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Post by Darasu Mon Oct 25, 2021 2:47 pm




   Alias/Nicknames: The Silver fox, the Frozen fox,
   Race: Anthro
   Sub-species: Kitsune
   Gender / Sexuality: Male, He/They ||| Bi-sexual
   Age: 62
   Alignment: Rogue
   Faction: N/A




   History: (100 words on your character's history, where did they come from, where did they grow up? How has their life moulded them. Note: Please do not mention nobility in your history unless you have staff permission.)

       ° Cold and Rainy Weather
       ° Chocolate
       ° Peace and Quiet
       ° Wine
       ° Walking through nature
       ° Oceans and other forms of natural water
       ° Late Night/Early morning, when the fewest people are around
       ° Cool Colors
       ° Warm smells
       ° Puzzles and games of wit
       ° Flowers
       ° Shy and Quiet People
       ° Comfortable Silences
       ° Naps

        ° Arid and dry temperatures or regions
        ° Noise
        ° Large Cities
        ° Humans
        ° Rough surfaces
        ° Greasy food
        ° Overly bright and flamboyant colors
        ° Excessively Luxury
        ° Obnoxious people
        ° Any attention on himself whatsoever

   Goal/Aspiration: What drives them?

   Key Fear/Adversary: What do they fear, alternately what works against them?



   Body Type: i.e slim, burly etc
   Skin Tone:

   Overall Appearance: (Please either input 100 words description on your character's appearance or put an image in a spoiler)


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