossed her path, the cheeky little thing having decided to have a taste of her leg; god forbid she’d cross another.

Keen eyes were darting along the road, keeping an eye out for any abnormalities within the grassland surrounding her, and only noticed the silhouette of a carriage by the time it had ready come into view enough for her to make out the details. An accident, by the looks of it… or a brilliant ploy. And even though she did not know this world as well as she'd wished for, she sincerely doubted bandits would try to pull such a trick in this godforsaken place… not that she had much to steal from, either. Yet the cart had not been deserted in the slightest as it seemed, a man waving to catch her attention--- well, not that she had intended to turn around or run into the plains, but now she truly couldn't get out of an encounter anymore. With a soft sigh she would rise her hand in greeting, indicating to the man she'd seen him.

Once close enough she'd notice the man himself was -apparently- of the upper class; or at least so his attire and regalia made him out to be. Whereas she'd expected something pompous or demanding in his speech, he was surprisingly polite. ”Time waits for no-one, nor does the road we travel, good sir. Yet no man or woman clad in red have crossed my path, nor my line of sight while travelling.” she replied courteously, regarding the man from her side of the road. ”Though it seems you're finding yourself in quite the pinch yourself, mister…?" Kyrenai was about to think the man surprisingly charming and polite for a noble humbled to being stuck on the side of the road when his introduction turned into a more haughty request. Thus went her hopes; polite in fact, that remained, but she might have had to revise the charming part. Better to play the part as well. "Kyrenai Artanis, at your service." she made a small bow, foot behind the other in perfect balance and poise; very much unlike her traveling gear would make one assume. "I've no qualms in aiding you, Lord Raidruin, I've no pressing matters to attend to at this point. Though forgive me if I fail to see how exactly I may be of assistance to your," Kyrenai gestured at the carriage without breaking eye-contact. "current debacle."

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